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This thread is for Pokémon drawings, including those involving a human. Anything that's human-only should be posted in the other sticky.

Ye olde thread: >>10114

Resources: http://pastebin.com/T8ab8NYQ

Tumblr tag: vpdrawthread
Booru: http://vp.booru.org/ (please tag your pictures and upload only drawthread things)
DA Group: http://pokemon-drawfriends.deviantart.com/
Drawcard Gallery & templates: http://imgur.com/a/LTgWW#0
Drawfag survey: http://i.imgur.com/GMecUOb.png
SFW thread: http://www.4chan.org/vp/drawthread


Requesting wide pussy gaping (visible cervix a huge plus). Alternatively… pregnancy, large insertion, gangbang, or cheating/NTR.

I am not picky on the Pokemon but my favorites are Eevolutions/Vulpix/Zorua.


Still requesting massive ninetales titties.


File: 1448863189051.jpg (383.24 KB, 640x1162, 1421138118528.jpg)

>just woke up
>realize i've freestyle fapped to mewtwo two times since i went to bed
What does it mean?
>you're highly autistic, anon
Yeah, but besides the obvious?

Requesting this pose with mewtwo and some big fat cat tats, please.


File: 1448865384554.png (1.04 MB, 1024x768, cresselia_by_marinalalayah….png)

Requesting an unamused looking Cresselia using her psychic powers to get a dick off, taking a thick facial in the process. No need to make it human shaped.



Seconding this request.


The design of the newer pokemon generations are bullshit, I tell you hwat.


File: 1448881791423.png (246.91 KB, 583x916, 1358.png)

Pic related with a stupid sexy Weavile, pretty please.


To cipy my request from earlier thread:

Could I request a male, anatomically correct Heliolisk, ashamed, because he is completely bound, his legs spread and his dicks hard? Blindfold, collar and/or cockrings (or other means of denying orgasm, saw somewhere a grovyle with a metal rod in his urethra) would be really welcome.


File: 1448906799761.png (113.39 KB, 500x500, bsa543.png)

How about a humiliated Arceus reduced to being a sex slave? With the kind of standard getup, nothing over the top or too special(Adds to it, really) and not for anyone in particular. Like a general, public use slave. That'd be my request.


Requesting pedophile latios raping a kirlia or other nfe mon of your choosing.


File: 1448935022490.png (636.63 KB, 900x1080, ZardMaid.png)

Maid Mega Charizard-y, Male or Female it doesn't matter.
It doesn't have to be lewd, cute is fine too.


File: 1448954605447.png (613.44 KB, 1000x750, CRiVQzMUcAQlQlT.png large.png)

Requesting a Rayquaza proud of his dicks


File: 1448959021774.jpg (428.88 KB, 1253x1920, 1413168313464.jpg)

Requesting Male Mega Pidgeot fucking female Espeon


File: 1449003727366.jpg (217 KB, 1011x609, c47e774acf846d89c0e53a35ed….jpg)

Not the one who initially requested it, but >>10567
Gonna second the request for Zoroark paizuri.

Bonus points for human male x female Zoroark.


Requesting a defeated arceus on the ground and soaked in cum. Don't show actual genitalia so that the gender is ambiguous.


Requesting Latias trying to borrow latios' dick to use as a dildo like just really quick bro it'll only be a minute tops


Requesting chubby female Gengar in sexy lingerie


requesting snivy dick


Requesting pregnant Dewott, please. Preferably with a nice creampie too.


Ok… request yuri heliolisk x ampharos :^)


File: 1449126111083.png (136.59 KB, 703x511, wtf.eye.png)

Best couple request coming through.
>froslass and sableye on the bed
>imp in charge over the ice lady
>his hand up under her dress
>other hand on nice tits
>froslass holding on to the headboard with dear life
>goblin dude smiling like a pro
>frossie looking like she's up for a challenge
It looks good in my mind, at least.


File: 1449130428604.png (197.3 KB, 511x701, asdasdasdasfff.png)

Requesting Arceus quivering and buckling at the knees having a floor-soaking prostate orgasm.


File: 1449132971783.jpg (401.21 KB, 2755x2755, 2ecef3d172ebb2dfb03530e53d….jpg)

Requesting a prelude to this image, where Latios is cumming into the bowl.

Don't bother trying to replicate the style, thats completely unnecessary.


Requesting a pic of Cresselia mooning the viewer because surprisingly that joke hasn't really been done much because of how forgotten the pokemon is.


Requesting Virizion having her uterus removed.




File: 1449211372254.jpg (56.65 KB, 499x542, IMG_20151204_144215.jpg)

you require my services


When are you going to request something, vono?


if i do, it'll be either a shortstack sableye or a girly male braixen or both unless you're offering to draw something for me..?


File: 1449221991267.jpg (248.03 KB, 862x1600, IMG_20151204_165823.jpg)

in any case, feel free to drop in requests for a shitty drawing of a rock imp


I'm gonna, uh… third that request.


One of your based imp girls looking at a full size human dick, guvnor.
Cracking a knuckle and with a shark grin would be awesome.


Also make a request, you lewd man.


