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This thread is for Pokémon drawings, including those involving a human. Anything that's human-only should be posted in the other sticky.

Resources: http://pastebin.com/T8ab8NYQ

Tumblr tag: vpdrawthread
Booru: http://vp.booru.org/ (please tag your pictures and upload only drawthread things)
DA Group: http://pokemon-drawfriends.deviantart.com/
Drawcard Gallery & templates: http://imgur.com/a/LTgWW#0
Drawfag survey: http://i.imgur.com/GMecUOb.png
SFW thread: http://www.4chan.org/vp/drawthread>>17294


File: 1487571646022-0.jpg (342.37 KB, 500x488, empoleonwaterfall.jpg)

File: 1487571646022-1.jpg (455.23 KB, 1000x1000, Gardevoir.full.1703021.jpg)

Requesting Empoleon breeding Gardevoir in the missionary position while Gallade looks at them in jealousy.


File: 1487572234103-0.png (402.45 KB, 1024x640, oricorio__ghost_type__by_i….png)

File: 1487572234103-1.png (224.95 KB, 559x1325, stomach.png)

Requesting female ghost Oricario riding male staraptor like pic-related with the stomach bulge. Keep the belly bulge subtle if you can like pic-related, please!


File: 1487573796218.png (183.34 KB, 1000x900, 1477954000788.png)

Requesting this colored.


requesting normal Silvally on Whitney


File: 1487582734021.png (59.1 KB, 227x255, lass.png)

Would like to see a smaller froslass getting carried in her trainer's shorts, but secretly being used as a portable fleshlight, please.


File: 1487586982028-0.png (589.27 KB, 1280x1280, 448Lucario.png)

File: 1487586982028-1.png (118.26 KB, 431x431, 354Banette.png)

Requesting a crossdressing Lucario tied face down on a table being teased by a Banette with a vibrator.


File: 1487589722804.png (140.2 KB, 600x600, 600px-771Pyukumuku.png)

Requesting a Pyukumuku getting kissed on the mouth by a female trainer while getting its anus rimmed by another.
My preferences go to SM Beauty but any other female trainer is fine.


File: 1487593175513.jpg (77 KB, 773x1200, Cx3ppWhUAAAp_xA.jpg)

This is a request from the last thread.
Alternatively, this idea could work if Cofagrigus was closed and partially transparent, while Acerola is much shorter than Cofagrigus's height. That way you can feature the Pokemon's face without having it clash with Acerola's.

Yes, it's a complex idea. For the record, I will fund it if you're interested enough to take it on! Just reply with contact details or something…


File: 1487594962081-0.jpg (123.98 KB, 1119x893, 1456198779257.jpg)

File: 1487594962081-1.png (1.15 MB, 1200x1600, 1484630782620.png)

anchor posting for florges big butt squeeze


File: 1487607373461.png (47.41 KB, 300x300, 795Pheromosa_Dream.png)

Requesting a Pheromosa being eaten out while standing upright.


File: 1487607646844-0.png (233.67 KB, 1280x1280, Pokémon_Breeder_f_SM_OD.png)

File: 1487607646844-1.png (704.35 KB, 850x602, ClipboardImage.png)

Requesting the Sun/Moon Breeder having sex with a Lycanroc (either form is fine) like picture related.


File: 1487614100050.gif (1005.57 KB, 500x377, milotic3.gif)

Requesting male milotic getting sucked off so hard by a female Primarina that she's even sucking out his future semen and causing him to owe a stacking cum debt to her despite the fact that she's yet to let go of his cock


Requesting POV of a guy standing and looking down one a sableye girl who's lying in bed in front of him.
Holding the imp by the ankles and spreading her legs, he has laid his dick on top of her.
Her ass is touching his legs/crotch by the edge of the bed, but his dickhead is reaching up to between her tits.

