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This thread is for Pokémon drawings, including those involving a human. Anything that's human-only should be posted in the other sticky.

Old thread: >>12413

Resources: http://pastebin.com/T8ab8NYQ

Tumblr tag: vpdrawthread
Booru: http://vp.booru.org/ (please tag your pictures and upload only drawthread things)
DA Group: http://pokemon-drawfriends.deviantart.com/
Drawcard Gallery & templates: http://imgur.com/a/LTgWW#0
Drawfag survey: http://i.imgur.com/GMecUOb.png
SFW thread: http://www.4chan.org/vp/drawthread


Lugia a best legendary, fite me


Requesting mega marshtomp fucking archie or some random guy


File: 1462559831567.jpg (55.92 KB, 600x785, 20160505123932_1.jpg)

More gardevoir like this, pretty please.
No skirt is forbidden love.


>mega marshtomp


You heard the man.

Draw a fucking Mega Marshtomp.





File: 1462567259131-0.png (844.97 KB, 1280x1660, image.png)

File: 1462567259131-1.jpeg (109.24 KB, 1200x675, image.jpeg)

Requesting big titty Zinnia giving a boobjob to a Rayquaza penis


File: 1462570910931.jpeg (1.08 MB, 2460x2165, image.jpeg)

Already been done.


Where was this made? I've never seen this before. Looks great though.


Requesting an aftersex scene of a Mesprit who got creampied and knocked up, telling the viewer that they need to take responsibility.


Requesting a female Arceus sitting on a latias, using the latias' head and neck as a giant dildo. Internal view for shits and giggles if you'd like to go that far or the angle you choose to draw it in doesn't clearly show that the latias' head is in Arceus' pussy


requesting a dragonair laying an egg directly over the face of a fully erect male dragonair


File: 1462594526325.png (3.02 MB, 1300x1838, 1407634855990.png)

Requesting Sceptile impregnating Garchomp


File: 1462595804803-0.png (4.8 MB, 1840x2688, 1446598473689_waifu2x_art_….png)

File: 1462595804803-1.png (271.67 KB, 1035x1569, 1446603832620.png)

File: 1462595804803-2.png (589.06 KB, 1125x993, 1446686255326.png)

requesting this lopunny completely naked


Would love to see an anthro banette proudly showing her new patch, a light gray arrow pointing towards her pussy, please.
To function as her lack of pubes, super clever.

And ya'll have a nice weekend.


File: 1462609567861.gif (3.72 MB, 640x520, image.gif)

Requesting some delicious Braixen thigh sex.


File: 1462611672584.png (1.32 MB, 1486x1034, 1b3d3c8479643a9e8ac98083a9….png)

trash is literally being cancer right now, so i'ma try my luck over here

Rape the everloving shit out of Bunnelby in a box. Fuck her ears, cum in her eyes and up her nose, leave her broken and choking on cum.

Make it so that that minun and plusle feel like 'wow, i wouldn't wanna be that bunny'


what's wrong with you?


Seconded if her bunny cunt is blown out and loose from the brutal raping.

sounds good to me…




I just feel strongly about abandoning Pokemon in a box.
And if it's to help prevent pokemon to be thrown out like that in the future, I think it's ok if Bunnelby takes one for the team.


I'll take responsibility for her and give her a good home, I love sloppy seconds.



Seconding this idea.Love me some knocked up Pokemon.


requesting some mother-son incest with kangaskhan because mother's day
bonus for impreg


File: 1462680908826.jpg (163.35 KB, 1024x1024, CcobiexVIAATioo.jpg large.jpg)

Someone make a semens on latios


Requesting a male Lopunny with a big-titted female Houndoom. He's grabbing at her tits from behind as well as pounding into her sex hard.

Optional: the Lopunny should say something along the lines of "If you think this is intense, wait 'til I Mega Evolve…~"


File: 1462684343516.gif (5.71 KB, 200x200, 1426841852828.gif)

A bust shot of a of couple of my faveorite girls, sableye and blaziken, please.
Sableye maybe just a head shorter than the chicken, and blaziken with the bigger boobs of the two.


File: 1462721770185.png (728.09 KB, 1280x1280, 461Weavile.png)

Requesting a Weavile being impregnated by her trainer


File: 1462727616245.jpg (162.98 KB, 768x712, 20160505140029_1.jpg)

>tfw tictacs is kill


Requesting a busty Machoke girl lewdly teasing a shorter Lucario male from behind, her tits placed on his head.


Requesting a feral swampert presenting herself? I'm not too picky, I just don't favor for anthro :3


Eelektross being used as a fleshlight, please.


File: 1462734912355.png (1.39 MB, 1280x2085, _493___arceus_by_spinoone-….png)

Requesting Arceus laughing hysterically as they are covered in semen




That's a teckworks pic from forever ago


I don't think this is OC because I swear I've seen this exact drawing before.


File: 1462742568062.png (84.92 KB, 289x400, 1462218527871.png)

Requesting Spiky-eared Pichu sitting on a guy's lap getting her pussy fingered and clit rubbed while she blushes and covers her mouth.


Thats not an actual delivery.


File: 1462744989884.gif (240.22 KB, 279x279, Delia&Pikachu.gif)

Requesting Pikachu tittyfucking Ash's mom.


File: 1462760565126.jpg (34.59 KB, 800x800, Cf1meDoVAAA1BN1.jpg large.jpg)

Requesting Latias pouring a jug of milk all over Latios' cock. Or if you'd rather skip that, her squirting it from her pussy onto his dick instead.


Embarrassed Weavile with a conedick?


