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If 8chan's /poke/ is becoming a thing, should we move these nsfw drawthreads over there?


that place looks dead to me, I don't know it it will be active enough, also people have been banned from /v/ for linking 8chan


No? They're fine as they are here


- 8chan is banned from 4chan, so there's no way they could be linked to in the /vp/ drawthreads
- /poke/ is already full of shitposting; that plus the fact there's only one mod could cause problems
- it's uncertain if NSFW stuff is even allowed there, there seems to be a poll up and "SFW board" is winning

personally I'm unsure about 8chan and its future. it might not last long, who knows, there's a lot of problems that could arise
there's currently no reason to move them away from here


I'm fine here, personally. I'm not going to move if I don't have to.

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