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Old thread:
Resources: http://pastebin.com/T8ab8NYQ

Booru: http://vp.booru.org/ (please tag your pictures and upload only drawthread things)
Drawcard Gallery & templates: http://imgur.com/a/LTgWW#0
Drawfag survey: http://i.imgur.com/GMecUOb.png

This thread is for people who want to make suggestive/lewd requests and deliveries.


I request your favorite grass starter sucking dick


requesting Glaceon doing it with a Sylveon, and enjoying it, feelers use are optional


nsfw allowed, even sfw thats not allowed on vp allowed (like licking, showing butt, implyied dirty things, etc etc


File: 1408837451387.jpg (237.07 KB, 645x912, 8a98542cc858da426a7ac7b81f….jpg)

Requesting Rosa breast expansion.

And why is this a blue board if nsfw is fine.


It's just the default theme. You can change it at the bottom




Reposting from the other thread
Requesting Roxanne stepping out of the shower, in the lewdest pose you can think of.


Do we even have drawfags?


I'm guessing drawfags who want to draw lewd will eventually find their way over here.


Well we put things here on the booru? I'd imagine that'd be convenient as well for people who might not remember this place exists.


yes, be a bit patient
I say in both places



This board has been plugged in the newest drawthread on /vp/. The janitor there seems to be deleting everything but the thread itself.


he's deleting the drama which, frankly, is a good idea.
if the link stays at the top, thats more than enough. drawfriends will either give this a chance, or they wont. if they dont, we cant help it. if they do, beautiful things may happen


I noticed that, I guess we can use this place for now


>inb4 this board gets flagged as spam


then there will be shortlinks for such a time?




File: 1408842496557.png (244.91 KB, 480x490, chk.png)

I-is it already kill?


File: 1408846658138.png (144.67 KB, 500x500, ssusk.png)

here it is



Bumping this


Turning this place into Meowstichan really doesn't help much.



Well we need some sort of mascot though.


that's a bit too much

again, as others have mentioned on /vp/: be patient, those who are interested in drawing/requesting nsfw will eventually come. you really shouldn't put them off with the excessive meowstic stuff


I request baby kangaskhan going down on mommy


How bout Ash's mom fucking a Lucario right infront of him? Ash is ashamed and cries?


female and male zoroark presenting butt to trainer


File: 1408879455751.png (182.93 KB, 956x980, sylveon.png)

posting this here because the janitor's being a faggot again



cumshot version please~ (not necessarily from original artist)


More pokegirls requests in general


File: 1408887349840.png (175.12 KB, 956x980, Sylveon.png)



I see what you did there but joke's on you, I don't mind that at all!


File: 1408888421032.png (57.34 KB, 240x200, 1408332548833.png)

I requested that once in a drawthread but it didn't happen, sadly.
Someone make a small edit with jizz on her face and sign? She be fine


I like both of them, thank you



I love this, alot. Please do more stuff like this.


File: 1408893691268.png (496.25 KB, 1500x915, z.png)

I'm indifferent to this whole new board thing, butt it doesn't hurt to try at least


not OR, but nice!


thumbs up, not bad!
i think some people made much more drama out of this than they had too.
some people like nsfw pokemon, some like to draw that occassionally. /vp/ isn't the place for those to meet up reliably anymore. in the end, this is an experiment more than anything else and if it works out, everyone wins. nonfurs dont have to deal much with furry stuff and furry peeps get stuff to jack off to.


Bumping one last time. We need more human requests here.


Human requests, huh… How about Ashley sucking some canine pokemon?



I want to see more of this Sylveon, do you think you can draw him laying on his back perhaps?


I didn't draw the edit


I don't care if people edit it. Just don't assume that I did the edit if I'm not the one posting it


I thought that was kinda obvious. it even got a random additional signature.


File: 1408900765339.png (281.28 KB, 655x1030, Sylveon.png)

It's a mystery.


can I get loli roxy using a vibrator?



Male Sylveon is best Sylveon.


OA = Original Artist


anyone up for some female lapras, dewgong, dragonair? pokemon with dolphin vags?