I want to see arbok porn


>doesn't recognize tictacs as teckworks
>doesn't recognize teckworks art
>hasn't seen that mini comic before
Come on now.


But why is he kill? It hasn't been a week since his last pic.


What I love is how quickly this had gotten reposted to e621 and paheal and then taken back down. Christ, I felt the second-hand embarrassment from that massive amount of thirst.


File: 1462817939059-0.png (61.16 KB, 268x434, arceus_cabr-copie-29b4283.png)

File: 1462817939059-1.png (67.71 KB, 504x480, arc3.png)

Requesting a submissive male arceus laying on his back, hind legs spread wide and front legs tucked, head tilted down slightly, looking towards the viewer. You can give him a genital slit for his dick to come out of if drawing balls isn't your thing.


File: 1462825389461.gif (62.57 KB, 540x861, 1430525508788.gif)

Requesting Illumise impregnation by a human dick. Said dick is big enough for a visible bulge to appear.


Can I get Candice edging and teasing a Regigigas please?


File: 1462843557375.png (86.78 KB, 202x202, latias face.png)

This latias looks like she just heard a good joke while pushing out an egg and her face seems like it doesn't quite know which expression it should make and is trying to make them all at the same time.

Draw something involving Latias based on that situation.


Requesting a female Chespin reluctantly letting an Emboar fuck her in order to receive fighting type training.


File: 1462884518425.jpeg (266.48 KB, 797x1080, gardev.jpeg)

Shiny bullshit!


File: 1462886253820.jpg (230.82 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_20160510_211248.jpg)

cat is best!


Of course


File: 1462892509753.jpg (237.2 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_20160510_230059.jpg)

fatte catte butte


tfw theres only one drawfag here and he only draws 7 pokemon


friendly reminder that fulfilling requests is up to the discretion of the deliverer and there is usually a good correlation between interest and decision to deliver

tldr request some different species good lorde


>request different species
>only like 10 species ever get drawn regardless of whether different things are drawn or not

I'll think of something sableye related before long


File: 1462898371805.jpeg (76.65 KB, 626x352, image.jpeg)

I'm honored to be the first person to request lewds of the new Sun and Moon starters.

Please draw all three of them getting jerked off or blown by a Pokegirl of your choice.


File: 1462899385876.jpg (67.21 KB, 600x549, 1462117564197.jpg)

>Only the most overrated & "popular" Pokemon ever get drawn


Don't forget, the only most popular pokemon amongst the drawfags themselves.


>Not having all 3 of them be female


File: 1462900590389.png (295.76 KB, 649x649, 1449600232697.png)

>It's a "don't request what you want to see, read my mind and request what I want to draw" episode

This stagnates and kills the drawthread. No wonder why everyone is gone, all these requesters weren't psychic!


Don't hijack his request, but I'd like to see porn of these three as female too.


File: 1462901623865.jpg (150.37 KB, 1024x1382, smug lugia.jpg)

>le first xddx!1!111 meme

Kill yourself.


Requesting a shiny gay serperior taking a wall mounted dildo up his ass.


File: 1462906006595.png (67.21 KB, 185x163, 2016-05-10 16_15_33-Starte….png)

Requesting feral male solgaleo fucking a faceless male character.


File: 1462906180334.jpg (246.45 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20160511_024858.jpg)

should've done this earlier


This thing is probably a few meters tall. Isn't that a bit … much?


That is too cute…


Requesting a male Cinccino slurping down a dick?


not if it a fully grown man, and besides, we weren't even given sizes. Honestly though if they were that tall it would be hotter


File: 1462915444390-0.png (749.78 KB, 999x506, moonn.png)

File: 1462915444390-1.png (579.4 KB, 1156x674, asfffff.png)

Requesting happy hands free blowjob, with just a teensy little bit of cum on the face.


Requesting some female Delphox and Arbok action. Coiling and/or constriction would be nice.


Requesting Litten and Popplio, both female and getting fingered, pleasuring a human dick, one licking the tip and one licking across the shaft.


File: 1462934105723.png (353.69 KB, 880x1108, Dickccino..png)

I have zero bias for Cinccino, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


Requesting female Lopunny dominating male Cinccino, no butt stuff.


I want to do this, but…The ring thing. I can't figure out what to do with it.


What exactly are you having trouble with regarding it? The angle in which it'd be positioned?


I suppose, yeah. Pretty sure it doesn't bend or give in any way. Based on it's angle, it would need to dig into the floor or something…


Well, it would, but a floor doesn't really need to be acknowledged as the Arceus can be drawn by itself, or the angle of them laying back could be raised such that the ring is at around a tilt of 45 degrees or so in relation to the ground. So they'd just sit up more as though their upper back was against something, still able to make pretty much the same display.


Thank you and I understand.


I suppose the thing can float too… Guess I wasn't thinking hard enough about the options..I'll start tomorrow tho.
Dat size difference. Probably tricky but i wanna try it


Requesting a Floatzel trying to deal with being extremely horny, with limited success. Any gender is okay with me.


Requesting some gay Plusle and Minun. There's seriously not enough of them


Had a dream that I was fucking a female Popplio, and she was rubbing my balls with her tail while looking up at me smugly panting.

Requesting something like that. Pokemon on Pokemon is welcome too.


Are you trying to seduce me, mrs. lugia?


Request Male Trainer Ranger fingering Shiny F Heliolisk and F Seviper


File: 1462988166362.png (291.66 KB, 1099x563, weezing titfuck.png)

Requesting a Weezing fucking a Gardevoir's tits and climaxing - whether on the gardevoir's face or down her throat, it doesn't matter.