The imp should be holding her cheeks in an amazed expression.
>h-how is that even gonna fit?
>imminent rape.jpg


File: 1487617996264-0.png (190.65 KB, 600x600, 572Minccino.png)

File: 1487617996264-1.png (100.13 KB, 600x600, 573Cinccino.png)

Requesting a female Minccino, with her pussy dripping wet, licking the cum out from a female Cinccino's freshly creampied pussy.


File: 1487619616285-0.png (316.96 KB, 600x700, 1474054727933.png)

File: 1487619616285-1.png (225.58 KB, 350x499, kitten.png)

Requesting Espurr having an accident in her diaper instead of using a potty


File: 1487620179234-0.jpg (126.97 KB, 905x1280, 1476614327.sssonic2_tsaree….jpg)

File: 1487620179234-1.png (177.08 KB, 800x704, Sensitive crown.png)

File: 1487620179234-2.png (1.67 MB, 1606x1887, Tsareena_Official.png)

File: 1487620179234-3.gif (1.96 MB, 268x200, tumblr_of23hnol3W1r8sc3ro6….gif)

Requesting MTrainerxTsareena impreg


requesting heliolisk and quilava, sucking eachother out, with hemipenes and knot respectively.


File: 1487630600489.png (133.83 KB, 558x650, Olivia&Stufful.png)

Requesting Olivia having sex with a Stufful.


did you guys knew that type:null (silvally) is jesus christ pokemon, thats why it came to earth as a normal type carpenter



File: 1487638166198-0.png (289.42 KB, 1280x1534, a84a684480f54ec54b93c6b222….png)

File: 1487638166198-1.png (276.96 KB, 492x530, e9c282441ffb08d653609c0cf2….png)

File: 1487638166198-2.jpg (202.55 KB, 1600x1188, 8271b631390a6a602c2a40c58e….jpg)

Requesting Weavile being knotted by a houndoom


File: 1487638839321-0.jpg (58.3 KB, 640x587, IMG_3542.JPG)

File: 1487638839321-1.png (274.44 KB, 378x680, IMG_3543.PNG)

File: 1487638839321-2.png (1.01 MB, 900x1260, IMG_3544.PNG)

Requesting Mudsdale lying on its back while Hapu rides his thick horse cock cowgirl style. Feel free to make Hapu older, or at least a bit thiccer. Also, please keep the Mudsdale a male and feral, nobody likes fucking parasites.


File: 1487639486407.png (118.33 KB, 500x500, primarina.png)

Requesting a female primarina aggressively fucking her male trainer in the water/at a beach. Have her be decently bigger than the guy/kid and you can give her tits if you want.


File: 1487640174952-0.jpg (447.85 KB, 1618x1075, 1486503301461-0.jpg)

File: 1487640174952-1.png (593.14 KB, 700x1000, 1486503301461-1.png)

File: 1487640174952-2.jpg (372.5 KB, 1280x713, 1434696 - Flygon Porkyman ….jpg)

File: 1487640174952-3.jpg (2.05 MB, 3400x2800, 94a0523dd8e421fa054104a6c6….jpg)

I'd like to bring up another person's request, since I DID help, and some of us came up with with a joint request:

>Requesting more NTR scenarios featuring female Pokemon stealing their male trainers away from their girlfriends/wives.

Our current idea involved:

>Flygon mating with the male trainer in a bedroom while the girlfriend is in a separate room that's separated by one wall that isn't soundproofed

>Atop her trainer of course.

>It also would be nice if they were Holding hands while they're doing it

I might as slip in the initial "cheating Pokémon" pics, and slip in some female Flygon pics, to entice.


Did you check the last thread?



I think he's wanting a "male" version of what already has been done… still, no point crying over spilled milk… since we got sweet cream out of it, with that pic.


Yes I did, and I'm (not) sorry but I didn't ask for that. Firstly, the delivery wasn't even linked to my request, so I doubt mine was even considered, and secondly, if I wanted an Anthro Female Mudsdale, I would've posted one. So that wasn't my delivery, it was the fucking parasite's.