G-gonna need some references


File: 1408910358559.jpg (238.47 KB, 625x725, b54cabc6ff64899cbf897ba42f….jpg)

not him, but here's a lapras ref



i'm sure he meant for dolphin vag
not gonna post the real thing but these are close

accurate dolphin dick would be much easier to find


Could I request a male Kirlia wearing striped stockings?


File: 1408933145584.png (138.24 KB, 990x711, yeyyeau.png)

Here's something I whipped up real quick just now


File: 1408935007790.png (434.6 KB, 1190x779, bjlo.png)

It's a final stage, but whatever


Requesting knots


cool, poketraps <3


File: 1408951319241.png (518.26 KB, 1127x488, XY_Chatelaines.png)

Requesting pregnant Battle Chatelaines (If Nita were carrying three, Evelyn four, Dana six, and Morgan four, that'd be nice)


File: 1408952129821.png (222.01 KB, 232x784, Officer Jenny & Nurse Joy.png)

Requesting Office Jenny gagged & handcuffed to a lamp pole, with her skirt & panties missing. Nurse Joy is beside her wearing a Chansey themed strap-on and have a lustful look on her face.


All requests are going to be contained in this single thread?

/r/ing for some Snivy inflation caused by Oshawott's nervous water gun kissing if this board's cool with it.



Yeah, I was thinking that there should be seperate threads that involve certain kinks. That is if there are drawfriends that are interested in drawing said art.


Built-in auto update's really nice for this board.

I was wondering because even if it's pinned, it won't be easy if there are drawfriends looking through requests. I'm not really complaining since drawthreads supply free art afterall.


I don't think separate threads for "things I don't like" should be made.


Whichever the case, Im'ma drop it since it's pretty minor. Just some curiosity about using a single thread for "everything" on my part.



But I doubt anyone's going come to this thread to draw diapers, inflation, vore, and/or any other fetishes, if at all.


seriously, dont make this more complicated than it has to be. the sfw drawthread isnt split up into human requests, pokemon requests, reaction pics etc. either.

everyone makes their requests and if an artist wants something do draw, they will skim through this until they find something they're comfortable with.
if they have 10 threads to go through cause some eventually also want a specifically furry, anthro, human x pokemon, blowjob, gay, non con, vanilla and ahegao thread, its not getting any less complicated or cluttered anyways.

I would, however, support the idea of archiving the top thread at 250 or so posts/pictures and starting a fresh one, like on the real drawthread. to get rid of old requests, requests that will never be checked back on and of course posts that are neither requests nor drawings, like these.
though its going to take a while until we get that far.


not requester, but that's really good. linework looks familiar, have I seen you on tumblr or somewhere?


requesting Rotom possessing a dildo and vibrating inside a vagina


File: 1408973404549.png (28.27 KB, 800x600, cute would still be fine o….png)

What the fuck man, guess I have to request this here
might as well go full /ss/


lopunny (no or little tits please) striking sexy pose for onlookers


While we're still on the topic, auto-update is fine and all, but would it be possible to have it work like regular 4chan with no auto-update but there's an "Update" button on the bottom that updates the thread? That's my preferred method since it more clearly delineates where the last post was.


>it more clearly delineates where the last post was
if you're referring to the separator line, I believe there's no such feature in tinyboard and can't really be bothered to implement it
however if you're on another tab you should see the number of new posts in the tab title


Nah I just meant that it's easier to spot where I last left off in the thread if it all instantly updates at the press of a button instead of coming back to the tab and seeing it already updated while I was gone, though if that's not possible on tinyboard I understand.


someone draw anything pound a lillipup hard… it would literally be the first picture of lillipup raep on the internet.


Thanks m8


requesting shiny eevee or shiny sylveon penis


This thread needs more human requests


Damn it, accidentally hit "New Reply" before I could finish it.

Anyway, requesting Nate fapping while spying on Rosa taking a shower


File: 1409000365250.png (1.64 MB, 1449x2420, b2f7ba581434e27a5ae021acbe….png)

footjob would be great


Speaking of human x Pokémon, does anyone have any requests?


File: 1409003829536.png (63.82 KB, 220x224, Officer_Jenny.png)

Her stomping a squirtles cock as punishment


Sabrina and Olympia sucking Drowzee's giant tapir dick


With a diglett?