>tfw no s&m art for pokemon s and m


One potential I can see for S&M art is Popplio using bubbles for S&M somehow. A lot of bubbles restricting the partner's movement perhaps?


there's a pic of litten getting spanked


File: 1462998850655.png (83.27 KB, 396x296, Dawn&Gardevoir.png)

Requesting Dawn and a Gardevoir scissoring each other.


Requesting a pic of dragonair giving himself an oral creampie.


Requesting Lunaala hanging upside-down like a bat, while she's letting a human throatfuck her.


oh god no not the futa lunaala


What the fuck is an oral creampie?


You know how normal creampies work, right?


Would it be possible to make a drawing of the heads of female lugia and blaziken next to each other?
Got thinking about them both having cool beaks, so it's not more advanced than that.

Just both their faces and sending fuck me eyes, please.


File: 1463075029511.png (126.03 KB, 472x414, Delia&Entei.png)

Requesting Entei having sex with Delia doggystyle.


File: 1463078193401.jpg (417.4 KB, 2560x2316, 418c21688f6cda234589ef71fc….jpg)

requesting something like this but with femtwo


File: 1463099874895.png (647.25 KB, 1300x1720, lamm.png)

Requesting anything lewd you can possibly imagine with this bimbo arceus


Requesting a male Ho-oh doing a female Lunaala missionary-style


File: 1463103649400.png (408.62 KB, 540x511, tumblr_o6z7wrRR2p1r8w06xo1….png)

Requesting Lunaala laying sexually in bed. Artist can expand the scenario if he/she wants.


File: 1463116959966.jpg (444.68 KB, 1024x790, Chi Chi (2).jpg)

requesting a busty scrafty getting fucked like this but loving it


Requesting a female Pangoro masturbating with a dildo.


File: 1463141921660.png (87.74 KB, 384x342, Hilda&Gardevoir.png)

Requesting Hilda fucking a Gardevoir with a strap-on.


File: 1463153048621.jpg (69.84 KB, 1024x1280, CL23jx_VEAAJuzk.jpg large.jpg)

Requesting a latios being forced to suck the cock of a larger, dominant latios but is actually enjoying it.


Requesting a big Dragonair domming a much tinier Pokemon, like an Eevee or something.

make it very gay


Requesting a male Victini lustfully swallowing cum after a facial


Requesting origin form Giratina self-suck


File: 1463233683897.png (122.74 KB, 367x691, Fennel&Muna.png)

Requesting Fennel rubbing her pussy up on top of her Munna's back and climaxing.


File: 1463246420619.gif (605.91 KB, 480x270, 112.gif)

Requesting a Gardevoir without her dress wearing white yoga pants giving a buttjob to her trainer.

Pic related.


tfw lunaala's design is protecting it from having feral porn made of it


File: 1463260395409.png (351.4 KB, 970x825, .png)


Now that's what I'm talking about right there! Thanks a bunch!


File: 1463263749816.jpg (138.42 KB, 400x584, Pokemon breeder.jpg)

Breeder breeding with various pokemon please. The more the merrier!


File: 1463264107646.png (388.48 KB, 1000x1041, Butt stuff.png)

Someone requested this in the last thread, but I've been really busy lately.


Not OR but this a cute


Also not or but those are some great pokeholes. Glad to see some straight stuff around here.


I requested this and am incredible happy with the results. The wait was no problem, I'm just glad you decided to do it.


incredibly* whoops


Requesting male Minun sucking off Plusle while taking a floating cock.


Also to add to this I didn't expect 5 whole panels too. Gotta say thanks again.


File: 1463317951680.png (135.58 KB, 522x400, Delia&Ho-oh.png)

Requesting Delia getting creampied by Ho-oh.


File: 1463335421340.png (395.24 KB, 652x967, image.png)

Requesting anything with Female Dewott

>tfw about 90% of Dewott porn is gay


File: 1463338616360.png (66.73 KB, 250x141, image.png)

Requesting anything with Serena and Pancham, preferably femdom.


File: 1463350932068-0.png (656.42 KB, 2000x825, NidoSRef.png)

File: 1463350932068-1.png (893.92 KB, 2600x825, DidiRef.png)

File: 1463350932068-2.png (704.49 KB, 2000x825, RinabunRef.png)

First time post, so forgive me if this is a little long.

I've been following the aquabunny site for years, and I really love their cute Nido girls. While porn of some characters isn't exactly new, I'm most attracted to the three in the attached pics.

The Schneider sisters (and Nidoran in general) don't really have anything online, so they're my top priority request, if only to fulfill a "rule 34" requirement (and then I'll die happy). Emphasis on the butts, please, because it seems like round asses are part of their design, intended or not.

Relevant links:

If anyone takes on the cute wife Nidorina, I want to see her with her husband, preferably (read: definitely) giving her a creampie, and with her really happy/satisfied about it. Bonus if maybe there a little lactation or milk dripping from that rack of hers in there. They really come off as the married couple who have a lot of sex with each other, or that's the vibe I get from all the source materials.

Relevant links: http://p-debardelaben.deviantart.com/art/Nidorina-is-Mega-Audino-609064025
http://p-debardelaben.deviantart.com/art/I-ve-Got-my-Love-to-Keep-Me-Warm-Gif-Teaser-607271374 (watch the video to see what I mean about Nidorina and Nidorino)

Thanks, sorry for the wall.


Can you draw a male typhlosion getting dom by a male Swampert


Requesting a 'blowjob competition' pic of rayquaza getting his dicks sucked by a male and female dragonair that're fiercely comparing their skills.


requesting male floatzels frotting. Also their balls touching.

