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This thread is for Pokémon drawings, including those involving a human. Anything that's human-only should be posted in the other sticky.

Old thread: >>934
Resources: http://pastebin.com/T8ab8NYQ

Tumblr tag: vpdrawthread
Booru: http://vp.booru.org/ (please tag your pictures and upload only drawthread things)
DA Group: http://pokemon-drawfriends.deviantart.com/
Drawcard Gallery & templates: http://imgur.com/a/LTgWW#0
Drawfag survey: http://i.imgur.com/GMecUOb.png
SFW thread: http://www.4chan.org/vp/drawthread

This thread is for the growth of artists and for people to enjoy themselves, if you’re going to give critique please do it constructively as rude/blunt critiques won’t help anybody.
Requesters are free to request what they wish but avoid bumping your request every half hour as it’s only going to put people off, try giving it a day or more. Also avoid asking for the same thing every thread, have some patience and come back to it later. Please provide references in ONE image, especially when requesting something outside of the Pokémon universe and if you request something from the old NSFW Drawthread or a separate thread, COPY & PASTE the actual request instead of posting a link.
New artists are welcome to join the fun and if you need any help, some artists are very keen to help, don’t be afraid to ask.


Again, not really much into bondage, but I'll say that was one of the best works on the previous thread.





File: 1411194271763.jpg (111.93 KB, 507x567, emolga.jpg)

practice anthro to figure out how I'd wanna draw pokemon this way


Last thread had a good number of nice drawings fulfilled really. Vono, that one Charmeleon way in the beginning, the two Braixens, a bunch of Wally art, the artist that drew OP's pic, some rare Deoxys porn, Sawk and Scrafty, and that Clair x Druddigon picture that got posted right before all the drama happened. A whole lot more good stuff than what the regular drawthread averages nowadays.


Neat. Can't wait to see the final products of your practice.


Damn, my chain of OP pics has come to an end. At least it was a fun ride.


Time to roll up them sleeves and reclaim your throne with something juicy.


you guys can suggest pokemon if you want.
someone wanted a raichu in tight stockings (and a swimsuit?), but raichu is hard for me to draw, so I could make it's body slightly less round and weird, or more anthro if they'd like.


You drew the past two OPs? You got a blog or something?


That was me. Nah, just skip Raichu for now. No swimsuit if you ever get to it. I wouldn't want to see it without the curves. Do you think you could do something with a Heracross or Cinccino then? I don't mind if you alter their shapes a little for practice. Anything tight fitting would be good.


I was just boggling on how to get stockings on raichu when it barely has thighs or calves that aren't melded into the mass of it's body, heh.

I can try minccino.


File: 1411197671536.jpg (106.48 KB, 404x527, minccino.jpg)

fuck you said cinccino not minccino

this may be the fattest piece of shit i've ever drawn. hope at least someone likes it.


Are you kidding me? I'm not OR, but damn that looks nice. You got a great style!


Whoa anon, she's great even if you drew the wrong evolutionary stage. Normally I'd say no to the chest definition, but I know you're practicing anthro, so I don't even mind. Thanks a bunch for the cutie chinchilla poke, even if you think she's just a fatty. I still like her.


This reminds me of pin-up girls but Pokemon.

I would hang her on my wall.


thanks. I can't draw any more tonight but I want to do more tomorrow.


This is really cute and I think it works well. I'm kinda into thighs myself, so another cutmon like this with thicker thighs would be nice to see.


would bang


agreeing too, it looks real pretty. eyes are cute, smile too and the body figure is really nice, since they got that slight pear form ingame anyways. so, good job.

rerequesting (not from you unless you want xD) beedrill, beautifly, butterfree or vivillion penetrated by whatever. get creative with that bug anatomy


when im done with Meloetta, I'll see if I can do something about thisd


can you do pachirisu?


Are you me? Seconding.


If you have the time tomorrow, could you try a shiny Dedenne, Vulpix, or Wooper wearing striped thighhighs/stockings? you can make them anthro if you want.


is the bondage anon still around?, what else are you working on?, I kinda want to see a quadruped being tied like Sylveon or other eeveelution


File: 1411232311237.png (3.93 MB, 4000x7000, burd.png)

Yeah I'm still around, working on pic related, which was a request from last thread.

I have one or two more drawings on the waiting list, but I'd be happy to do yours when I come around to it; since I'm so slow.
Did you have any preferences on the theme or mon?