Mawile buttjob


how about sina/ace trainer being knotted by furfrou/shiny furfrou?


File: 1409004351443.jpg (139.76 KB, 650x499, 41334968.jpg)

forgot the relevant image


Malva being licked out by a Litleo


Requesting very NSFW Roxie


I would like to re-request a Depot Agent lewd solo on the subway train seats with only his uniform hat on (or full uniform and either
opened pants or them down to his calves, otherwise cut the scene right a little under his knees if you wish).
Here accurate references: http://imgur.com/a/P5LXk
Japanese tier cosplaying as reference too if it can help.
I'm probably the only one who somehow loves this npc trainer class. Might repost on /i/ hoping Noct senpai will notice me.


Requesting female Delphox that turned obese from accidentally casting a spell on herself.


So is anything gonna be delivered or what?



I'm working on the mawile one, but it will take time


Ah damn, I was also working on one too. Guess this is going to be a double dose




You forgot the giant yellow circle on the horn


File: 1409026154545.jpg (120.92 KB, 800x700, mawilebutt2.jpg)

my bad, fixed it



any pokemonxpokemon requests?, I'll try to do some of them, the cuter the better


Could I get some Audino x Lopunny?
Whether they are mega or not is up to you.


File: 1409027606832.png (119.41 KB, 700x700, togue.png)

Here's a different kind of buttjob that only Mawile could accomplish.


seconding these two are qts


a lot better than mine, awesome job dude
I'll try to do something, not today, I suppose both are female, right?


They can be whatever you want them to be.





Requesting any two male starters frotting, looking nervously at each other.


this place is just a few days old, give it some time.

chespin sucking scyther. both male?

this shit is incredible. i would request a million times more mawile x its horn if i could


Thanks for everything bros


Can I get some Iris x Cynthia femdom please? Either one can be the dominant one, but could you have one sitting on the other while the other is on hands and knees please?


Rosa footjob?


Roxy x Nidorino anal anyone?


>only requests getting delivered are for pokemon

Guess this board is pointless for me.


I decided to lurk for the human requests, nothing is striking my fancy yet though.
I wonder if they would let us split the threads between pokemon and humans? It's an idea, maybe not a good one.


File: 1409084890232.png (144.45 KB, 800x800, sin sketch.png)

What you prefer to draw anon? I haven't found anything either.


patience, friend

yeah I don't know what to do myself. I honestly think keeping all requests grouped together is the better idea, instead of multiple threads for different tastes, since it'll make it difficult for drawfriends to browse

but if you guys want separate threads for human stuff and furry/pokemonxhuman, then that can be done


Are any of you taking requests?


hey somefag, are you willing to draw pokemon requests?


What kind of fetish/ideas interest you guys?


Big tits in general, female solo, straight, /ss/, mature, MILF bodytypes


Possibly, what you got?
Sina with that MILF bodytype for me pretty please?


maybe female Roselia or Roserae teasing a shy male Whimsicott?, if not is fine


>Mature, MILF

Could I request Lenora or Olympia with a MILF bodytype? Maybe have either one of them presenting their pussy to the viewer or something.


Lewd solo with XY Veteran, Maid, or Beauty? Come on, they rarely get any art. I've already requested enough Blue Furisode. Time to move on to something else.


no need for now, the board is not active enough

I was thinking on a thread with draw tutorials (probably lewd or feral related stuff), not sure if people would like that


I wouldn't mind seeing some Milotic giving head, if anyone's feeling up to trying…


a thread for learning and tutorials/advice sounds good actually, especially since the lewd parts can't be discussed on /vp/, and it wouldn't clutter up the drawthread

go for it




File: 1409087914779.png (135.55 KB, 800x800, plenis.png)

Sorry anon


File: 1409088950662.png (380.82 KB, 550x1200, 1395435127633.png)

thighsex or footjob?


Requesting any yuri at all


you mean youre taking requests?


Anyone big on cougars?

Requesting Argenta naked and lying sideways, with a come-hither look


Well, that as well, but I was just requesting any Poke on Poke or Pokegirl on Pokegirl, or even poke on pokegirl yuri.


SO would you mind doing some yuri yourself?


thank you, don't be sorry, it's good actually


I'll wait for something that looks good, tried my hand at a Pokémon but it ain't for me


I wouldn't mind, no.