Bonus points if they're kissing.


Seconding for ghetto fuck.


File: 1463397618547.png (369.22 KB, 889x839, chespinnnn.png)

Requesting female trainer showing off her Chespin to a webcam/camcorder/on a webstream
Chespin posing like boy from upper left corner, but Trainer is the one speading his anus for the viewer.
Give Chespin that teary eyed expression from upper right pic.
Black/White or greyscale is fine.
Female trainer really doesn't need many features, but devious smile would be nice.


File: 1463403314242.png (208.16 KB, 664x544, RosaJoltik&Wailord.png)

Requesting Rosa getting double penetrated by a Wailord and a Joltik, with the Joltik taking the front and the Wailord taking the back.


Requesting a cute/sexy vespiquen monstergirl
Smut is optional, but tits leaking milk or honey would be suitable.


Seconding. When was the last time we had gay ferals?


Most of the deliveries are gay ferals…lol.


Bump for flashing.


Kindly requesting a feral male Lunaala presenting his cock to the viewer.


Requesting male Vaporeon fucking female Popplio.


Bump for imp and chicken tits.


Can't post WIP for some reason. I don't know image limits or when they're reached or whatever. http://i.imgur.com/2sonyEc.png WIP is there. Thoughts? Critique? Early stage, bash if you must.


Requesting female Emolga getting banged by a bunch of dicks with a cum edit


I get that the pose you're dealing with would be hard to manage proper, but it seems like overall the legs, mainly the back ones are too small for how large a part of Arceus' body the legs are. It would look better to round out those parts on Arceus' hips instead of leave them pointed like that, and then go back and see how it'd look to add on those weird hip-spike things his anatomy has. From the head to the first set of legs everything looks really nice and in no real need of improvement though. Maybe try another angle or something if the one you're doing is difficult?

I can't post images either but heres some stuff I found that could help out. http://i.imgur.com/96EnAHB.png

Pretend the vomit inducing absol OC isn't in this pic here and it should be easy to understand the gist of it. http://i.imgur.com/px2Ktwl.png


Requesting Latios flashing his moist dick and Latias flashing her wet pussy, letting the viewer have the option to choose between them

would pref. them in a different pose trying to win over the viewer


Image uploads are fixed, sorry about that


Hey admin any chance of a dark theme?


You can change styles in the Options menu (top right). "Tomorrow" is the dark style.


File: 1463651457552.png (3.75 MB, 2448x1796, Shiny serperior maid autof….png)

Oh shit, this is working again? Sweet! Copying and pasting the request I had here.

Requesting an effeminate male shiny serperior maid sucking himself off, and hopefully if you're willing, mid orgasm as he cums in his mouth and the

other dick cums on his face. If not then you can just draw the free dick leaking pre and the one being sucked with some saliva on it.

Pic should have everything you need! Anatomy, shiny colors, an idea of how to set it up and all that sort of thing.


Why does the whole screen have to turn blue when you hover over a thread area?


an anthro/human gijinka ninetails having sex with a large male-type pokemon like nidoking or Tyranitar


File: 1463681292039.jpg (38.84 KB, 636x357, Pokken.jpg)

Sex with all the pokemon from Pokken


File: 1463683385937.png (591.38 KB, 960x1018, liepard req.png)

/r/ a feral Liepard presenting herself in lordosis behaviour, which is basically a bent backwards position used by female felines to indicate that they are waiting for their mate to mount them.


File: 1463739043828.png (1.45 KB, 80x80, Spr_b_4d_384.png)

Requesting a human cock jizzing on this sexy smirking Rayquaza face.


File: 1463740678021.gif (230.18 KB, 1200x886, googapedra.gif)

Requesting gaping Goodra pussy


File: 1463748170623.jpg (72.56 KB, 800x683, Pangoro.jpg)

Requesting a thick female Pangoro using her huge, soft breats to give a titjob to a human cock with it shooting a thick load of cum across her face.


f Meowstic in lingerie, pls.


Requesting anything with male Goodra. Preferably something straight.


File: 1463778987949.png (57.39 KB, 249x361, GRDV01.png)

here you go pal
and even shittier version


File: 1463779027569.png (21.09 KB, 328x388, Gardd08.png)

*an even shittier version
i have an english mayor


File: 1463782654759.png (410.12 KB, 978x1201, blassbutt.png)

Scribbled this today, figured someone here might like some chickenbutt.


Why does the nationality of your mayor matter?


File: 1463792908422.png (569.11 KB, 1358x1348, 1462042622.chiryong_라티오스2.png)

Requesting Latios hovering just above Latias, as though he just pulled out of her pussy, cumming all over said pussy.


you say that everytime you fuck up your sentences


Requesting a solo male Gothitelle lifting up his dress to reveal his erect cock, leaking a bit of pre while he blushes and says "I'm a boy, see?"

There is almost no art of male Goths out there.


Throwing out a request for a Litten enjoying some warm, fresh Delphox milk, straight from the tap.

Bonus points if the Phox has a nice bust


File: 1463844497216.jpeg (46.5 KB, 700x563, CenExZFWAAAU6t5.jpg large.jpeg)

I've got a strong need to see a fem Vaporeon with a creampied butt, so requesting that.


you got that delivered you greedy fuck


File: 1463869385702.jpg (635.13 KB, 720x1280, She's been doing that for ….jpg)

Hope this can be used!


Never mind, seem to have fixed itself somehow


>I will announce to the world how retarded I am by being unable to view post times


I really like where you went with this. Can someone do the lines and coloring please?