File: 1449262015730-0.jpg (83.07 KB, 1000x1000, rassledasslesableye-201512….jpg)

File: 1449262015730-1.png (1.29 MB, 2048x1536, fembraix.png)

sure! like i said >>10607
gonna need some girly braixen here or a shortstack sableye

the former's gotta have some striped leggings and arm warmers, preferably getting dicked. if the latter, that speaks for itself. could throw in some kinky clothing if you want.

here's a couple of refs if you guys want to either or both doing each other


Requesting Victini and Jirachi playing with each other in a lewd way please.


Requesting a lumineon being fisted, with the text 'never fish a fist' in there somewhere. Not in the lumineon but around the picture.


File: 1449284466674.jpg (298.45 KB, 1200x1413, IMG_20151205_110013.jpg)

here ya go, luv


Requesting Leavanny getting her thighs fucked


Her left ear seems to have slipped a bit, but I'm a spoiled fuck, it's exactly what I was looking for. Cheers, vono.

Have you given any thought to acquire a draw pad or software to go digital master race?


File: 1449298859451.jpg (138.42 KB, 400x584, Pokemon breeder.jpg)

Pokemon Breeder breeding with various pokemon please. The more the merrier!
Also, a separate thing but can I also have her having sex with an Ursaring while nursing a teddiursa as it sucks on her breast, drinking her milk?


Requesting a latios fucking a dolphin. Just a normal eekekeke dolphin please.


File: 1449325217348.jpg (1.57 MB, 2238x1785, Florges Booty Collection.jpg)

Requesting Orange Flower Florges getting her ass slapped and liking it.


File: 1449330621774-0.png (81.04 KB, 354x366, Zorarkas.png)

File: 1449330621774-1.png (84.49 KB, 354x366, Zorarkas cum.png)

Hope they can be used!


File: 1449370611619.png (552.32 KB, 800x764, Empoleonxgardevoir.png)

I need a sequel to this where Empoleon (male) fucks Gardevoir (female) underneath the mistletoe.


>gardevoir into fatguys
What a slut.


Fucking marvelous! Thank you so much.


Requesting a Shiny Jirachi getting fucked by a human or any pokemon.


You still taking best gem-grill requests?


File: 1449417991862.png (17.6 KB, 883x980, dress.png)

Just request already.
>tfw can't into lewd


A Sableye in a [spoiler] tea-length dress, looking happy with herself? Jealous Gardevoir and lewd optional. [/spoiler]


>tfw can't spoiler for shit


git gud


when i get back home, i am!
>tfw i haven't got mine filled
now i know your pain


Requesting a female Mawile french-kissing a male Hydreigon while jacking him off.


File: 1449436427644.png (3.09 MB, 2480x1748, 1449348684793.png)

Requesting Rampardos fucking Cincinno but in an imaginary cloud. He's actually jerking himself off to the thought of finally mating her. (It's two pictures but it'd be cute)


File: 1449455722222.jpg (640.23 KB, 1301x1154, MarleyxArcaninehalf.jpg)


File: 1449514552258.png (377.27 KB, 1200x1413, sable.png)


anon, pls. i do both ways. im basically an idort when it comes to this. but anyway, she looked like she deserves some touching up anyway so, might as well


Disgusting, but the art is top tier.

And why the fuck can't I see vono's colored picture in the thread? This site has a weird update form of updating.


There we go, just had to post something first.
Ghost dick, you can see her butt through it. I keep pointing bullshit out, but awesome to see your digital art dude.
Did you have an art account somewhere?


Requesting a male delphox pounding a female charizard's ass.
Bonus points if charizard looks tsundere


Great work. Please do more stuff.


the ghost dick is intentional since i wanted to show her vagoo as well

also it's >loodovono.tumblr.com


File: 1449556814605.jpg (143.63 KB, 848x500, dawn m mkip dawn.jpg)

Requesting Dawn mudwrestling mudkips at dawn.


File: 1449558385779.jpg (226.7 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_20151208_150134.jpg)

digital stuff comes later i guess


that kobold tho


File: 1449564889597.png (314.66 KB, 700x700, noivernmienshaogiving.png)

Requesting Noivern impregnating Mienshao.


File: 1449572375523.png (264.88 KB, 800x400, CLiIGRzUMAAQWt7.png large.png)

Requesting Yveltal snorting coke off of Xerneas' fat deer ass


If you don't want to bother with the stupid shit then just do a xerneas butt shot.


That looks amazing anon, when you happen to do it digital, could you make both a shiny and non-shiny version of the two?


File: 1449591563905-0.png (379.9 KB, 1600x1200, jiratini.png)

File: 1449591563905-1.png (397.91 KB, 1600x1200, jiratini2.png)

i did a an alt of the first which has a victini with a dick, so i guess that counts?


OR here. Holy shit. I wake up to see greatness. Hell, both of them could have one! But nonetheless, Thank you so much! I truly appreciate it.


File: 1449601659792-0.png (119.3 KB, 478x527, Gengangere colour.png)

File: 1449601659792-1.png (114.19 KB, 478x527, Gengangere.png)

Hope it can be used!