Pike Queen lying naked on her side and lifting her leg in front of Brendan, who pops a boner and is removing his pants.


*Pike Queen Lucy


Evelyn and Dana please


XY and BW swimmers scissoring woth their tops still on


Shauna and Iris fingering would be nice


eehh, so many requests! I might do the Evelyn one


I guess I should wait a while before making anymore weight gain/BBW requests, since this type of thread still needs to gain traction first.


File: 1409096278254.png (72.79 KB, 500x500, bian.png)

I forgot to check back here
Super WIP, I'll probably finish this with the Diantha one, so don't expect anytime soon.


Any pokephilia requests? (Mpokemon x girl)


How about, Valerie and Sylveon?


What about the ones in the thread?
If you want new ones, how about Malva and Ponyta?



>Valerie's Sylveon is male

This I also want to see.


pretty much this, also that helps her to feel more Pokemon


File: 1409099920815.png (405.63 KB, 1734x1242, cfrt.png)

Here, I gave it try.


File: 1409103187151.png (213.73 KB, 1000x1000, Dickbert.png)

Are Pokeboy requests/draws allowed here?


Nuggets you're a nerd



Maybe there should be like seperate boards for Pokegirls, Pokeboys, and Pokemon.


nuggets please, I like your deliveries


course they are
like, if anyone wanna draw some ruby being a fag, they should go ahead :o


File: 1409113857686.jpg (151.58 KB, 600x600, audinolopuny.jpg)

finally done, I hope you like it


if you are taking requests, I want sequel of that HilbertxCalem draw, like both sitting in a bench, and Hilbert smiling noticing Calem massive boner inside his pants


Don't be a bully anon.
I'd be on board, though I imagine the Pokeboy thread would be a bit on the small side.
Thanks anon~

Anyway, I'll try this one.
I may take a while, so stay tuned.


thank you, don't worry I can wait


requesting lilligant blowjobs


But Lilligant doesn't have a mouth.


there's always a way


Thanks cant wait to see it finished






File: 1409127401024.png (781.57 KB, 650x800, Xiaoyu_and_Panda_by_MiaKa_….png)

Requesting Xiaoyu NTR with Pangoro.



not OR though


More feral couplings please.


that's what cutter knifes are for. to make a nice bouquet, florists often cut open stems of bigger flowers to insert stems of smaller, more frail ones.


>harming your waifu just so you can stick a dick in her
Absolutely disgusting.


oh brother


pokemon are just tools for us to use


File: 1409167189369.jpg (126.07 KB, 600x600, LILLI.jpg)

if people can add poketits, they can add a mouth too, I did something quick, not fan of anthro stuff
give me a creative one and I may do it
>inb4 Wailord x Joltik



creative? like… murkrow x venipede?



Wailord x Espurr, Espurr is like half Skitty's size and can breed with Wailord.


File: 1409174762649.jpg (131.88 KB, 800x800, srrrr.jpg)

I tried lol, it's terrible anyway


Bumping this. Any drawfriend is welcome to do either of these 3. They have barely gotten any art let alone lewd.


File: 1409186088443.gif (696.89 KB, 1153x1259, riolu.gif)

drawfag here, lewd male poke requests greatly appreciated. (Maybe even a gif if the idea is good)






File: 1409188349833.jpg (152.25 KB, 800x800, murklewd.jpg)

yeah, feels like playing with the food




File: 1409194743123.jpg (49.21 KB, 620x332, 0.jpg)

Lucario/Blaziken - viva el Pokken!


requesting either male or female Meowistic showing its ass


File: 1409197902408.png (179.42 KB, 500x500, sdffdsfdsfsdf.png)


not OR, but that's beatiful and cute


File: 1409200603398.jpg (136.66 KB, 800x800, meows.jpg)

not that guy, but here's an early wip, I'll finish it tomorrow, if humans were easier to draw ;_;


male smoochum and ralts having trapparty with gothorita


File: 1409209526902.png (230.9 KB, 900x700, meowcum.png)

well finished it


File: 1409209545396.png (227.01 KB, 900x700, meownocum.png)

no cum version



Nice, thanks.