File: 1411234715161.png (505.38 KB, 1232x1341, goobieswaifuwip.png)

posting flats jsut to say im still working on it

>burd bondage
well, that's something you don't see everyday! pic's too big tho


yeah, someone asked for it in the previous thread and I've always had a major hardon for things with feathers…

Also I have a habit of drawing things in huge resolutions, I usually turn it down later on.



Thanks a bunch! Pidgeot's always a great choice, too.


Nothing wrong with huge resolutions, really.


pidgeot has such a pretty crest, I couldn't resist.

I was tempted to choose a less birdlike pokemon at first like archeops or braviary, but I figured I'd play it safe; and pidgeot is still a qt


nah its fine. just saying it's a bit hard to see on a computer screen, let alone a phone.

Sorry I this is a nub question but how do you change resolutions?


thank you anon, well my preference can be either Sylveon or Glaceon, up to you, also it can be any gender


File: 1411238850461.png (4.26 MB, 4000x7000, burd.png)

In photoshop, you go to Image menu at the top, then choose either "image size" or "canvas size", and it opens up the box where you can change it.
Image size stretches you image, while canvas size will add/subtract negative space to/from it.

In SAI, you go to the Canvas menu, which gives you the same options right there in one window.

those are the only two programs I use right now, and they both work basically the same.

Also I thought I was farther away from finishing the lineart for this one, but it's done with hardly any changes from my earlier WIP. May as well post it in the unlikely event something happens.



I really do appreciate this, thank you. It's gorgeous.


No problem anon, I'm happy to draw this kinda stuff

If there's anything you think is wrong about the current status of this thing, say it now (or in the next few hours), cause I'm probably gonna be away from my drawing materials for awhile,
And I've got a booze melon with my name on it



It's perfect, really. Go spoil yourself, you've more than earned it~


this is the most adorable thing I've seen in a long time. I'd ask for you to do something, but as a drawfag, I'm too proud and drunk to do that.
Instead I think I'll try to copy your technique, oh mighty anon


Requesting a pregnant Vaporeon trying to give birth but the young refusing to come out.


I figured there's already Kings of Thighland around here, and I like loli body types, so yeah.
maybe we'll see what comes out
Thank you. You can ask if you want. I've made requests before (though they don't get filled)


requesting a gallade raping a kirlia


can I get teddiursa or any small bear pokemon wearing a tight swimsuit? bonus if you can do bondage on him /her too


File: 1411258578505.jpg (28.9 KB, 480x360, 10653709_10204098665482162….jpg)

can I get a very lewd version of this?, it doesn't have to that angle and the cap is not needed


This was asked for in the previous thread, but can someone draw Absol like the second Sylveon drawing (swimsuit, leg lift, etc), only the opposite leg being lifted (towards the viewer). Again, no pee needed.


File: 1411264032983.png (156.46 KB, 438x572, pachi.PNG)

the pose alone took me at least an hour, I don't think I can into this body type as well as others. Not as good as the chinccino either… future fills will be somewhat more anthro sorry.



So fluffy. :3


I feel you on the difficulties of thinking up poses. One of my main struggles when starting a drawing. Very good work though. Your stuff is real cute and I think you pulled this body type off well.


File: 1411264392930.png (957.77 KB, 1769x2498, datbulge.png)

I think I'm physically incapable of not doing a bondage request in my current state

yiss man

adore your style to hell and back


dawww man, I really like it, thanks a lot for this, I don't mind anthro, there's no anthro in this board at all, maybe you should try doing a Vaporeon, with huge boobs and hips, and dark thick glasses :3


A different pose would have probably suited her more, but she's still cute so thanks.


that's actually pretty qt, anon


How far would you go with a bondage request? Would you do an ashamed male Audino being immobilized and teased through messy orgasm, or is an ejaculating dick too far? If it isn't too much, I had a "leech seed" look in mind, so covered in constricting vines forcing him to get off.


new drawfag here, any fresh requests?


I can go as far as people want, really.
I kinda abandoned my shame when I started doing this

But I did an audino just last thread, so maybe, but I might shove it to the bottom of the pile for a little bit…


Greninja stuffing Jigglypuff's mouth with frog cock?


File: 1411273326414.png (138.25 KB, 1001x484, vulpix.PNG)

sorry for taking so long, had places to be. here's two


that vulpix is adorable and that wooper made me smile wider than shrek's mighty cock
nice work man


I could fap to that Vulpix if she was rubbing her fox pussy. Nice job.



Male Flareon penetrating a female Glaceon, tons of fluids coming out


>Candice getting spit-roasted/gang banged by two Weavile
Bumping this in case >>1405 needs it.