File: 1463894905843.png (15.44 KB, 522x425, 1449120108110.png)

Requesting me some big fat ice tits on the froslass, please.
Her being all shy and flashing them to the viewer would be golden.


Neat Picture drawfriend!


Requesting a Meloetta in a very skimpy sling bikini.


Aria or Pirouette?


Aria preferably, but either forme is fine.


Requesting Candice smothering a Snover with her breasts and jerking him off.




Requesting Iris forcing a well-hung (preferably unevolved) Dragon-type of your choice to cum with a vibrator.


Requesting Arceus tailfucking themselves. Male or female, you pick the pose.


File: 1463993014878.png (245.65 KB, 1065x911, tempfield.png)


Have a sketch of both of em


File: 1464012264669.png (3.53 MB, 3000x3000, 1459072727.blitzdrachin_mi….png)

Requesting a normal milotic in as similar a position as this pic of one, showing off its glistening wet dick.Place the genital slit the dick is coming out of near where the colors on the tail start please. Should look appropriate enough there.


Hey fancy meeting you here Cacti, so nice of you to visit, now enjoy your stay.
And big thanx for taking my request so quickly, my man.


Need me some loving milf nidoqueen with big fat dino tits, please.


requesting a female pachirisu postsex with a bloated belly and leaking cum from her pussy


File: 1464119674575.jpg (578.89 KB, 2000x1882, d8a1f13975274d30323780d832….jpg)

Requesting Zubat on its back on a table, wings stretched over its body and held with duct tape. The legstrings too.
A pokeball-gag in its mouth and cotton balls in its ears, essentially making it even blinder than Zubats normally are.
Heart is beating rapidly as disembodied dick rubs against its lower body, spreading precum on it.
Male / Female version would be cool, but I'd take a neutral one as well.


File: 1464127760320.png (65.41 KB, 1254x1254, pike.png)

Requesting a huge breasted Pikachu giving anon a titfuck.


File: 1464140457770.jpg (149.96 KB, 839x1046, 0a881774b148b2553098d5f5fe….jpg)

Requesting Marley taking Mega Aerodactyl's spiky dick, hard and fast.



Requesting a latias giving Arceus a bodyjob.


Would like to see a banette dragging her girl friend weavile into her room against her will for a dildo tea party, please.
Or the other way around.

Just need me some sexy comedy.


File: 1464199626223.jpeg (54.49 KB, 480x360, image.jpeg)

Requesting the Battle Chatelaines having sex with Pokémon that they have: Morgan with Terrakion, Dana with Regirock, Evelyn with Suicune, and Nita with Tornadus.


File: 1464224888734.png (286.48 KB, 650x650, Sheliolisk029.png)

Request male swimmer fucking female Heliolisk with swimsuit (likely picrelated) in Beach (Route 213 from Sinnoh)


Any generic trainer girl catching the load of cum from any pokemon


File: 1464233193147.png (48.35 KB, 250x250, 250px-282Gardevoir.png)

Requesting a Gardevoir pegging a twink-ish male.

No tits/thicc if possible.


Can we make it a Pokémon that usually doesn't show up on here? I don't have a specific one in mind, but there are literally hundreds of Pokémon and maybe five of them ever get drawn here. We need variety.


Only gay things and bipedal humans get drawn here. We have like 2 artists.


Shortstack bipedal humans that is


>hundreds of pokemon
>a couple of them is legit bipedal furbait
>maybe 50 are somewhat fuckable
>rest is literal animals and objects with big eyes


>implying a living keychain isn't hot as fuck
Literally shit taste


File: 1464244119457.png (667.44 KB, 960x1304, 7cb57073368fda3bc2d303cda8….png)

/r/ clefable and gengar as Futa's fucking each other.

Or clefable giving anon a titjob whitest sucking on dick. With cum her tits or lactating nipples.


>not having a list
fuckable Pokemon I'd love to see spread that pussy:
GEN 1 TOTAL = 65
GEN 2 TOTAL = 44
GEN 3 TOTAL = 41
GEN 4 TOTAL = 39
GEN 5 TOTAL = 43
GEN 6 TOTAL = 29

GEN 1-6 TOTAL = 265

Favorites are Eevolutions, Vulpix, Fennekin/evo, Zorua/oark, Ampharos, Audino, growlithe, miltank, buizel, cinccino, espurr, lopunny,lapras, mareep,
meowstic, mightyena/evos, milotic, nidoran/evo, pachirisu, plusie, ponyta, purrlion, emolga, dratini, deerling, flaffy, furret, goodra, etc etc.


Pretty plebeian choices tbh


Requesting feral futa Arcanine



Okay, heres a new one

Male Empoleon on Female Milotic


File: 1464258493641.jpg (109.66 KB, 668x991, CjXJlBQUgAARsKH.jpg large.jpg)

Requesting Lunaala getting their mouth all over a dick and the cum all over their head and being completely brainwashed by their insatiable cocklust


File: 1464273579588.jpg (600.27 KB, 720x1280, She's not amused, but she ….jpg)

Hope it can be used!


File: 1464292589663.png (433.35 KB, 790x870, .png)

Here's some not so gay variety.


Not OR, but nice




Kindly requesting smug, feminine male Xerneas with his dick on display. Feral of course and no horse dick pls.


File: 1464322740707.jpg (3.99 MB, 2117x3771, 20160526_211457.jpg)

Can i get some critique please.


File: 1464326052447.png (173.71 KB, 800x600, B0LL85_CAAACYWS.png large.png)

Requesting a mega latios masturbating with his newly strengthened psychic powers only and cumming on his body. In return have this rare pic.