That's the most adorable Gengar I've ever seen.


File: 1449610492917.jpg (152.11 KB, 650x900, NSFW-StupidSexyWeavile~Wea….jpg)

Sorry for just being able to draw with pencils.


It's a similar improvement, what I mean when it comes to shiny is Jirachis tags being red, the body being a slight pinkish color, with the victini looking more of a silver instead of the peach-ish colored fur, and the V symbol that shapes it's head is more of a brighter red when it comes to the altered colors. Overall what you did was a superior improvement to the image.



OR here, thanks anon


Damn, that's some great work. Only way it could be better is if she was taking the knot, but one that size is probably too big for her. Hope to see more from you around here.


Fukken sweet, anon. Many thanks.


Requesting a pregnant Whimsicott kissing the tip of a human dick.


requesting a latios figuring out that a blow dryer does not in fact give you a blowjob but damn if it don't feel cozy


File: 1449699256777-0.jpg (35.52 KB, 640x480, oFut1Bj.jpg)

File: 1449699256777-1.jpg (32.46 KB, 640x480, KGYmHF2.jpg)

File: 1449699256777-2.jpg (39.59 KB, 640x480, OzlxqXa.jpg)

File: 1449699256777-3.jpg (36.37 KB, 640x480, C2JjY3V.jpg)

not a drawfag but have this


Looking very cute, good job!


File: 1449701550382.png (120.47 KB, 600x921, Stupid sexy Weavile.png)

Someone already posted it, but I had already started and it's christmas
And hello everyone


Requesting muscular Feraligatr chick lifting weights.


File: 1449703625986.jpg (52.25 KB, 700x465, Reference.jpg)

>Not providing a reference.

My fault.


Well, It's better than mine. So it was worth the wait, I guess. Its nice.


requesting a restrained audino getting forced to orgasm by bulletvibes and squirting


requesting: A chesnaught (male) fucking a sylveon (female)


File: 1449719263266.jpg (256.95 KB, 900x1200, NSFW-YouCameAlready~Leavan….jpg)

Here you go. Sorry for it being rather messy.

You didn't put it in but you came already?


Requesting Roselia taking in a dick big enough for her belly to have a notable bulge


Requesting a female Zangoose being pushed to the ground and getting fucked ass up face down by a Luxray


Thanks man, love me some thigh sex.


Female mewtwo with tan lines, bitte.


File: 1449764900028.png (144.19 KB, 512x284, CKVixCuUEAA2o5t.png large.png)

Requesting a Virizion enjoying some quality time with a fucking machine.


File: 1449781716000.jpg (482.73 KB, 1422x1570, crystal Lyra.jpg)

Crystal and Lyra, fucked from behind either beside each other or in front of eachother swapping cum+saliva or a simple poke gangbang please!


File: 1449781876128.gif (605.91 KB, 480x270, 112.gif)

Request a Gardevoir without her dress wearing white yoga pants giving a buttjob to her trainer.

Pic related.


Requesting a curvy busty anthro Ninetales getting creampied


File: 1449820234422.jpg (79.65 KB, 900x669, 1408254321923.jpg)

Requesting Scolipede fucking a female ranger from Black and White


Requesting a Latias pouring eggnog onto/into her vagina.


File: 1449849655304-0.jpg (516.27 KB, 1370x1000, c2fc5e4bfde19dbf81c11081ed….jpg)

File: 1449849655304-1.jpeg (131.19 KB, 1280x1124, 1286038 - Absol MegaAbsol….jpeg)

Requesting female Absol giving her trainer a buttjob.

Also seconding >>10701


Seconding these


I'm also seconding this


Third'ing this request. Who doesn't love cock kisses.


Why ARE cock kisses so hot? Like honestly it's hotter than a full-on blowjob.


Requesting Emolga showing off the booty in a seductive way.


They really are top tier.
Actually, you can scarp the pregnancy part. I don't care for that. Just the cock kissing would be perfect.


I agree but let's not hijack that anon's request


>Acting like it'll be drawn


Requesting anthro milf Delcatty riding her trainer


Seemed to be a popular and simple request, so I wouldn't say it's unlikely.


Requesting an anthro goodra dickgirl using a fleshlight/cocksleeve to masturbate with


File: 1449987078941.jpg (29.32 KB, 400x600, C0LD027.jpg)

I'm going to jump onto this request and ask if someone would add Gardevoir wearing this while he fucks her.


File: 1450004272427.jpg (259.57 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20151213_185650.jpg)

quick sketch


Not OR but that's hot. Requesting color.


OR here. Damn good work again! Thank you kindly. I would love to see this colored myself.


OR here, Thanks. It wonderful.


talk about # T H I G H G A P

that's the mega right? how does regular form's hips compare? We need to know for science




Okay, so… How about Latias pegging Latios?


Sexualize the Froslass.


File: 1450128992766.png (104.9 KB, 833x1111, whoops.png)


This is really hot but I think her expression could be better. Like looking down at the penis with a surprised expression.


Thanks for coloring my my drawing! It is so much better now.