>That Wooper
God damn you Wooper, can't keep a straight face with you looking like that. That Vulpix is very delightful however. Thanks lot for this, you're art is pretty damn good.


alright, made me a happy man there! ypu got that you want drawn in return?



would like to see some female electabuzz action


I love your belts anon. When there is time, can you do one with Scizor or Scyther? Male, angry looking and bruised up a bit? No coloring needed, I'm happy with pencil or digital lines


oh god i'm here suddenly

y'all scrubs tell me what to draw


I'm new, what sorts of things do you like to draw?



Heres three that still seek fulfullment



first two kinda weird
last one ok


Any sort of living rock golem structure Pokemon like Golurk, Golem, Onix, Gigalith, or Carbink with delicious soft dripping mud pussy. Be careful not to make it look like scat.


Deerling butt?


File: 1411287382020.png (626.41 KB, 1232x1341, goobieswaifuwip2.png)

a little more progress but I really suck at rendering


Haven't really seen you full render stuff before vono so this should turn out interesting.


trust me, this is my first time. And the only good ref I got was one of the bondage pics from r34


File: 1411290071773.jpg (497.4 KB, 1100x1100, blowjiggly.jpg)


i must say i suck at drawing blowjobs


File: 1411292539411.jpg (401.1 KB, 1100x1200, Deerling Butt.jpg)

that sounds like a swell idea
i have no idea whether this looks good or not because i am tired. hue


Could use a bit more focus on Jigglypuff's mouth, but otherwise you did an outstanding job. Love the expressions, and you gave Greninja a very nice cock. The way you made it look wet adds alot. Keep practicing, and I'm sure you'll draw some truly amazing ones someday.


nice stuff anon


Requesting a female Hydreigon blowing three human dicks.


File: 1411301414298.png (141.07 KB, 427x750, tumblr_n0zwfmMwg11tsds7oo1….png)

I like the general idea of this heliolisk and beltcollar.

someone draw heliolisk nonanthro with the belt a bit further up and a bit tighter? maybe trying to open the frillcollar but being unable to


Furret guy masturbating and getting cum all over himself.


OR here, great job. I forgot to specify female, so I'm glad you did that as well.


I request a femmale Zoroark giving a titjob to a Mienshao


File: 1411325721256.png (1.15 MB, 1232x1341, goobieswaifu.png)

4 mirrion hours later….

this rendering shit is hard


I think you did bretty good with the lighting on the latex.


thanks a lot vono, this one of the best things I've seen from you, the blush is a very nice touch, and I really like the lighting


cute :3


File: 1411327540841.jpg (473.42 KB, 1100x1100, Furret.jpg)

oops lol


can you draw a catpenis real quick?


File: 1411330430710.jpg (252.54 KB, 1187x833, Sybian Saddle Ref and Idea.jpg)

Really love your stuff, would it be okay to request a female Leavanny (secondary choice is Lopunny) securely tied to a sybian saddle, gagged and on the verge of cumming or already cumming? It doesn't have to be done immediately so if you're interested then they're no rush.

Picture is mostly to help you imagine the request. It doesn't need to be exactly like it.


File: 1411334077157.jpg (242.07 KB, 1106x589, Candice1.jpg)

>Candice getting spit-roasted/gang banged by two Weavile
I tried to fix her head, I hope it's fine.


these are super cute


Man I just saw this on pixiv and though it sounded familiar and then bam, it was a request. Your stuff is great, are you free for more?


I wanna see a drawing similar to that certain Sylveon one, but with a different pokemon. One that normally stands on two legs but is on all fours (minus the one lifted) for the sake of the drawing. It's up to you to decide which one.


It's hard for me to find time to draw but ask anyway. If I can't do it someone else can pick up the request.





Victiny rubbing sky forme Shaymin penis? the opposite works too




taking some nonhuman requests


emolga in lace panties



Does this count as nonhuman, or do you prefer bipedal?



File: 1411352404419.png (124.53 KB, 812x675, 2014-09-21_19-19-14.png)

i'll throw some color on this later


thanks, it looks great so far


Anyone up for drawing a Flareon urinating?


Requesting Fantina being molested by a Cofagrigus



Again, not to hijack your request or anything, but I'd be interested in it more if it were wearing a swimsuit as it does.


Nonhuman, preferably


If fetishes don't bother you, you could try this instead.