Aw hell yeah, would have imagined the nipples being purple as her skin and the horns doesn't seem to placed just right, but that's just nit picking.
Love her expression and tits, also how you handled the arms, they're a bitch to draw bending.


Requesting female Delphox pulling up her fur skirt and masturbating with her stick wand.


Critique is not my strong point, so bear with me. But I feel like her torso is twisting a bit too much to be comfortable for her, along with the breasts being a bit too low, but that one's opinion. I actually feel like her torso is a bit too small and her stinger area should be pointing a bit more downwards to like, finish off the curve.
Regardless, this is very good! Really love her eyes, do keep it up!


>4 MB
oh shit nigga wtf are you doing


File: 1464351936265.jpg (6.82 KB, 200x79, Aroma Ladies.jpg)

Aroma Lady taking a big, thick, smelly pokecock(s) and lots of cum optional


File: 1464356337961.png (1.42 MB, 1358x986, blaziken.png)

requesting blaziken wearing the same thing as the pic on the right


File: 1464361378027.jpg (105.59 KB, 714x960, 20160526163506_1.jpg)

Would love to see this pose with a pokeymang grill.


File: 1464362428710.png (760.73 KB, 1142x508, kookodile.png)

requesting a female krookodile getting fucked like pic-related


File: 1464366377568.png (921.91 KB, 1795x1280, treecko-request.png)

requesting a female treecko being fucked in a similar way as the snivy


I believe someone delivered >>13137 but deleted it as well.


Requesting a Latios crying while sucking a dick.


Gardevoir with a nice ass and breasts in a maid outfit, getting fucked, giving a blowjob+ titfuck while looking up at the viewer, or riding a thick pokemon's cock, of another species


File: 1464486547507.jpg (48.76 KB, 900x900, photo.jpg)

Requesting a female Houndoom in heat laying on her side with a rear leg lifted up presenting her puffy vag and spreading it a bit with her tail.


Request for voluptuous Furfrou fondling her fat tits,. Trim is up to drawfriend.


>>13169 is there a way to reduce the size? I took the pic with my phone. Also newfag


File: 1464504565437.jpg (2.98 MB, 5312x2988, 20160528_234738.jpg)

Thanks man im new to this anthro stuff and body anotomy period. Anyways heres a weavile sketch as well.


Looks good! You kinda missed her eyes, unless you intentionally took them out for the glare. Her right, our left, leg looks a bit too long, along with her lower lewds looking too small in comparision to her thighs and upper leg. Keep it up though!


Legs, not lewds*


File: 1464513598022.jpg (34.59 KB, 800x800, Cf1meDoVAAA1BN1.jpg large.jpg)

Requesting a latios getting his tongue stuck inside the cunt of a latias, because she's clenching around it so hard in orgasmic glee that he can't pull away as he's showered with fluids.


File: 1464537023615.jpg (176.38 KB, 1030x1200, hax2.jpg)

Requesting a haxorus masturbating with a translucent cocksleeve and cumming an impressive load onto the ground before him. Give him an expression like he impressed himself with how much he came.


File: 1464548198008-0.png (761 KB, 1776x1488, 1464547350846.png)

File: 1464548198008-1.png (750.97 KB, 1776x1488, 1464541759100.png)

I want porn of him or her.
Preferably something involving him/her showing off his/her butt.

[spoiler]Preferably him, rather than her. Still, I won't complain either way.[/spoiler]


File: 1464550076298.png (4.21 MB, 4000x4000, nair.png)

requesting a dragonair being grabbed by the cock and lifted up off the ground, keep it a random disembodied hand please


File: 1464551235846.png (339.73 KB, 2180x1102, ClipboardImage.png)

Do you want the tail to be like A or B


Bumping for >>13137
I know someone did it, but deleted it as well.


File: 1464560910598-0.png (216.33 KB, 500x594, 1439359398475.png)

File: 1464560910598-1.jpg (115.92 KB, 850x769, 1464488447649.jpg)

Requesting some rough female sneasel buttsex. Bonus for her butt being gripped like pic related


Requesting a flat chested Delphox placing a hand on her chest. In a thought bubble next to her, she imagines herself posing seductively with huge and bouncy breasts. In the background of the thought bubble, a Greninja and a Chesnaught are falling head over heels for her, hearts in their eyes.




Hopefully female


File: 1464565687295.jpg (78.69 KB, 1032x774, 1437800232989.jpg)

Requesting male Garchomp & Noibat frotting


B, please.
It's still supposed to be a Garchomp, after all.
Thanks man.


bumpin' this shizz


File: 1464578692155-0.png (3.03 KB, 320x320, Spr_HGSS_Lass.png)

File: 1464578692155-1.png (462.83 KB, 900x700, arcanine_by_cometwing-d698….png)

Requesting an Arcanine dragging a lass around by the knot and looking smug as fuck about it.




I didn't realize how much I needed this in my life until just now


Requesting a cute and confused Spinda facial after giving a handjob


File: 1464629793318.jpg (52.31 KB, 500x418, tumblr_o7xj1tMYew1vqh14ho1….jpg)

Requesting blowjob of real gardevoir


dear god no why


File: 1464630985102.png (87.3 KB, 600x450, CTdWcP_VEAAdSg1.png)

>the nose


/r/ a female Vaporeon sleeping, laying her head on her trainer's lap with his cock in her mouth.