Requesting sexy male Lopunny, regular or mega.


take the pokemon you despise the most (reason doesnt matter) and rape the hell out of it? or draw it how it would look after having the hell raped out of it :3


File: 1409221090909.png (137.63 KB, 500x600, gjhgjjhjjhh.png)


Thank you very much!



Still hoping someone would do this.


oh my god stop
why did we bring this guy from the drawthread



if someone wants to do it, they will. its probably not going to help if you push it like that though.


not OR, but nice bunny. does anon have a gallery or tumblr or something?

general request: male x female sneasel anyone? maybe dominant female?



Because I'm the one who helped encouraged this place to be created to begin with~


That's bronzecatworld, he has quite a bit of stuff on the booru to check out.

If you happen to drop in, can I request for a Braixen and Quilladin swapping physiques due to a magic mishap. The latter trying to comfort the former if you like.

Dunno if I should request this on /vp/ since the janitors there are really finicky nowadays.


yeah dude, swapping? that sounds way to sexual. and mishap? comforting? might as well have them hold hands in an uncouth way!


you won't get any sympathy here either


c-can I make a request too, pls?


>implying the janitors won't mistake it for something sexual


zadomi, pls trip


>says janitor in /vp/
>gets deleted
oh god, anyway, cute pokemon requests?? (lewd of course, no weird fetishes)


whats zadomi and trip?
lol i'm not sure if my hand holding request was denied for handholding or for janitor.

can you do something cute with kirlia and lucario then? maybe some kissing or fondling?


zadomi pls go


guy, i'm not zadomi?


Female Seviper and male Zangoose going cutely at it?


probably for both, he gets mad whenever he's mentioned, he hates us




dude, stop being so desperate. If Zadomi wants to take your request, he'll take your request. If he doesn't, then tough luck.


why do you guys care so much about that zadomi guy anyways? he doesn't draw THAT good


are there any artists here that do good bara?



there are not that many artists here (place is new, probably not many nsfw artists roaming vp atm in general). leave your request and hope for the best.


File: 1409251579877.jpg (145.5 KB, 800x800, lucariokirlia.jpg)

here's a rough sketch, I'll finish this probably in the night, tell me if you want lucario thing being shown or Kirlia being penetrated by it

I'll do this one later


zadomi pls


thanks a lot for taking it, Anon


well I wouldn't mind it being not inside yet, makes it cuter in some way ^^


Gifs like that are lovely, but it feels so incomplete when they don't ever cum.

Also, how about any Pokemon with a doll equivalent in-game humping it eagerly? My preference would be Pachirisu or Plusle against a Minun doll. Even better if you can tell they're losing control on their face.


Vailo, draw mega Audino being loved


preferred partner?


hmm, Scrafty?


post more requests


grass type g a n g b a n g


Is the word "g a n g b a n g" really wordfiltered on a nsfw drawthread


How do they filter it? And if that word is filtered, what happens?


gang bang


Gonna need more details. Who? with what?


I don't know, I tried to enter the words grass type gang bang and it was filtered. It said "your post looks automated"


File: 1409269279691.png (246.09 KB, 824x1015, scraftyaudino.png)

It turned out worksafe for some reason. I'm ashamed of myself.

I'll try to figure out how to draw Audino better in the future.


Still lewd enough to be deleted on the regular thread. I love the size difference, is cute too. Thanks!


do you do humans and yuri?


That sounds fine to me. I'm not picky or particular.


>now i have an idea for this request pressing boobs, Blue being dominant, or messing with each other in a bathtub. What would you prefer to do with them?


I'm confused. did you misquote?


No. Im talking about my first request >281


requesting Elesa nude jerking off a Zebstrika



BW Elesa or B2W2 Elesa?


BW Elesa please


Requesting a panicked trainer trying to keep one of their pokemon from mounting another.
Artist's choice. Egg groups don't matter.




doesn't seem to be filtered


File: 1409273486253.jpg (474.39 KB, 1500x1500, lucariokirliac.jpg)

and it's done, I don't think I'll be able to finish the ZangoosexSeviper one today, I'll do it tomorrow




File: 1409276620371.png (96.73 KB, 307x382, XY_Tourist_F_A.png)

Blowjob or B&D?