File: 1487647280838-0.jpg (18.9 KB, 153x188, 1486781747280-0.jpg)

File: 1487647280838-1.png (54.27 KB, 250x250, 1486781747280-1.png)

It provably won't get Mac but there is no harm in re-requesting
requesting a female croagunk riding a male audino on a cowgirl position
she's being rough and moving fast, both have a face of pleasure, but audino has a bit of pain in his expression because croagunk and making too much force with each pound




>Requested something artists didn't want to draw
>A """parasite""" decided alter the request to suit his tastes and into something an artist DID want to draw
Stay assmad


File: 1487650086758.png (2.59 MB, 2448x1572, Mia.png)

Requesting a sketch of this scyther/human hybrid having her flat chest rubbed, annoyed expression optional.


File: 1487654740839.jpg (349.92 KB, 1200x900, f5fe9b3469856b34767577e43b….jpg)

Re-requesting male trainer x male Noivern (Noivern being the sub)

To be more specific, I'd like to see Noivern fucked doggystyle, like pic related, but with the viewing angle from behind rather than from the side.


Alright so

Requesting a dragonair snorting a line of cum off of a table like it's coke, but don't actually draw nostrils on it, leave the face as is but with a helping of sexual bliss


File: 1487658014655.png (50.06 KB, 250x250, Lopunny.png)

Requesting a morbidly obese Lopunny holding a Float Stone and wondering why it's not making her lighter.


Requesting a Minccino that gets a nice creamy facial


You sound like the one who's mad here, I calmly emplained how that delivery wasn't what I asked for, and you seem to be projecting probably because you're assmad that you're not getting a delivery.


Requesting a Latios holding a stick of pocky in his mouth surprised to find the latias he was going to share it with has opted for sucking his cock instead.


File: 1487706094175-0.jpg (804.02 KB, 1452x1061, 20170222_034220-1.jpg)

File: 1487706094175-1.jpg (895.11 KB, 1843x1152, 20170222_034333-1.jpg)

quick sketches. might make a redo


File: 1487712951064.jpg (114.96 KB, 793x1007, 1479531589805[1].jpg)

>That Weavile
Not OR, but top unf
Can I request nice busty Lucario getting the same treatment? except with the cock shoved balls deep inside


requesting tied up celebi

preferably with inserted toys


OR of Roserade. That is a pretty nice expression, though I was hoping she'd retain the position in the same ref from the image. If you do a resketch, can you keep her in a full Nelson or whatever that pose is called?



oh please Vono do a series of these with more pokemon. maybe one sketch per day? do you have a blog btw? i've meant to ask this for a while


not him, but here's his tumblr: loodovono.tumblr.com


>Implying I even have a request here
Nice grasping, though


> loodovono.tumblr.com
than k you kindly


Not him, but seriously fuck off if you're shitposting and not even using the thread for its intended purpose, we don't need you here.


File: 1487734332595-0.png (1.39 MB, 1500x2000, abfb73f07ae4d0a44217f9edda….png)

File: 1487734332595-1.jpg (728.43 KB, 1280x960, __miqo_te_and_sweater_girl….jpg)

Requesting a couple of anthro female Gogoats in a gangbang as a way to earn some money


I didn't say I never request, I meant that I didn't have a request currently pending

But whatever


>lol whatever.jpg


thank you anon now i can finally kms


File: 1487758390962.jpg (196.32 KB, 1545x542, lizard cat.jpg)

Requesting a Incineroar holding a large breasted anthro Salazzle who is giving him a titjob and tongue job.



Fuck off


Latios fucking Latias but he's wearing panties on his head


Re-requesting female primarina aggressively sucking male milotic dick


Oh my god, YES! Seconding!


File: 1487799542620.png (219.91 KB, 800x950, 1486277195533.png)

Requesting a serperior giving a handjob, but it's highly effective and more like a shitty flat-chested titfuck because it's doing little more than grinding the cock into their chest


Would like to see sketch page for the start of a comic between male mewtwo and female blaziken, please.
>mewtwo looking up lewd pictures of blaziken on the net
>blaziken sneaking up on him
>never knew you felt that way, space cat~
>she grabs the barbed cat dick from his hands
>I've always wanted to fuck a legendary
>blaziken training out in the forest
>mewtwo hiding up in a tree and looking
>uses his psychic powers to make her horny as fuck
>oh no why am I so horny all of a sudden?
>mewtwo descends fully erect in front of her
And then sex.