File: 1464634550063.gif (91.84 KB, 450x250, ranch09.gif)

Requesting a two-panel comic where a trainer is giving his Ampharos a massage and the Ampharos looks really happy, and then in the next panel the Ampharos has a huge erection and looks really embarrassed while the trainer looks shocked (surprised, not electrocuted).


How about a pic of a latias sucking just the tip of an ejaculating latios' cock?


File: 1464662180359.jpg (291.11 KB, 1284x1217, 1464646483541.jpg)

Your favorite pokemon as an inflatable.
I just have a fetish for these kinds of things.
Maybe it doesn't belong on the NSFW board, but I don't feel right posting this on the main board.


inflatables sure as fuck are one fetish i'll never be able to understand, the best my mind can manage is "it's a shiny thing"


Is vore also a fetish you'll never be able to understand?


Female Mewtwo kissing the tip of a dick, please.
Or in some form of public humiliation contraptions for free use.
Just need me some hips and big fat cat tats.


File: 1464688281898.png (402.3 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_o80_tumblr_o80cmbpG….png)

i realised i haven't inked and coloured this yet till now but oh well


vore is far easier to understand than that


>pussy that isn't Gardevoir or other bipedal things.
I love you, I'd go balls deep in that. Great work, good to see some more variety here.


Not that guy, but they're shiny, rubbery, probably wet if they're pool toys… There are a lot of reasons one might find them erotic.


What the fuck are you talking about? Feral makes up nearly 100% of the art here.


File: 1464711970088.png (604.96 KB, 2726x1254, 380Latias_AG_anime_3.png)

tomorrow's my birthday

requesting a Latias sucking a dildo on a birthday cake as a smaller shiny Latias looks on, traumatized.


All of those shortstack deliveries sure aren't feral


File: 1464716384261.png (132.72 KB, 639x324, 9ff3d6fcb54f0bbeff320b31d6….png)

I don't understand those complaints.
Why not just ASK the artists to draw something that's feral, not gay or whatever?
There's Vono and Bagel, Luffsas and MothMachine sometimes appear, some nameless guys and so on and so on. It's not like they would punch you if you'd ask.


File: 1464723315093.png (131.1 KB, 1251x1254, Untitled.png)


It's not like they'd draw it if we asked either, varied requests have always been in these threads, the same deliveries, if any have been delivered all the time for the same pokemon. There is nothing that can be done about that.



Requesting either latios or latias masturbating with souldews stringed together as makeshift anal beads


Artists come to drawthreads and take requests they like. It's always worked this way. However, linking requests directly to an artist makes the requests more likely to be taken. So, if you want variety that much, it'd certainly help to ask those who make the drawings.


I'm with you and see the exact same thing but there are just very few artists left and they all have their kink (which happens to be humanoids sharing a similar body type).

Only thing that is going to change this is putting the word out for more artists, most people don't know about this thread or read the OP from /vp/.

I remember in September of 2015 we had quite a few and none have really come in since then. No way this is going to change with such low visibility.


The reason why so little drawfags remain, is because it was shitposted into oblivion due to its size and success which became too noticeable. Zealotry by mad stalker anons and trolls ruined what little remained.

Everyone who knows about this place, avoids it and comes back infrequently, as everything that caused it will happen again.


I don't remember much drama but I bounced for 4 months from September to a couple months ago. Seemed fine when I was here for that time barring one event between 2 artists, though I wasn't here for the first 3 weeks of open either.

I thought moderation might be keeping it inline because it is surprisingly on topic 99% of the time.


File: 1464780361304.jpg (47.23 KB, 800x800, Cjdn7ieUoAATD_X.jpg large.jpg)

Requesting a juicy cock shot of Latios in all his dripping masculine and slimy glory

Maybe some moderate length and a taper but nothing too ridiculous that wouldn't suit 'em


File: 1464789815966.jpg (95.22 KB, 1440x1032, 20160531190205_1.jpg)

Humble request to see this with a sableye in the middle with a blaziken, gardevoir or weavile next to him, pretty please.
Could have them all be the same height as in the pic or go for some comedy gold and have the imp being an actual imp size.


File: 1464792423199.png (109.37 KB, 1612x1888, 1234235647588.png)

Requesting lewds of her.
Use your imagination. Can be anything.


Retards that keep making the same requests over and over like >>13234 don't help either.


Requesting Virizion grinding their cunt against a railing


It's a request that I, admittedly, wouldn't mind seeing filled.
Having said that, the Lati@s requests do get a bit out of hand.


Requesting altered form giratina doing a handstand to use a high up wall-mounted dildo


File: 1464808544127.png (275.53 KB, 1250x1156, Big Fat Dino Tits.png)

Here you go!


File: 1464809502155.png (313.61 KB, 1280x996, f2abecd4e5b483b0e2dfc8ca2d….png)

Requesting a slightly chubby (slightly!) Typhlosion pinning a woman down and raping her while biting her neck.
Bonus points if it looks like his chub is helping him hold her down.


Not the OR, but I like how you handled it.



I'd draw some simple feral cunny if asked tbh ham.
Personally, I don't like Gardevoir or Lati@s very much, and it's not like there's a shortage of those three anywhere. And I really don't like tits (any size) or huge, unnatural ass on pokemon, that's a strict for me personally.
I actually prefer cute, feral and simple things like >>12947 and >>12979
Working on >>12953 atm, so simple and cute isn't strictly what I do, but it is easier. Plus, simple things don't make me want to throw my tablet into a fire as I badly draw the same leg over and over in different positions. (Sorry Arceus requester, I'll be done soonish.)
Just sayin. Ask for an Emolga or something showing off her goods, it'd be reeaaaal easy to do that.