File: 1450156549843.jpg (26.54 KB, 500x375, Reverse Cowgirl.jpg)

Requesting a Shiny Jirachi Riding a Shaymin in a reverse cowgirl position while the Jirachi is looking back at the Shaymin
Pic Related.


File: 1450181306626.jpg (162.36 KB, 1280x1113, 141985.jpg)

Requesting a prowling Mewtwo, like pic related. Need to put those stupid sexy cat genes to good use.


File: 1450210280667.png (348.35 KB, 1463x2032, fbb.png)

Vono, have I ever told you how much I like you?

Yes I did, but it was a long time ago, I hope this is of your liking I'm not very good, but I did my best.


Hoooooo my god yes.
PLEASE. Shaymin are my favorite.


what a qt! thanks man! he looks so precious~ would fug


again, thanks for this! i really appreciate it when nice guys like you started drawing stuff for me


Requesting a female Minccino in lingerie, laying on a bed or some equivalent inviting an off screen mate for sex.


Requesting some snake on snake size-difference domination, like Milotic x Serperior, since a Milotic is so much larger.


requesting a female weavile raping a male from male pov


File: 1450283279330.png (62.81 KB, 410x483, sexy minncinco.png)

here you go


would you be up for more anthro lingerie requests?


yea for sure


could you do a zangoose in a seethrough corsage and stockings posing with spread legs?


sure what gender would you like it as?




Would you try a female Infernape in some lingerie, too?




Can you also do a female Aromatisse?




File: 1450290127598.png (155.45 KB, 753x756, sexygoose.png)

here you are friend
it's just the signature i put on all my art.


oohh, alright, could you do an eevee please?


nice thanks!



can you add a latias dominatrix in leather bdsm dress to that list?


sure who should she be dominating though?


latios would be the way too obvious choice… why not a weavile? and make her female because f/f domstuff is a rarity


File: 1450292153818.jpg (121.35 KB, 1289x1219, charm.jpg)

Would love to see more stupid sexy charmeleon, please.


File: 1450294649787.png (128.12 KB, 567x711, infernasty.png)



aromatisse requester here. could you draw her masturbating?


Goddamn, that is so adorable, thank you so much!


yea no problem
no problem i honestly had fun with drawing it too~


Could I maybe request a Ninetales anthro in lingerie?

But gosh, your artstyle is adorable. Even Infernape's cute, and I'm usually not a fan of it. You're doing good work, Goodraw!


File: 1450298342702.png (75.59 KB, 334x647, aromatits.png)

whoop there it is.




absolutely~ and thanks that means a lot.


Can I request a busty Floatzel in a Swimsuit on a Sybian and climaxing?


Requesting fem Arceus tail-sex aftermath


File: 1450305090508.png (59.8 KB, 327x501, eve.png)

another one down~


How about a busty vulpix?


that's sooo fucking cute
I love it
and I love you too

if you want me to draw anything for you do not hesitate to ask, only feral though.


Bumping my request
Feral by the way


Could you do one for Absol or Delphox?


Could you do a shiny lilligant?
I'd really appreciate it.


File: 1450332759038.gif (5.71 KB, 200x200, 1426841852828.gif)

Female mewtwo in the jacuzzi, please.


OR of >>10765 , but bloody hell now you're just spoiling me with all these lingerie drawings, they're too damn good. In fact, damn, I can't think of any other Pokemon to request for.

So I went to a dice rolling website and rolled a custom die of 720 and got 644… As a dumb joke, think you can draw a Zekrom in lingerie?


Requesting a naked Meloetta looking very embarrassed, flat chest


Requesting sexy female Feraligatr. Level of lewd at the artist's discretion.


Requesting Virizion sucking a dick.


File: 1450389108479-0.png (141.73 KB, 704x662, QT.png)

File: 1450389108479-1.png (189.45 KB, 705x746, latiatrix.png)

i might but there are some commissions i have been neglecting > u >
D'aaaw thank you and your welcome. and that's a lovely offer~ anything with a shiny goodra would make me happy UvU


well said

thank you very, very much! |3


do you have a tumblr/fa?


no problem mann
i have both my tumblr is http://goo-draws.tumblr.com/
my FA doesn't really have a lot of pkmn or lewd but if you still want it here https://www.furaffinity.net/user/kiwitwist/


nice dom you have there


Requesting a latios as an anthro big breasted cunt boy with childbirthing hips, please


Also if you could make him look confused and wondering how he's still a boy as he holds his tits that'd be nice too


Bumping this request from last thread
If anyone wants to give it a shot


Requesting a garchomp chick fingering herself and holding a cheeseburger she's eating, maybe put a singlet on her and draw her positioned like she's lounging. Just a lazy looking masturbating garchomp chick, really.


Requesting a male dragonair humping a fleshlight built into a milking table that empties out into a catch bucket below him for semen harvesting.


Why are there so many autistic latios/latias requests?


Are you that assblasted that artists won't do your requests?


because muhh Pokemon XY&Z hype, drawfags choice 1 option for draw:

I- Ash x F Talonflame or F Greninja (or male, your choise)
II- Sawyer x F Sceptile
III- Alan x Male M Charizard X
[spoiler]IV- Citron/Clemont x F Heliolisk and F Luxray)[/spoiler]


>the pokemon I dont like are autistic and the ones I do aren't

Why don't you go request more sableye and braixen?