File: 1487839591778-0.png (204.97 KB, 800x800, 2112057 - Azelf Porkyman.png)

File: 1487839591778-1.jpg (70.68 KB, 600x602, IMG_20170223_013829.jpg)

Requesting an excessively horny Azelf staring at an erect penis in sheer awe, and visibly tempted to give it a lick and finger herself.
Please give me the horniest Azelf imaginable!


Can I request a boy Sylveon absolutely dominating a female Absol? We're talking just going hard at it, knot and everything included. Feel free to take the details given and make it into whatever you really please! Thanks for the consideration


which is you


File: 1487867035046.jpg (178.44 KB, 1212x2048, tabard.jpg)

Requesting a gardevoir redesign, where her dress is a tabard, leaving almost nothing to the fantasy.


File: 1487877006645-0.png (1.8 MB, 1200x1150, 20170222_234155.png)

File: 1487877006645-1.png (1.45 MB, 1188x1152, 20170222_234329.png)

File: 1487877006645-2.png (1.79 MB, 1140x1152, 20170222_234709.png)

Not a request from here, but did this for a friend and I think you guys would like it



Jynx Rule 34 is hard to come by. Thank you.


File: 1487881775635.png (306.49 KB, 1200x1000, dominatreon...png)

I hope you didn't want a fortune cookie.
Also if you want a textless version, just ask.


Nah, no real need to trouble with anatomical correctness! I love it the way it is, thank you!


Not OR but I love it too


>pokemon with dick sucking lips
>transparent cloth
>kiss marks on dick
Damn, this pushes all the right buttons with me.
Please draw more Jynx


palkia using portal bullshit to perform oral on themselves


To be fair, you did the vag in a way that canine vags SHOULD be done but isn't usually done: having a very defined shape but not super puffy like most artists always seem to draw it.


the irony is the cookie-shape vagina is now akin to being a cookie-cutter shape just slapped on to 'please'

its the equivalent of a spaghetti vein in a dick. its fucking tragically awful



The irony is that a lot of people, for a long time, felt that feral dog vagoo was "too ugly"… these same people saw a dark pink canid "skinless rocket" as sexy.

The HYPOCRISY is what's fucking awful!


I still think feral dog vag looks fucking grotesque. In fact it's as disgusting as ape chimp gorilla monkey etc etc vag as well.


Requesting Lunala sucking a cock like she's smoking a cigar


It's really nice to draw one of my favorite pokemon. Sorry if it took a while, busy with stuff and all.


File: 1487919720654.jpg (893.31 KB, 2846x2089, Florges.JPG)

whoops fucked up lol


File: 1487930157995-0.jpg (691.3 KB, 2341x1981, lood_0002.jpg)

File: 1487930157995-1.jpg (1.14 MB, 2156x2599, lood_0001.jpg)

here's some full nelson and an extra azelf for ya


Yeah, pretty much. Most look like they're trying way too hard and wind up just completely over exaggerating it and making it way more puffy than it should be.


That is too hot for words with that Azelf… Would it be a chance to ask for a Jirachi in the same way please?


OR. God fucking damn that is beautiful. You're really good with coloring with those markers. The blushes are spot on and the ass looks juicy as hell. I think the blush on the butt can be a bit more spread out, but this is amazing! Thank you!


>Azelf's expression
Fucking wew lad, I had the feeling you were going to take my Azelf request, kek.
Hope to see these digitized and colored soon.


You're welcome!


Requesting a Mienshao with a light knotted cock trying to knot a Vaporeon and having a time of it due to the tail. If willing, maybe an internal view or something? It was meant to be doggy style


Requesting Florges groping/fingering Tsareena while using her vines to spread Tsareena's legs open.