Noob drawcunt here. AMA.


Hmmm. Could someone draw a regular Kyurem lying on his back and showing off his dick coming out of cloaca?




Is Plusle and Minun showing off okay?


Totes, m8


Then some of that would be lovely!


Dem curves, tho


File: 1464853962307-0.png (38.62 KB, 216x348, Skyla.png)

File: 1464853962307-1.jpg (200.79 KB, 1280x1280, 1413168383454.jpg)

Requesting Male Mega Pidgeot breeding Skyla


Is it possible for an edit of the mouth to look more sharp? The curves look weird.
Could it be made more beak like?


in light of a 12 year old image that no longer exists on the internet, requesting a pic of a rayquaza laying in a generic peaceful clearing sucking one of his cocks and jerking off the other


Do artists even give a shit about vanilla requests anymore?




what this guy said


File: 1464878830743.png (21.72 KB, 80x80, Spr_B2W2_Maid.png)

New Actress fucking pokemon and Nate to make an adult-only version of the Big Monster Series, emphasis on Big.


File: 1464879043054.png (35.88 KB, 576x646, Grabsbythecock.png)

i don't know what im doing


File: 1464879188348.png (5.68 KB, 112x133, B2W2_Ace_Trainer_F_Pokésta….png)

Requesting female Ace Trainer in BW2 getting pounded by a hung Stoutland please


Just curious, do you have a gallery/account anywhere?




das not me, tho


wait no, nevermind
i got confused


No problem.


You at the very least did a nice job anon, that's perfectly fine for me.


File: 1464888919154.jpg (29.35 KB, 400x240, r-dex.jpg)

requesting rotom-dex lewds


I know that I probably shouldn't ask, but what exactly do you mean by this?


he means he's salty that nobody does his requests


Vanilla means the opposite of fetishes


Since I want to do it in the future, would it be wrong to request this concept again, but with it happening with a second hand on a serpent pokemon that has two dicks? I won't state which since I'm not making another request since its been so soon, but I'd like to also see this happening with something that has 2 dicks. Doesn't have to be you again delivering it.


File: 1464894006286.png (3.04 MB, 3150x1473, 1464175824787.png)

come on, i know you want more gay bunnies.

so requesting this trap maid bun in all kinds of poses. +butt grabbing if you're good at hands and that stuff


I figured as much, honestly.


I know that much, but I was wondering which requests were you referring to specifically.


that's true. cause serpents junk is located like 9/10ths down their body.


Also /r/ing this.


File: 1464903005015.png (356.86 KB, 1500x1358, Big Fat Dino Tits 2.png)

Better? I kinda like this one a little more myself…


breddy gud


File: 1464926815796.jpg (260.57 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20160603_120340.jpg)

getting on making this one digital later


File: 1464929344953.jpg (280.74 KB, 1117x1139, IMG_20160603_124547.jpg)


Not OR but this is really cute, would go balls deep.


Hell yeah, son.


File: 1464934142598.jpg (63.19 KB, 418x715, a52yj9321104.jpg)

Can we get some love for fem Sandslash in here? Possibly of this body type?


File: 1464946897341.png (178.33 KB, 282x485, mewgia.png)

Requesting Artemis (mewgia) taking a load up his ass.


File: 1464952334673.jpg (229.7 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_20160603_191105.jpg)


File: 1464954452770.jpg (214.57 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20160603_194634.jpg)


Where's my vono trademark tho




OR here, damn this is just gold. thanks vono, you're a saint

this is pretty cool too, zubat don't get that much attention


File: 1464965418821.png (292.11 KB, 875x2250, ClipboardImage.png)

There's a vagoo version too don't worry


File: 1464971040056.jpg (118.23 KB, 1024x1496, lunar ara.jpg)

Requesting a PoV shot of Lunala husking up on a cock, holding on the shaft from the side with their mouth, looking up at the viewer.

Sort-of like a mouth-handjob, not really a blowjob.


File: 1464975698202.jpg (110.26 KB, 780x520, Whale_134805b.jpg)

requesting water type arceus having sexy underwater sex with shamu from sea world please and thank you


File: 1464977901081.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.25 MB, 400x336, -oral-porn-porn--1947881.gif)

Today is my birthday soooo, request Female Seviper and Female Heliolisk sucking dick likely "reference pic"


Ewww 3DPD


Requesting a Rotom possessing some kind of person shaped sextoy, like an electronic sex doll.


File: 1464988111373-0.png (347.71 KB, 1200x1600, treeeee.png)

File: 1464988111373-1.png (610.34 KB, 1600x1200, rotomm.png)

File: 1464988111373-2.png (528.21 KB, 1600x1200, littenn.png)

File: 1464988111373-3.png (396.19 KB, 1117x1139, zubat.png)

all stuff done and coloured


Good shit, fam.


B is perfect.
P e r f e c t .




you're a god


File: 1465009578602.png (207.33 KB, 1000x1348, MoreWIPeus.png)

Sloppy lines down the middle, don't mind them.


I'd say that looks fine to me, just an iffy kind of chest region (for obvious reasons I'd imagine) and the tail proportions should be thinned out some, what you have there looks pretty nice. Mainly the tail seems like its too thick or something. Looks so much better than your original sketch!


Yeah the tail seemed off to me before posting anyway. But good to know.


New thread, fuccbois


y use thick outlines tho? this is some macromedia flash level of outlining


OR of the Treecko, thank you so much!


File: 1467360718721.png (444.44 KB, 904x639, latest.png)

Requesting some male and femaale Braixen action.

Extra points is there's cum involved.

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