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post some suggestions for the board's favicon (the little icon that appears on the browser tab) here
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set it to one of those PMD portraits; looks fine for now. thanks!


seemingly not working for me yet, does it take some time to update?


you might need to force refresh: go to http://draw.faggotry.org/favicon.ico and press ctrl+f5


nope, nothing…oh well. maybe its just FF being a bitch


yeah FF is weird with favicons. it should fix itself eventually though

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Post those requests here and hopefully someone will get to them.
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fixed the links for now but I'll have to look into the hover background later



It'd be nice if we could just link deliveries off site like we used to anyway before the janitors and mods started becoming more strict.


Requesting a chubby lewd Harlem girl Audino licking a Blue Furisode girl's leg while Sina takes a picture of it


Request big butt Lisia from ORAS please!


post requests to the sticky: >>>/draw/128

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We drawfags now
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I say sticky the NSFW drawthread so people will see that when they come here first.


it is my life's goal to have sex with a dolphin


unsure what to do about that since there'll probably be multiple drawthreads, but if someone wants to go ahead and make a "general" one (use a non-shit pic and include pasta) I'll go ahead and sticky it


Will nao.


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