Not OR, and I almost hate to ask because this is really well done, but is there any chance you could do a blinder/blindfold edit real quick? Even just filling in the eye area would be okay as far as I'm concerned. Either way, thank you for drawing this.


amazing, can you do a mismagius?


Requesting a naughty Braixen teasing a timid Jolteon erection


File: 1488047688255.jpg (235.18 KB, 800x1051, 1470751_The8Mice_hamie_is_….jpg)

Requesting starving Chespin having to watch as rope after rope of sticky cum is splattered over the delicious Poffin. Only when its downright ruined, is it actually offered to it.


File: 1488056576110.jpg (Spoiler Image, 111.91 KB, 1200x800, 1487184631514.jpg)

Request a female Salazzle and female Heliolisk likely pic related in Wela Volcano Park or Kalos Desert (drawfag choose)


Rerequesting. C'mon, please.


Inquiring about the Zangoose pic


File: 1488135080653.png (169.54 KB, 650x650, flopstone.png)


Requesting lewds of Olivia and Diancie. Perhaps an anthro Diancie being fingered by Olivia? Just about anything would work, really.



shit, I'm so sorry for dying lmao
I swear the last cert was supposed to expire in march, but either way I've set up auto-renewal so it shouldn't happen again


Really good to hear man, thank you


File: 1488225101487.jpg (498.62 KB, 2655x1659, Sheathdocking Houndoom.jpg)

I'll request some sheath docking.
Houndoom on his back, being straddled by trainer/anon and having his sheath used like a pussy. Outline of trainers dick be visible inside the sheath (its basically just under a thin layer of kinda clingy skin)


Requesting a shy male dragonair looking to the side and using his erect dick to block his eyes


File: 1488229689957.png (390.33 KB, 1553x2573, salazzle_veronica_by_zacat….png)

Requesting lewds of this Gardevoir/Salazzle hybrid thing slutting herself up against the gardevoir side's will.


File: 1488263027645.png (394.06 KB, 1176x1010, MewtwoTropius.png)

Could anyone outline and color in these, please? If both aren't possible, then at least the Tropius girl?


Requesting a plump and wide ass femboy Lurantis showing his ass and balls towards the viewer


An arceus webbed up by an ariados that's purposely left the crotch region exposed so it could suck the arceus' dick


File: 1488288400667.png (568.72 KB, 2341x1981, lood_0002.png)



/r/ futa lunala auto-fellatio


File: 1488297862366.png (703.58 KB, 2341x1981, lood_0002b.png)

something extra


File: 1488312466437.jpg (49.21 KB, 800x600, SinaZygarde.jpg)

Requesting Sina getting fucked doggy-style by Zygarde-10%


File: 1488327862107.jpg (110.81 KB, 800x539, 1484789697054.jpg)

anybody got something like this, but with Lillie and her cute ice fox?


Lillie x Shiron (or whatever its dub name is/will be)? HELL YES, I'm seconding!


File: 1488349491837.png (135.75 KB, 498x651, kyurem_v_3_by_icaro382-d37….png)

There's nearly not enough good porn with Kyurem. Requesting the big boy getting off to electricity.


Also seconding here!


Seconding this as well!


File: 1488376698865.png (445.43 KB, 1010x936, trash4.png)

Humble request for more of this sableye girl, please. Really dig her build, a sketch with some poses would be amazing.


File: 1488397162162.jpg (1.43 MB, 2996x1721, Surprise.jpg)


Sorry for taking so long with this, I got caught up with my own projects. Hope it's satisfactory.


Oh snap. It looks really goodto be honest, and I didn't expect anyone taking up that month-old request.
You got me by surprise, thanks!


Glad you like it!


OR here, that's exactly what I had in mind! Thanks so much!


File: 1488418065816.png (2.21 MB, 1937x2162, e66ecceadfaa4dc69fd25ec2c2….png)

Requesting a Male Silvally blushing and showing off his ass and dick.