Virizion getting licked in the ass or horn penetrated by Keldeo, that has a huge horse boner


File: 1411359979544.png (373.17 KB, 900x700, 2014-09-21_21-25-24.png)

glowing victory peens


Now that's hot


that's super hawt, I really like the lighting and nice touch giving him a V penis, thanks a lot for this


File: 1411371467492.jpg (1.37 MB, 1982x1191, 20140922_152553-1.jpg)

tolja I'd work on her

anybody got some mons that I can put kinky tight clothes on? I prefer bipeds over most


Maybe a Watchog, unless that poke is too weird looking?


File: 1411374007213.jpg (202.3 KB, 475x640, 20140922_161714-1.jpg)

ha! not weird enough, really. I can work with that


How about Toxicroak?


Femme Kabutops?


Jeeze, you made the design work well. Thanks for drawing it.


File: 1411378865747.jpg (205.55 KB, 435x640, 20140922_173818-1.jpg)

I-I dunno what to feel


Wish the tail wasn't missing on the left one, but thanks.


File: 1411382333463.png (915.36 KB, 2425x1600, bueno.png)

Heliolisk is such a damn sexy lizard

wherever there's collars, belts, and chains, I'm there



I'd really be in the mood to see Heliolisk drawn in a similar fashion as that Sylveon pic, swimsuit and all too.


hey dood, thanks for the teddiursa again. felt like giving you something in return so, got anything in mind?


Hmmmm… well I've never been one for making requests, since if I wanna see something drawn I'll do it myself.

But I'm a huge fan of archeops and would love to see anything done of that.

Which one? the pissing-but-not-really-pissing one?



Yes that one. It'd be interesting (and hot) to see it in that pose.


I agree, even though the whole pissing thing isn't really cup of tea, I can get off on the embarrassment side of that spectrum.

I'll add the thought to my ever-growing pile of shit I might get done eventually, but I wont make any promises what with having things half done that people requested days ago.


so, bondage archeops?


A-Any archeops, anon…
I like it all, SFW, NSFW, cute, sexy, I just love archeops with a passion.


File: 1411404507378.png (6.05 MB, 2000x3500, shesgotanegg2.png)

Finally finished that one from last thread, man I kept getting distracted on this one.

Maybe I'll get one more done before I head off to work for the night.




how does it sound making a horse pokemon?, it can be Virizion, Keldeo, Ponyta or any of your choice


Is Oviposition a filthy term around here? The system kept thinking my post was spam before. Any artists around here willing to draw that kind of stuff?


File: 1411405965037.jpg (55.71 KB, 361x361, SKU040354-002.jpg)

different kind of egg, guise


That's fine and all, but the question still stands.


as sick as it sounds, I'd do oviposition if there was some kind of torment involved.

really dunno. Never thought about any of em, cept maybe keldeo.


I'd be fine with small Pokemon passing large eggs if that counts as torment.


All my love for this
Can I get a bondage articuno from you?
If you can do falconry hoods I would much appreciate, and thank you in advanced if you do


if you decide to do Keldeo, make it male, don't feel forced to draw it if you dont want to


dont worry, whether you make this tomorrow or in a year, he'll want something else two seconds later either way


requesting mawile with a one piece swimsuit


File: 1411422026163.png (134.25 KB, 647x826, Mawile.png)

Well why not

Also I guess I'm up for a couple requests tonight. No anthro or female parts.


requesting straight doggy style dog pokemon porn.

maybe furfrou and manectric or something like that



What about kitty porn?


yes, thanks, that's very cute and sexy


Hot damn, the lighting on this and the coloring on those dicks is phenomenal


is that you valio?

can you do a Meloetta jerking off a whimsicott? (she can be nude or not, your choice)


File: 1411427809654.png (123.93 KB, 766x505, MeloettaWhimsicott.png)

… I have to say I didn't expect Whimsicott to be the taller of the two.
I still need to learn its body shape before I can draw anything better with it.


Artist of this here, thanks for all the comments and puns. I'll be up to draw again once I get home in about two hours and was just thinking I'd ask for some requests now for later. So yeah, give me some requests.


thank you valio, it would be great if you could color but that's up to you, and yeah pokemon sizes are weird

do you have any preference on what to draw?, how about a fenneking with a male chespin? or a male buneary


no chespins allowed


buneary and azumarill ?


File: 1411434205595.jpg (145.17 KB, 1046x666, 1411420556355.jpg)

May I request some poketentancle-on-girl action?


File: 1411435595949.jpg (225.35 KB, 630x480, 20140923_092015-1.jpg)

it's a but weird since it's the first time i drew archeops like this but here ya go


oh my god anon that's awesome and I love it, thanks!