>dat literal pear shape


What do you mean with breast expansion
A picture just bigger than they are?


What's B&D?


Bondage and Discipline


Breast expansion is the process.

I'd like to see her boobs growing bigger and her reacting to it. Maybe the expansion ripping her shirt because it gets too tight.


File: 1409293244693.png (625.27 KB, 1000x1000, Hilbert is lewder than usu….png)

Whew, here it is.
Sorry to keep you waiting.


File: 1409293301995.png (629.07 KB, 1000x1000, [unzips dick].png)

And an alternate version because penises.


take your time, there's no rush at all. I'm just glad you're taking it


lucarios lower half seems a bit wonky, but other than that, its not bad, thank you ^^


thank you nuggets, looks pretty good


File: 1409323380131.jpeg (386.07 KB, 800x917, Deep.jpeg)

Requesting girl on girl fendom please. Maybe a crotch trample if anyone is free or around


File: 1409344621343.png (200.22 KB, 700x700, hometown buffet.png)

i liked how this came out so i decided to fix it up


Might as well try.

Can I request Froslass and Scizor (female) making out? PLease


File: 1409347492718.png (174.85 KB, 624x283, D.R.png)

Great work.



very nice, again. they were both pretty hot.

also, general request for anyone, furfrou (in any haircut really) licking herself?


Aww, no takers?


Are Pokemon requests the only ones that are getting priority?


I guess there's not enough drawfags that can do lewd humans

is anyone working on this? (anon asking about Elesa made me think so)


well, as other anon said, theres few people here, you gotta bring a whole bunch of patience.
human on human requests might find more takers on /i/ right now


Requesting lewd of XY Maid.


I'm thinking about working on it, but I'm busy with other things atm.


File: 1409369121692.jpg (242.66 KB, 658x1080, lopunnnneeeh.jpg)

Hope you like it.


I would be thankful if you do, you can take your time with it


File: 1409371183291.png (50.06 KB, 250x250, 250px-428Lopunny.png)

I know is anthro, but the face is weird


Requesting Pikachu and Azumarill doing it passionately

that looks great


Requesting a Gothitelle jerking off a male Gothorita. Some Mother/son straight shota action if that make any senses.


File: 1409376933978.jpg (158.79 KB, 1200x800, zangoose.jpg)

here's a wip, tell me if you want anything different, also I need to fix Zangoose head because looks off


can anyone do a lewd Absol?, can be either male or female, or both going at it


It looks great! Maybe make their expressions a little more lovey-dovey, like in love or so?


File: 1409396754121.png (195.13 KB, 800x600, fgdgdfh.png)



Female typhlosion "Riding cowgirl" on her trainers dick.


Braixen and Quilladin physique swapping caused by a bad spell with latter comforting the other. It could get hot if you want but I kinda wanna see your take on the first bit.

/vp/ might delete this sort of request because I don't know what's okay there or not anymore.



at least say please when you're making that kind of specific request


Requesting a Tyranitar tearing a Psyduck to pieces.


Ah… I didn't mean to be rude. I'm sorry. It's okay if you don't want to though.


he doesnt have to say please i dont care im doing it anyway

this is such an interesting request


thanks a lot for this, looks cute and dat size difference


Requesting me some female mewtwo with a geek/nerd girl feel to it.
Some boobs without nips would be cool too, please.


I'm honored if you really liked my request enough to do it.

Whether you care or not, I'll make sure to mind my manners for cases like these regardless.

No one really owes anyone anything in threads like these afterall.


>you guys
>implying it wasn't one dude
>responding two days later


Requesting m/m Espeon and Umbreon knotting each other. Either with Umbreon lying on his back and Espeon laying upright or with both laying on their side.




File: 1409440156124.png (272.25 KB, 1200x600, zangoosesviper.png)

finally done, I hope you like it


Do non-Pokemon requests?


Thank you so much! it looks lovely~


yes, I'll give it a try, as long is not a weird fetish
I'm glad you like it, you're welcome


Then Blue Furisode Girl Asami cowboy on Calem?


you mean her on cowgirl position?, yeah I can do that


Yoshi! Thanks in advance.