File: 1488428917398.jpg (196.36 KB, 1200x817, 1488422914485.jpg)

Requesting Tapu Lele's proboscis unfurled and being fucked by Anon


And they put so much cum on giratina.


The end.


Seconding for some imp oral.
She has just managed to get the tip in her mouth when he cums, filling her cheeks up.

Is it possible to give a sableye a spaced out or mindbreak expression with those eyes?


You know how some snakes play dead to try and make predators disinterested in them and fuck off, right?

Requesting a male serperior trying to do exactly that, belly up and exposed, but he's being jerked off which is making it really difficulty to maintain his composure despite the tactic obviously not working


File: 1488507506934-0.png (126.06 KB, 500x510, tumblr_o806v44O9J1vvvsuqo2….png)

File: 1488507506934-1.png (185.58 KB, 572x521, tumblr_oi1m9b77un1uk4ntuo2….png)

Requesting more male Lopunny on human female and make it extra cute


File: 1488509640249-0.png (3.02 KB, 551x365, weird arrow.png)

File: 1488509640249-1.png (1.09 MB, 839x1280, Arceus_1724.png)

Requesting female arceus in basically this style of 'face down' ass up position, showing off the goods


File: 1488512074926-0.jpg (506.2 KB, 1451x1652, sabl_0001.jpg)

File: 1488512074926-1.jpg (627.46 KB, 1270x1594, sabl_0002.jpg)

done and done


Based vono, cheers bruh.
God, that body and rounded ears are diamonds tier.

All those years wasted.


requesting zebstrika licking a cock from the side


Requesting Fomantis covered in semen, begging for more


Requesting fit bimbo blaziken feeling up an uncomfortable mewtwo, please.
>I've always wanted to fuck a legendary~


File: 1488559418195.png (112.11 KB, 479x326, lewdfish.png)

That's one qt goblin.




File: 1488590404371.png (147.61 KB, 284x419, taputits.png)

Requesting Tapu Koko proudly displaying her modestly sized breasts, while Tapu Lele, flat as always, is being a hothead by pure jealousy.


File: 1488608088337-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.22 MB, 1280x1706, 1488559421452.jpg)

File: 1488608088337-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 124.31 KB, 809x720, 1433622126291.jpg)

File: 1488608088337-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 282.05 KB, 927x1384, 1432664837048.jpg)

File: 1488608088337-3.jpg (Spoiler Image, 128.48 KB, 678x820, 1433529705007.jpg)

Male femboy sableye in any/all of these positions PLEASE. The lingerie is a plus and I really want it preserved or enhanced.


Requesting a latios sticking his nose up under Mei's skirt


File: 1488642460864.png (3.16 MB, 2840x1823, d381032ad025289d1b1addc6e7….png)

zoroark giving riolu a lapdance


you know tapu koko is a dude?


not him, but rule 63 is a thing


what a wonderful complaint


Requesting lesbian femdom between a latias (the dom) and big sub female Latios.





Requesting lesbian femdom of a sub Tsareena and a dom Florges.


File: 1488671656229.jpg (419.03 KB, 1000x1400, 2085157 - Machoke Porkyman.jpg)

Requesting a sweaty female Machoke fingering herself with some juices already dripping. Thanks


File: 1488686143665.png (296.65 KB, 1280x1360, tumblr_omb1w6WVVs1t5mp4po1….png)

i managed to ink this one so and i'll get to the others.
i'll get to it then


Not OR but how many of those outfits/poses you doing for the male sableye?


File: 1488689936568.jpg (Spoiler Image, 116.77 KB, 480x640, 1431578688855.jpg)

Not him but throwing this picture out there for more jic. This but fullbody and with a like 3inch erection, maybe saying something like "Come take your tiny-dicked faggot and ravage me!"


File: 1488691247164.jpg (Spoiler Image, 180.44 KB, 960x1280, 1434676366072.jpg)

requesting this but with a lopunny


Can you at least spoiler this garbage?