I'm more into the desperation side of that spectrum, like when they really need to go, and there's like no safe place for them to go.


I agree, that too. Or if they're all tied up or something, and would be forced to either endure it or wind up up in a pool of their own excrements… etc etc

Y'know, at the risk of sounding fetish and stuff.


Fuck yes, that kinda shit is amazing.



Well, accidents are also cute too.


File: 1411449055568.png (855.83 KB, 1428x1500, shrew.png)

off request from last thread, the sandshrew tied to a pole


later. dogs first.

whats the problem with chespin?

samefagging much?


rerequesting this, feral emolga preferred


funny thing, I just asked a Espeon in a litterbox, but janitor kun tought it was a excrement fetish, I just wanted an Espeon being a cat :<




Stop trying so hard dramafag.


should've opted for a cat tree/scratch post then. my drawthreads are clean



But Espeon's not a cat though.


requesting Valerie getting pounded by sylveon or a male gardevoir because she needs more fairy inside her


Would love to see any feral female Pokemon bound ass up leaking tons of cum as though she has been used publicly. Make her messy and exhausted. Even better if her belly is slightly swollen with eggs or some have popped out next to her.
What if she was taking a big Sylveon knot?


I see you're fond of highjacks, so I'ma suggest that feral pokemon be a big one for a change. Like, two or three times human size. Maybe a Zekrom or Reshiram.


File: 1411467153764.png (425.83 KB, 720x960, 1291946 - Porkyman Typhlos….png)

I'd like a male typhlosion.
so cute.



That sounds nice to me too.


I'd like to see some trainers going down on their lady pokemon. would prefer boy trainers like the main chars, teenager, kindergardner, schoolboy, bugcatchers etc


oh yeah, makes no difference to me if trainer is in control or not, so if you like femdom or something, go for it


Sorry if the knot thing seemed like a request hijack. I certainly don't mind big tough Pokemon being humiliated. Not big on legendary Pokemon with genders, especially those two since there's already so much of them out there. Something like Pangoro, Aurorus, Scolipede, Mamoswine, Venusaur, Abomasnow, Snorlax, etc. would all be great alternatives though. I guess it comes down to what the artist wants to draw.


requesting a restrained nidoqueen getting forced to climax


on this
so much this

I'll try and get a sketch done before I leave, then finish later, but this will get done


guess i'll take a shot


File: 1411482530823.png (1.65 MB, 5760x3240, nido.png)

whoops gotta leave earlier than I thought
here's less of a sketch and more of an early idea, I'm definitely continuing this after my shift


requesting Lucario mounting another dog pokemon


throwing in a request for latias fisting a zangoose


Still would like to see more Heliolisk~


why not?, chespin is not chestnaugh

and requesting something lewd with mawile and gardevoir


File: 1411502211838.png (249.07 KB, 891x792, Heliolisk.png)

If boys are okay, here's this


very nice
>tfw humans only limited to one dick



It looks like it's sun flap is trying to devour it.


Requesting female Combusken giving male Marshtomp a footjob



File: 1411504999776.png (146.91 KB, 800x800, 1408907068996.png)

Requesting some gardevoir or lopunny vore. Maybe her voring a snake pokemon or something like that.


requesting Mega gardevoir showing her humongous ass

also shouldn't be the other way around?, snakes can fit huge and curvy pokemons inside them


File: 1411510674954.jpg (195.31 KB, 465x573, 20140924_022046-1.jpg)

got it done with the inking. hope you like it


File: 1411510732282.jpg (152.77 KB, 460x596, 20140924_020609-1.jpg)

a sketch too just in case


Yes but why not have the snake get it.
Let the snake be digested and gardevoir (orlopunny) get some new meat on her.


you made that roselia a while ago right?
think you could do a chicorita getting penetrated by tentacles?


thank you based vono





Not OR, but I like the way you drew the underwear.


File: 1411548040690.jpg (1.18 MB, 1232x1596, 20140924_162832-1.jpg)

das boring mein anon. with plants, fertilization takes place with the use of !!TENDRILS!! or vines. whichever you want to call it.

thanks! glad you liked them.

I just found some cute lace panties around google and thought I gave it a shot. I liked it better with pencils though


even better. thanks vono


woah man, that's pretty good, I really like the position and all that


Requesting female Greninja giving a male Chespin a handjob.


how would that work? greninjas hand is about as big as chespins whole body


She'll wear him like a glove


and Chespin dick is smaller like Wally's one


File: 1411574498329.png (31.38 KB, 511x299, shay.png)

Can someone draw a front view of a male Shaymin wearing girlish panties, one that has a very fluffy butt (not a big one, but a very fluffy one), also giving him this cute happy expression (maybe with a little bit of a cute head tilt?