>trying to derail this hard

Besides, isn't there already like a million Latias/Latios smut pics out there? Why do you need more?


This is ridiculously cute.
This one too.

To any artist reading this. How about some lewd Delibird, Stantler, or Jynx to celebrate the holidays? Female? Male? Feral? Anthro? Whatever you want. I'm sure someone will "enjoy it" if you know what I mean.


Or her getting hold from behind in the neck thing for some doggy, please.


You claim you're trying not to derail, and then you ask a question like this?


File: 1450444910593.png (49.4 KB, 500x500, 1425038859748.png)

Yo where my lugia tits at? Requesting a qt pin-up girl.


Except it was an honest question. I LIKE Latias, but I just don't see the point in requesting more porn of the eon duo when there's already so much of it out there.


File: 1450465307415-0.jpg (329.08 KB, 720x1015, 1446489996442.jpg)

File: 1450465307415-1.png (151.95 KB, 500x397, 1414071133803.png)

Please requesting romantic sex between male honchkrow and female mienshao.


Requesting some kind of simple lewd with dialga


Requesting a male haxorus sitting on the edge of a pool and jerking off into the water.


Requesting a sexy busty Mewtwo dominating a shotalicious Mew.


Request for M/M
Delphox jacking a Chesnaught


File: 1450571254338.jpg (267.78 KB, 1280x720, 20151220_005528.jpg)

Sorry for the quality, but I hope this can be used! I feel like I learned a good bit from doing this


requesting a kangaskhan teaching her kid how to suck dick and pushing her head down as he cums



OR here, thank you very much


File: 1450601275284.jpeg (187.95 KB, 800x800, a5bb0c6fa56059e451bebfe85….jpeg)

Gimme some female volcarona presenting her genital orifice please! Or make it a pussy if you don't want to be pedantic.




Requesting a Serperior using an onahole and jerking off his other dick with a slippery vine.


Request for Delphox lifting up its fur dress to show their sexy legs


Requesting a Lopunny screaming at a dick.


Does it have to be feral or anthro?


Bumping this request again. At least just the cock kissing part.


Requesting a male or female Sableye snuggling with a male or female Lucario, Lopunny, or Mienshao.


Either or, really.


i could take some pantslizard requests i guess. got some ideas for me, anons?


A Machoke in Pants shy about his buldging erection?


pantslizard a shit


A Pantslizard wearing a variation of the keyhole sweater, but like a pants version?
Like a little tease of her vag?

That's not a pantslizard though


File: 1450825707089-0.png (626.99 KB, 1543x1255, timesplitter.png)

File: 1450825707089-1.png (370.33 KB, 1543x1255, timesplitter2.png)


First time drawing in a long time

Apologies if the line-work and shading is a bit shoddy


I could do this, wait a bit


Not Or, but nice. Good job!


What does Or mean?


original requester


File: 1450847326204.jpg (233.7 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20151223_130724.jpg)

NEW! keyhole pants for easier ass-tapping


Request for some thicc Greninja girl lewds


A humanlike banette with a nice pair of tits looking down at the viewer and with a lighter grey arrow pointing down sewn on as "pubes", please.


Pantslizard getting her hands restrained with her pants and her pussy plowed in anvil position


I love it Vono, thanks a lot!


File: 1450897424459.png (145.86 KB, 1081x1280, 2015-01-26.png)

Anyone able to edit this fine mewtwo? Just try and add the neck tube thing and maybe change the left hand, making it more open like the right or something. Right now it just looks off.


Requesting a fem feral palkia laying with her butt in the air and a mistletoe hanging off their tail.


Requesting fem cobalion rubbing a baseball bat against her pussy/holding it against herself and grinding, while wearing a cap and licking a baseball

Do it from the side if you'd like since cobalion looks like garbage from the front, unless you're gud


Requesting your Pokemon of choice underneath some mistletoe, puckering up for a kiss.


Requesting a relieved delibird after laying a large goo drenched egg.


Bumping again


i'll do this one


Not really anything lewd, but I'd like to request Arceus making some kind of lewd expression. To however degree you'd like. Like some kind of sexy or seductive or flustered look or w/e.


seems legit


As much as I would rather see her in the middle of laying said egg, I'm seconding this.


File: 1451153870941.jpg (176.12 KB, 918x1149, 2015-12-25_00001.jpg)

Would love me a weavile sitting like shima here, please.


File: 1451155857501.png (639.98 KB, 1200x1714, f9309d6d37a878dad83d96659a….png)

Requesting a female Machoke forcing her male trainer to mate her.


I want to fuck that.


Requesting a Latios getting jerked off from behind by a Dragonair with its tail coming from up underneath him.


Arceus getting off on having his ass spanked with a horse whip.


File: 1451262464018.png (165.65 KB, 1000x1000, yup.png)

How's this?


That looks nice. Maybe like a line or something to show where the fins end and body begins and this is pretty stellar on its own.