File: 1488701321459.png (431.43 KB, 1193x1920, 1483647795001.png)

Requesting a naked Tsareena (ideally similar to pic related but with a visible bust) standing on top of her trainer's chest, aiming her pussy at his face and pissing into his open mouth while sighing in relief, viewed from the trainer's POV.


get rid of the fucking human trash


>This thread is for Pokémon drawings, including those involving a human
>including those involving a human


File: 1488743062854.jpg (29.64 KB, 600x600, sweating man jpeg.jpg)

This but it's a dragonair using his dick to do it


Requesting a serperior holding a dressed hotdog inbetween the two of his dicks and presenting it to the viewer


>humans being sexually attracted to literally the most natural thing for humans to be attracted to (other humans)


go back to /gif/ if you want human content


File: 1488753168096.png (378.35 KB, 1000x900, takeone.png)


I want Zamasu to go and stay go.


Holy shit thank you so much


OMG i love this!


requesting female rayquaza's attempts to orally pleasure herself


shit I fucked up I mean mega rayquaza, it sent too fast for me to fix it


He looks so happy


File: 1488776950004.png (703.08 KB, 1101x1224, Mozzamazel.png)

Requesting Mozzamazel selfcest.


Could you do a male Silvally being happily sucked off by a female Mienshao?

You genuinely seem to make Pokemon seem…happy!


Requesting M Pikachu/F Cyndaquil. The Cyndaquil lying on her back and moaning from Pikachus fast thrusts.


Before I forget it. Both of them are feral


File: 1488805322469-0.jpg (85.18 KB, 900x900, e9b011af7fb75b13f92a44afeb….jpg)

File: 1488805322469-1.png (2.12 MB, 1700x1500, 1487983714168.png)

File: 1488805322469-2.jpg (519.2 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20170306_074327.jpg)

File: 1488805322469-3.jpg (964.69 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20170306_074918.jpg)

Requesting my trainer giving a shiny male Primarina a blowjob


File: 1488821017839-0.png (488.5 KB, 2300x2000, trapreena.png)

File: 1488821017839-1.gif (120.79 KB, 600x338, drillin.gif)

Requesting a femboy Tsareena having his large ass squeezed and drilled.


Requesting a latias getting caught using a doorknob as a dildo.


File: 1488910558955.png (767.84 KB, 1348x704, latias.png)

requesting a latias sleeping under a christmas tree exposing her rear like pic-related


File: 1488914672023-0.jpg (213.14 KB, 776x800, 1481991436704.jpg)

File: 1488914672023-1.png (46.35 KB, 250x250, Salazzle.png)

Requesting salazzle giving White's fat ass a deep rimjob.


File: 1488961542274.png (737.48 KB, 1280x1422, ee4ae3ed41b91613e5db461657….png)

Requesting Bayleef butt.
Please give her a puffy anus.


You like Donuts do you


File: 1488984122262-0.jpg (845.68 KB, 1550x1152, 20170308_223411-1.jpg)

File: 1488984122262-1.jpg (981.81 KB, 1152x1812, 20170308_223459-1.jpg)

a little bonus on the side


I love them.
I love your style anon. Aren't you also the guy that drew that one cloth doll girl?


this might be too difficult because of all the parts but I'd like to see zekrom on top of dialga jerking off both their dicks


I love them too


holy shit these are awesome thank you so much


Requesting a male Kantonian Raichu fucking a female Alolan Raichu doggystyle.


Seconding this~


File: 1489011844243.png (15.89 KB, 505x465, vnfm8f3u29h7hu9423t879y432….png)


Not OUR but great style!

Could you try male Typhlosion on female Espeon like that?


File: 1489015814837.png (1.2 MB, 2000x1500, 2b303e2735b9f8a037ce68a357….png)

I did what I could. Interesting idea, but very tough!


Requesting female Braixen riding male Jolteon in cowgirl position both really into it


Lunala fighting back a smile after taking a heavy facial.