And to add more "suggestiveness" if there's not enough of it, have him mention a male symbol.


pencils definitely look better to me, too, in this case

and while this one is also good I really can't get over how weird chikorita looks when you think about it


any updates on this?


its not weird just because she's a bean


Activity sure has been slow lately.


I've been lurking



Same, hoping someone will deliver on the Shaymin.


none really so far, anon, sorry…
been like super busy, but I swear to god I will finish it eventually.


Requesting Octillery and/or Eelektross sucking dick with their dick-sized mouths


File: 1411635747308.jpg (265.98 KB, 550x750, HUMAN.jpg)

i figured someone slightly more adept at drawing humans would show up at some point and do this but no



Not OR, but I think you did a damn nice job


There'll be good times and there'll be bad times.
If you want more activity, spread the word to your artfriends (real friend artfriends, dont go harassing random people online)


File: 1411659431036.jpg (124.39 KB, 620x811, prerk.jpg)

Bathing suit time





I'd like to see more frontal views, like the picture in OP.



Which is one reason why I want this.


I really like those legs, nice job Luffsas, not OR

I second this, there needs to be more Shaymin, specially male because… reasons


Any vore requests?


Dragonair eating a Sylveon… and maybe choking with it because fairy :^)


is this a new meme?


Hydreigon and three Slurpuff, preferably resulting in indigestion.


I request an entertaining one.

Any male Pokemon with two heads, like duodino, doduo or maybe even that icecream thing, with one head sucking a cumming cock while the other head is trying to pull as far away as possible, looking nauseous, ashamed and generally unhappy with the situation.


OR here.
Awesome work, bro.
And you anatomy isnt bad.


Needs more deliveries.


gardevoir vore
her digesting some evil snake pokemon's


File: 1411695005326.png (85.49 KB, 784x800, candragonairseewhykidslove….png)


OR here, I love it, so cute, and dem lucky trips, awesome job man


File: 1411696215872.jpg (766.87 KB, 1100x1500, best signature 2014.jpg)

thanks dude, slapped some color on it lawlz


I've been really busy lately, but I should be able to fill some requests tonight. No humans, please.


>a wild russet appears

d-damn I don't even know what to request

what sort of things do you like best?



Uhhh, I'll attempt pretty much anything right now, just no humans (or super humanoid Pokemon)!

I'll work on this.
(But I'm still taking more!)


>no humanoids

that's alright I guess. I do love how you draw them though. you need to open commissions sometime


can you do something with Dewott and Flaaffy?, genders up to you


Er, do you mean anthros? I draw anthros pretty frequently, but I don't think I've ever draw a really humanoid Pokemon (basically most of the Pokemon in the human-like egg group, but there are some exceptions there) so maybe you've confused me with someone else.


by no humans I thought you meant no anthros too, oops.

if you're up for one then uh something with an anthro eeveelution of your choice and a seviper?


File: 1411700562828.png (107.97 KB, 549x500, shay.png)

Sorry this isn't exactly what you want, I wasn't sure how to make the butt super fluffy-looking through a front-view. I hope it's still okay, though!



Still looks cute, thanks.


requesting any quadruped pokemon rubbing his thing with one of his frontal legs


requesting a Gardevoir with an erection getting out of his skirt, with a Mawile looking or touching it


File: 1411707192692.jpg (5.36 KB, 73x52, cheburashka1-1.jpg)

alright, im bored. gimme a mon to put a swimsuit in or whatever. I'd take bipeds or something chub as usual


File: 1411707229100.png (31.97 KB, 510x768, likethis.png)

finally sounds like I should request this then, fem chikorita giving a blowjob to (or riding) a male cyndaquil outside of Mt. Blaze (pic). Background is optional if it's too much, not many people seem to do them here.


Chubby fem pinsir?


more awesome


File: 1411713690978.png (128.31 KB, 641x698, snaaaaake.png)

Eh, I just finished lining this and I realize that Sevipers body is all kinds of fucked up. I'm going to sleep, I'll try to fix it tomorrow.


a Flaffy or Dewott




female jellicent


I think it looks great russet, thank you!! can I throw some money at you? ;w;


File: 1411746356128.jpg (183.96 KB, 633x477, 20140926_233928-1.jpg)



Can someone try this? It doesn't have to be with Heliolisk, but with another cute and sexy mon.