This might be a little tough but how about a solo shot of some serpent pokemon masturbating by fucking their own coils?


File: 1451284417806.png (424.83 KB, 1000x1000, behind you.png)

colored up


I'm going to bite


Very good!


Requesting a female Luxray being fuck by a male cat pokemon of the artist's choosing.


Scyther getting a handjob?


Easy request, Female Volcanion x Female Heatran (anthro or feral, drawfag choise)


File: 1451409339713.png (327.59 KB, 1080x859, spacetear.png)

Palkia's anatomy is really weird.Especially drawing her ass. So it took a while

Did my best though


At least you accepted the challenge, palkia's really uncommon. I think you did just fine anon, nice job.


File: 1451430326009.png (99.19 KB, 338x346, cross.png)

Requesting Cresselia using the side of her head and her face to give someone a banana job

Like, put a dick inbetween there


Seconding this please.


What a unique idea. This peaks my dick's interest. Seconding.


….A facejob?


Wait a minute, I know how we can improve this.

Have Cresselia do that to a double dicked pokemon like a serpent or whatever. That way you use both sides.


File: 1451463562076.jpg (509.91 KB, 1280x1549, 1451291383827.jpg)

Gardevoir stretching like this, please.


Seconding this.


File: 1451478121602-0.png (121.94 KB, 595x553, Presenting lewd.png)

File: 1451478121602-1.png (234.8 KB, 595x499, Presenting.png)

File: 1451478121602-2.png (207.1 KB, 595x553, Presenting lewd v2.png)

A little bit late, but I hope this can be used!


I'm not the OR but there is nothing I love more than spread pokepussy, well done.


Requesting a Latias flying underneath another latias and giving her pussy some licks from behind.


Requesting a female Hydreigon being fucked by her trainer


File: 1451566355483.png (22.5 KB, 924x767, newyear2015.png)

Happy new year, thread. Made a thing to end the year with.
How are you guys celebrating?


Happy new years to you too!
Gonna be spending it with some friends doing the bloodborne drinking game.


"How are you guys celebrating?"


But as an introvert, I wouldn't have it any other way


Requesting a banette passed out on the couch in the aftermath of a crazy new year's eve.


I'm not quite sure which pokemon to request committing to the action but I want something fucking shedinja's soul-sucking hole


Bumping my request




Requesting a gobsmacked froslass staring in awe at rayquaza's gigantic dick as they hold it like its some sacred delicate treasure


Requesting a Virizion standing next to a floor fan thats on and pointed at its ass.


Request for a lewd and festively-dressed Fem Delphox flashing the viewer with a seductive grin on her face





Requesting a female feral canine or canine-like Pokemon laying eggs.

>tfw the first day of 2016 is nearly over and I still haven't had the first fap of the year


Hey there! Can I have a trainer popping an unwanted boner besides a kirlia or any other lolimon and growing embarrassed because of it?
>tfw this is my fetish


Very specifically (and politely) requesting someone draw a Busty female Scrafty with pigtails being pushed up against a wall and fucked from behind


I'm going to need proof of your extreme politeness.


Requesting Reshiram sniffing Zekrom's armpit


forgot to add, please no scent lines or anything


Bumping my request.

Because I still have yet to get off for the first time this year


File: 1451825299524.gif (983.87 KB, 202x360, Unsociable.gif)

Kindly requesting a Meowstic-F performing oral on a male Chesnaught. She's being slightly lazy about it, eyes-lidded and whatnot while she looks up at him. (Her mouth shown a bit open and visible canine fangs would be cute) whereas the Ches has closed eyes and a faint blush on his cheeks, obviously enjoying it.

Thanks, drawfriends~


Requesting a male Lucario fucking and knotting a female Meowstic


Requesting a female meowstic pissing on the dick of a bound subbie male meowstic


requesting cute pokemon doing cute things


Sableye holding froslass' arms with one hand and fingering her with the other.


Requesting a male Glaceon laying on his back, dick out.


Requesting a male serperior laying across a table with a hole near the end of it for his dicks to hang through, with a catch bucket below and some pokemon amie gloves milking his dicks into the bucket.


File: 1451947423900.jpg (245.45 KB, 987x783, ribbed for her pleasure.jpg)

Requesting female arceus grinding her cunt against a mark 17 nuclear bomb


/r/ing sylveon and glaceon frotting


Requesting a Whimsicott rubbing a dick with her cotton. A "Cottonjob" if it can be called that.


File: 1452013652250.jpg (11.23 KB, 234x300, 2015-12-31_00001.jpg)

A female weavile like pic related, bitte.


File: 1452046884446.png (320.31 KB, 745x830, .png)


Not OR, but that's pretty good.
Are you taking any more requests?


Requesting a female Mew facesitting on top of a human


Right now I'm heading to bed, but go ahead and request. I'll get to it when I'm up again.


Fair enough. I should go to bed soon myself.

Anyway, what this was what I want: >>10987


can you do a male sylveon?


Still waiting for this.


Bump for big fat cat tats.


OR here. He's cute, thanks drawfriend!