Anon,if you're still here, I suggest Asami forcing Calem into sex against his own will with her nude save for the socks.


File: 1409449938507.png (66.12 KB, 248x303, arousal.png)

Iris soaking through her white bottoms please. Not piss, just pussy juice and delicious cameltoe.

If you're good at both humans and pokes, you can add a nice Dragon Type for her to be creaming herself over and use pic related face from the Victini movie.

If not, pick any pose, face, situation etc. you want.


She can look at him with bedroom eyes while Calem has a worrired look. If you can do a second part, maybe Asami kisses Calem on the lips.


Requesting qt trap Gothitelle post orgasm.


File: 1409455773915.jpg (158.37 KB, 800x800, supersketch.jpg)

how is this?


Yeah thats good.


Are you going to show their legs too? Just asking


As for the second part, I have to add that she can kiss Calem sitting up, but That's optional.


I'm not good drawing feet, but I'll try


Needs more normal human requests too.


Like >>218, perhaps?



through the thread, theres a bunch of human requests

yeah some of those include a pokemon, but they're primarily about girls getting fucked.

it shouldnt, however, surprise that theres primarily furry requests, since those were the requests that had no room in any other feasible (besides /b/ lol) drawthread
at this point in time, human requests probably have a much better chance to be taken in /i/ and are thus, requested more over there


What's the point when there are no artists doing them?


new thread?


Which came first, the human requests or the human artists?


File: 1409484995455.png (254.58 KB, 1253x1220, typl.png)


File: 1409485117799.png (266.99 KB, 1253x1220, typlc.png)


Not OR, but daamn


/r/ braixen spanking male kirlia with her stick


Everyone know the reptilians were drawing way before humans even started wearing clothes


File: 1409499527736.png (942.35 KB, 1200x800, calembluefurisode.png)

well, finally done, hope you like it


OH Yes! I love it! Well done, my friend!


Are you up for another human request?


yeah, but this one will take longer because weekend is nearly over


How about Malva Giving XY Butler a blowjob? Or Monsieur undressing XY Lady?



Waifu material right here.


File: 1409503969838.jpg (9.15 KB, 197x256, adadadx.jpg)

you mean this incredibly cute girl??



I can do that, but it will take a while
sorry, I can't draw a good blowjob yet


Or Malva and her Butler in Missionary position with her dominant.


I'ma request… pokeballs being pushed in pokepussy. don't really mind if its something common like gardevoir, lopunny or something exotic, such as beautifly or abra. just draw the one you can draw the best


I tought it was genderless….


Requesting an Octillery or Eelektross sucking dick. Their mouths are perfectly suited for it


File: 1409517986610.jpg (261.86 KB, 1000x750, spankingthatgirlybutt.jpg)

I tried…


How about Malva dominating Wikstrom?
Makes the femdom all the hotter if it's a bigger guy imo, plus dat type advantage


The reason I chose Butler was because he appears in the Post game and second he rarely has any art.


isn't that the old rich guy trainer class?



Huh. That's a new one to me. Never even considered that before.


Eh, it's your request, whatever you like. Was just a thought since those two E4 would have a fun dynamic.


But it's a cat.


>old guy
no, just no


I requested a lewd socialite once and it got delivered. So why not this?


Because socialites are whores
Butler is pure


Requesting Meloetta showing her ass with lots of gooey cum coming out her vagina, with pleasure face


File: 1409527265327.png (247.16 KB, 916x946, Braidom.png)

Was working on something, didn't realise >>510 had already filled it. Here's what I had so far anyway


but finish it anon, I did the other one, I like yours better


OR here, Thanks M8

There isnt enough M-TrainerXF-Typhlosion out there for a straight typh lover.


you should make Calem shorter and his penis smaller like in the WIP because /ss/



requesting female Ambipom being fucked by a male Infernape because not enough monkey sex


Yeah, his dick should be inside her pussy. If you're still here, can you make a change to that?


File: 1409545978451.jpg (508.38 KB, 1200x800, calemfurisode.jpg)

did a edit, is probably wrong, but I'm too tired now


File: 1409562501434.png (957.93 KB, 750x680, how i cured my aids.png)



Just missing her tails?


New thread:


that looks great, thank you friend


thank you both
they look great

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