I'll do this except it'll be wearing a different outfit. Should be about as lewd as a swimsuit though.


you just got a delivery a few hours ago
how can someone be this greedy



File: 1411755779577.png (286.48 KB, 650x650, HHGD.png)

Not sure i got the right sylveon pic in mind


File: 1411756375343.png (294.08 KB, 1600x900, nido.png)

super slow update because work has stolen all my time this week



I love it, thanks.


File: 1411762659307.jpg (136.32 KB, 418x509, 20140927_040949-1.jpg)

running outta good poses here but I gave it a shot


File: 1411766943589.png (216.09 KB, 600x985, 2014-09-26_14-25-13.png)

I really enjoyed drawing out the first draft of this one, and I hope you do too! If I had the choice I'd do up the full color right now, but I have to draw irl for the rest of today and tomorrow. But I'll definitely get back to this as soon as I can!

Bonus points if you can figure out where I took the outfit from.


Well you could draw him/her like this.


both of you are fucking great. thanks


Zadomi I think I found your nsfw blog, is it this: http://sado-mi.tumblr.com/ ?


RIP in peices, Me. It's all over.


thank you vono, I do like it


also, one thing to note is that the pose could bear to be fixed – torsos don't bend like that


Ah yeah, I guess I kinda got too caught up in the gesture and overdid the curves. I'll take that into account.


zadomi have you tried any of the requests on the human board?


File: 1411795884368.png (1.1 MB, 1280x720, dat gap.png)

Well let's try this again, hopefully with less drama.

Anyway, since it's been about a month dry season for Meowstic art, and that they're going to be debuting on the anime in less than a week…

How about a drawing of them in heat/horny/etc? Doesn't matter which gender, as long as it's an "accurate representation", while they still try to keep their look.



Or to make it sound more simple. Have a horny as fuck Meowstic humping everything, such as objects or trainers legs.


I kinda want to draw something with them, but probably later, and don't hate the cats, not their fault they were ruined with shit requests


File: 1411798428114.jpg (36.58 KB, 960x720, ushio-is-very-ill.jpg)

Requesting Wally having a fever, sleeping/being in that fever haze, while Gallade and Gardevoir rub their dicks over his lips, trying to get inside his mouth.
Can be mostly faceshot like this pic


bondagefag here
were there any more bondage requests in the thread? I'm having trouble tracking any down and I'm sure they were there


how about a glaceon?, maybe showing a bit of ass, and male


You mean other than these?


ah yeah, thanks anon!
Sorry I've been kinda out of it lately, dunno why


File: 1411841429250.png (3.06 MB, 3528x2664, glac.png)

hope this is enough ass


File: 1411842081709.png (Spoiler Image, 3.09 MB, 3528x2664, glac.png)

Someone just pointed out to me that I forgot the balls. Sorry, fix'd that.


yay, thanks anon, and yep dogs have 2 sets of balls apparently


File: 1411844148001.jpg (285.51 KB, 2007x767, prerk2.jpg)

GF wanted me to draw delelele whoop for the lulz.
I think there was someone who wanted meinshao but couldn't find the request.
The Meowstic looked just horrible when i got to the face.



How can you screw up Meowstic's face? It only has one look for each gender.


well it was the head as well, just looked weird and shit.


what the heck do you mean two sets of balls?


Needs less anthro.


that meowstic was looking great, maybe you can fix making her head bigger, not the OR


File: 1411845044927.png (Spoiler Image, 94.55 KB, 476x314, asfac.png)

this is what I mean



Wait, the knot counts as a set of balls?


So wait, which one is it?
I personally prefer the version without the balls, because I'm a ball-hater.
But I value being anatomically correct (or at least anatomically sound) more…


is not a huge deal anyway, Glaceon is more a fox than a dog


three mienshaos…
guys, you're too generous


no it doesnt… knots arent balls…


Can someone alter this so that there are three pictures of them individualy rather than together?


File: 1411855046069.jpg (137.44 KB, 904x653, prerk2 mein.jpg)


>alter this
The word you're looking for is cropping.
You can do it in fucking Microsoft Word.


File: 1411855237066.jpg (109.28 KB, 642x719, prerk2 dele.jpg)

flood detected lel


File: 1411855408323.jpg (103.17 KB, 606x632, prerk2 meow.jpg)


Thanks kind ano- I mean, namefriend.

I would if I weren't a lazy bastard.



While I'm not a fan of humans in my pokeporn, I would be interested in seeing Calem's m-Meowstic humping his trainer's leg. Again, while still trying to keep that stoic look.