File: 1452103048169.png (127.79 KB, 480x352, creampie.png)

Can I have a gardevoir creampie in this position?


File: 1452110659524.png (409.97 KB, 740x1015, .png)

That's one strange fetish you have there.
Realized too late that dogs can't bend their front leg like this

I'll attempt

My pleasure


>That's one strange fetish you have there
You aren't telling me anything I don't already know, anon.
Anyway, thanks a lot.


Also we're talking about a franchise whose worlds run off of both anime and video game logic, I think some anatomical incorrectness is easily forgivable


Requesting a Latios psychicly using a cocksleeve to masturbate with, cumshot optional, but making his dick look nice isn't optional


Could you draw a pregnant shiny celeby sitting in a groyvles lap and getting fucked anally while laying eggs?






Speaking as the OR of that image, I doubt the artist is all that willing to draw more egg laying.

But maybe I'm wrong about that


File: 1452169969458.png (412.01 KB, 745x900, Braixen pantsu.png)

Requesting feral Glaceon in cute pink and white shimapan, with the outline of his bulge showing kinda like this.


Requesting an androgynous Scrafty seductively daring the viewer to pull its pants down and see what's underneath.


File: 1452194217474.png (264.15 KB, 780x695, .png)


Nah, I'm here to draw, I don't care much for the content. So I'll give it a try.


thank god you just have been proven wrong


Hey, it's not like I didn't want your request to be taken, I just didn't think he'd be willing to do it.

Believe me, I'm glad to have been proven wrong.


Can you do a male Jirachi fapping please?


Am I the only Anon that realizes that some Artists on this thread say they seconding a request, yet they never finish or delete their seconding reply to know that they had second ideas to what they are drawing or not?


that's pretty great anon, many thanks for it


File: 1452237969837.png (587.43 KB, 834x1386, gardevoir creampie ref no ….png)


OR here
Lipstick is a bit out of place but the rest is pretty good!



Requesting a gothitelle lifting up its dress to reveal a dick, with the caption "I'm a boy, see?"


File: 1452288072367.png (220.84 KB, 850x850, zangoose.png)

Was asked to do a Zangoose fingering herself in the other thread so, here, hope it's okay.


Looking good there. Could I toss you a request? A female Grumpig riding a dick and getting spanked?


File: 1452295519006.png (378.63 KB, 615x755, .png)

Uh, forgot the pregnancy part, but here you go.

I need a break for a day or two. Maybe after that.

My pleasure, darling.


Of course, take your time.


Request Female Heliolisk x Alphys (From Undertale)


Goodra going down on a unwilling vespiquen


Also late, but thanks anon. Really appreciate the effort you put into this. The little comic is very cute.


File: 1452400934138.jpg (75.43 KB, 450x552, eggs.jpg)

This is actually really nice for your second attempt at this kind of thing even if you forgot the optional tummy bulge. My only criticism is don't be afraid to stylize the eggs more to the type of Pokemon.


Off topic, but is there one of these for every generation?


Mewtwo sitting in the pool and chilling at the edge where her bikini just happens to have fallen off, looking mischievous up st the viewer, please.


File: 1452440890550-0.png (325.7 KB, 595x755, (1).png)

File: 1452440890550-1.png (329.08 KB, 595x755, (2).png)

And done.

Whenever I draw things I'm not used to, I try to keep them simple until I've obtained some experience.
I didn't think about it while drawing, but I guess I could have gone creative with the eggs nonetheless since they are very simplistic anyway… Will keep that in mind next time. Thanks!


My patience was indeed rewarded well. Thank you for this!


GOOD Tier Check em


Not sure if you saw, but working on this.


can you do a leafeon and a jolteon spitroasting a female vaporeon and knotting/impregnating her?


File: 1452472459951-0.png (295.26 KB, 1050x1000, grumpig.png)

File: 1452472459951-1.png (328.72 KB, 1050x1000, grumpig2.png)

It was really hard for me to draw the spanking part so I kinda just did red marks on her butt so, I hope that's sufficient, I'm really sorry.

I did two versions to see which you'd prefer. Can colour it too if you'd like.


Not OR but I'd love to see them colored. Great expressions.


Also not OR but I want to do things to that butthole. Good jorb.


OR here, color them (preference right)


File: 1452477009528.png (535.28 KB, 1050x1000, grumpig2.png)

Thank you very much!

I coloured it, hope it's alright, OR! Bedtime, back tomorrow though, in the human thread.


File: 1452487186801.png (1.02 MB, 1075x1723, 20160110_232954.png)

Don't have access to a scanner so this will have to do for now


Your Delphox are magical man. Do you still not have an art site or something for your stuff?


File: 1452494220426.png (106.57 KB, 396x421, 1396720613281.png)


I see what I can do.


Holy shit? That's awesome.


That meme fox is annoying but that's some god tier, anon.
Slap that shit on a pillow.


Well fuck

This is so good I'm demotivated to ever bothering to draw ever again


Not OR, but this is lovely. Great work.


That is… amazing. I want to breed that.


Anon, come the fuck on.

I'm not a speech pooper or motivator, but everyone has got something individually different to share no matter the skill level if you stick genuine effort and enjoyment into making it.