I want to see Sylveon or Mawile humping Valerie leg or breasts



I'd like to see some pairings of her and her (male) Sylveon), if it hasn't been done already.


i'm glad you like it! (i don't really want to take your money for that little doodle, haha… thank you though!!)

And I'm going to take another non-human request or two.


how about Lilligant getting molested by Roselia or Roserade vines? (it can be slightly anthro)


Slaking using an an Aipom or Minccino as it's own personal fleshlight.


Exhausted female Primeape sitting on a blushing Diglett with a dripping, gaping vagina as though she's been inserting it repeatedly. Bonus points if you draw her juices all over the Diglett and give him swirly eyes like he got knocked out from her gush attack.



Either one of these would be really nice to see, IMO.


File: 1411933812187.png (260.82 KB, 640x480, 1400984360459.png)

Requesting lewd meowth


File: 1411933893519.png (462.21 KB, 719x800, Jigglypuff.png)

Requesting lewd jigglypuff


I'd like to see more pokedex requests like that Patrat one.

>It enwraps its prey in its hairlike arms. It sings joyfully as it observes the suffering of its prey.

Requesting Gourgeist hair/handjob


File: 1411936242227.png (337.61 KB, 1088x1006, shelikesittho.png)

here u go


But Anon, Valerie's Mawile is a gurl.


don't give me that shit, nerd


OR here, I love it, thanks a lot for this

who says she doesn't have a male one for non battling stuff?


File: 1411940921806.png (210.58 KB, 601x938, RhyperiorIdolnewc.png)

They allow anthro here?

Then let's get some Rhyperior Idol action going on in here! How about her climbing out of a lava pit like she's exiting a hot-spring bath? Nude ref to follow.



The only male on Valerie's team is Sylveon.


File: 1411941034260.png (125.45 KB, 481x921, Rhyperioridol.png)


who cares, pokemon don't have visible penises anyway, don't be so harsh with a delivery


File: 1411941391634.png (66.28 KB, 250x250, 250px-643Reshiram.png)

>don't have visible penises


File: 1411943117577.png (3.57 MB, 3414x3162, scyth.png)

delivaring scyther

I don't even know how I'm gonna color this one




>dat sharp and pointy penis
woah, now I see why female mantis end up eating males head after sex

Great job bondage anon, I really like the tears coming out of his eyes, and the way he still drools from his mouth, not the OR


File: 1411944687165.png (Spoiler Image, 706.57 KB, 1166x1080, scythforplebman.png)

and yeah, sharp penae are my favourite

here's a lower res version since I forgot to downsize that one yet again


Anyone mind doing some hypnosis stuff? Can probably come up with more specific ideas if anyone's up for it.


whacha thinking of?


P-porn, sir. Maybe a Haunter hypnotizing and getting nasty licking on someone? Has an Umbreon on his back, maybe? A Hypno jerking off an entranced subject in his lap? If you'd rather do straight stuff, a female Delphox who has her trainer under her spell and under her? I like everything, really.


okay, might do it later.


That's really nice. Her face cracks me up.
Weird, but I don't really object because also interesting unlike most anthro I see elsewhere so props.


Name me a hooman girl.


Who would Hypno jerk?


I'm asking the 63 of that question.


requesting a mega charizard X fucking the hell out of a f.emale goodra, tons of fluids coming out and lots of goodra juice


Oh, sorry, I don't come here often. Is it usually one delivery per request?


Usually less. Anyone can draw what they want.


New thread:


Oh, um, let me think. I'm personally fond of Mews and Meloettas, but there are lots of other options. Chespin or something? I dunno, up to you, really. Just something smallish.


File: 1411953608905.png (292.47 KB, 650x650, HHGD.png)

Lava is a bitch to draw


ye should repost that in the new thread


Schweet! Tanks!


shit, you made something amazing dude


File: 1411998435502.png (344.42 KB, 805x648, rhyperiorlavac.png)

Yeah, I have a talent for making ugly things cute.

Awesome! Yeah, I made bathing in lava one of her hobbies. Not as good at drawing it, though.


you should draw more of her sometime.


File: 1412084298687.png (2.4 MB, 1146x1957, Starting to get excited ar….png)

Entirely unworthy but c'mon dudes 2 weeks and not one?


I had an idea, but no motivation. Hardly an excuse, though.

Still, you did better than what I could've delivered.


File: 1412093186653.jpg (16.33 KB, 480x360, 1411626749999.jpg)

I love you


I tried, but I have no fucking idea how to draw bears, you did a good job man

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