Try to stop being so intimidated by seeing things that you believe you can't do, even if it is a hell of an effort to achieve it.


Pretty much what >>11147 said.

Don't let someone's skill be a deterrent from doing art of your own. You wouldn't let a professional video game player or a really good speedrunner keep you from playing video games, would you?

I do art of my own as a hobby sometimes, and while I let lots of things demotivate me, seeing someone else be better than me is not one of them.


File: 1452522646641.jpg (166.11 KB, 981x881, 1440473073852.jpg)

A sableye girl with this build, please. Dick is already diamonds but I'm going for platinum.


Female dialga raised-tail rear view shot, simple time pokemon lewds please.


Requesting a inverse colors origin forme giratina anthro fondling her demon tits for her own amusement and pleasure


Blaziken, tho.


literally look in the thread you're in right now.

It's been done already


requesting a Krokorok fucking a Heliolisk, both male. Krokorok not cumming at all and being really quiet, Heliolisk living a time of his life. The more there will be to dominate the electric one, the better (you know, bondage maybe).


Huh, really now. Not sure how I missed it but the fact that its there already is great, instant satisfaction.


It's muh birthday today so now I can ask for some mewtwo birthday girl tits with good conscience, yihaa.


Wait, what's the date where you live?

Because if it's the same date as where I live, then we have the same birth date!


File: 1452586446354.jpg (49.21 KB, 304x320, 2463276353.jpg)

Check the post date, nigga. Jan 12.
Happy birthday.


Just thought I'd make sure (because time zones are a thing). Happy birthday to you too.

What are even the odds, sharing the same birthday?


You share your birthday with 19 million other people in avarage.


I don't know how many people are here in total, but if there are 23, then it's 50%.



I think it's more like "what are the odds someone here of all places in this pokemon smut drawing secret club shares my birthday"


Ah, yes. That's pretty cool.
>inb4 we share same pokeslut


Yeah, that was pretty much what I was wondering.

>inb4 we share same pokeslut
Actually, I greatly dislike Mewtwo. So that's a no there.


File: 1452621694340.png (304.06 KB, 1006x1300, 1452541061005.png)

A gardevoir wearing this type of outfit, please.


But blaziken, tho.


Blaziken is shit and you're a massive faggot.


Requesting a human trainer fucking a Finneon in the mouth


File: 1452686767549.jpg (272.07 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_20160113_194746.jpg)


Requesting a female garchomp putting one leg up in a chair as she reaches behind her to finger herself, angles up to you


/r/ a serperior proud of his penises


File: 1452691852636.jpg (277.57 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_20160113_212851.jpg)


Realy nice drawing Vono.


Requesting Seviper urethrally sounding himself by jamming his fangs into his dicks


Damn son, this is some quality shit.


File: 1452720034844.png (482.74 KB, 970x530, .png)

Hope you don't mind that I splitted it in two, 'cause Joleton was already kissing Vaporeon's butt and I'd have had to turn Leafeon around that it could still fit onto Vaporeon - at least a bit - but the legs became messy anyway and cut view, so … yeah.


Damn good work there.


Cute and sexy.
That's hot as fuck.
>Jolteon was already kissing Vaporeon's butt
I'd like to see the rest of this.


Not the OR but this is great stuff.

If you are still taking requests can you do a horny Glaceon gaping her pussy?


File: 1452724321922.png (589.79 KB, 840x855, .png)

Thank you.

Metaphorical spoken. He's not really kissing it.

JESUS FUCK GIVE ME A BREAK. No, sure, I'll get to it as soon as I can.


do you have a gallery you upload your stuff to?


do you also have the other part done? just post the variations for the heck of it


Nice. Do you have the rest of the Leafeon one too?


…words fail me…
ur doin god's work here i fucking LOVE IT


OR here.

DAAAAYYUUMMM that's a hot Phox! My wish has been answered!

Also, its INCREDIBLE that this was done in pencil, kudos


^my first comment deleted then reappeared…?



C-could you take a look at potentially doing this please?


Nah, sorry, didn't finish it.



File: 1452764939874.png (7.94 KB, 126x126, 1305185205154.png)

>so i asked vono to do both of my requests
>he actually did it, the absolute madman

Amazing as always, vono. It shouldn't be legal being so fine.


The left one is begging for a dicking, goddamn.


Why not? You should.


Requesting stupid sexy lugia on the beach, pretending she is stranded and need help to get back into the water, please.


I'm not satisfied with most of my work. There's too much to improve.


Improvement comes naturally the more you work on anything. I see no reason why you shouldn't have your own gallery at this point.


That's why I draw as often as I can - to improve. That I may reach the point where I feel my drawings are good. I may be to self critical, but I don't think I'm good enough yet.


I can respect that but the moment you st up a gallery, you better link it.


As you wish.


Requesting Mega Gallade penis!


Requesting a Gourgeist stroking a dick with its hair limbs. Bonus points if there's a money shot.


Since we're at 400, new thread


File: 1453065834825.jpg (1.59 MB, 2480x2480, ursaring.jpg)

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