OR here, I love it! Good Job~


requesting 2 female dragonairs having a good old fashioned 69

by way of sticking their horns into eachother's vaginas


File: 1489070311828.png (227.35 KB, 800x800, 1488824703399.png)

Porn of it


Requesting origin giratina showing off the goods in the name of slit day


File: 1489121849797.png (745.86 KB, 1280x1280, 654Braixen.png)

Braixen fingering herself


Requesting a female blaziken bent over and sticking her butt out to the viewer


requesting male primarina maid being jerked off and worried about the cum getting on his outfit


requesting a worn out haxorus getting jerked off by his female trainer after a tough battle


File: 1489221179938-0.png (483.23 KB, 1125x1451, 1482523764824.png)

File: 1489221179938-1.jpg (83.55 KB, 503x700, IMG_20170311_093233.jpg)

Requesting a Pheromosa after a rough facefucking​ session, looking very exhausted, mouth full of cum and still connected to dick with a thick string of cum.


File: 1489238193317.png (142.2 KB, 500x500, tsareena.png)

Might have something for you if it interests you.
Requesting that Stenee you drew, now as a big bottomed Tsareena, trying to stand up against her trainer…only to lose her virginity (vag) instead, with her big ass being spanked during the rough fucking.


Requesting female Mewtwo aggressively cucking her trainer by having sex with her boyfriend.



Kinda had a general request like that: Female Pokémon cheating on their male master, making the trainer's gf jealous/angry/sad… nobody took a bite.


I had someone draw hardcore Pokemon on Pokemon cheating stuff back in the day, I think human trainer stuff in general is just super rare here nevermind the content limiting it further. The last time I requested Pokemon X Pokemon it went unfulfilled too, was more people back then though.

Good luck.


File: 1489296447686.png (593.14 KB, 700x1000, 1486503301461-1.png)


I mean, how hard is it to get a pic of a female Mewtwo cucking her female trainer with her bf…. or a female Flygon riding her male trainer's cock, while his gf in the other room, hearing the whole thing?

Ya know??


I've been seeing this picture a lot recently. Why is it hot?



Because Audino's big squishy ass is being fucked by her trainer, and Audino is recording it so his gf can see them fu… basically, the first time it was posted, it WASN'T by mean, but the 2nd time, for this request, it was.


File: 1489300822811.png (509.56 KB, 794x1100, the rati.png)

requesting someone to draw the amazing view of her vagina that this latias is unknowingly presenting to those behind her


It looks like she's backed up against a gloryhole and the blushing and facial expression looks like it reads something like "Do you mind?"


fuck dialga


File: 1489314434357-0.jpg (1.46 MB, 1112x1500, 49512418_p0.jpg)

File: 1489314434357-1.png (555.05 KB, 1280x1280, 475Gallade.png)

Requesting Wally dressed like a Gardevoir getting fucked by his Gallade.


Requesting Palkia receiving a pearl necklace.

I can't believe its been all these fucking years and nobody did it


Requesting a serperior receiving a blowjob from a snivy, but since the snivy is only sucking one of his dicks he cums on his own face and into the snivy's mouth at the same time


File: 1489356669815.png (727.5 KB, 1190x850, empbla.png)

Requesting Male Empoleon on female Blaziken


File: 1489396747013.jpg (597.48 KB, 1240x1754, 61889173_p0.jpg)

Requesting a group of Mimikyu gangbanging a female Mawile into a mess of ghostly cum, one of them fucking her mouth, another one her snatch.


Requesting Silvally getting fucked by Arceus, bonus points if silvally is stuck with a type memory that is weak to the plate Arceus has equipped


File: 1489416522139.png (209.56 KB, 407x287, 1101011.png)

Humble request to see best ghost couple together.
Sableye sitting in a couch with froslass on his lap, both facing forward as she is leaning back on him.

The goblin dick having raised up from under froslass' skirt, she is touching it with one hand and has her other to her cheek in shame.

Sableye should be fondling her tits meanwhile with an impish smile, please.


requesting lurantis caught in a net and getting fucked to death


requesting a straight serperior being forced to suck himself off


nvm changing my request, requesting the aftermath of this situation with the disgusted serperior having pulled away from his dicks after cumming, and the quote "You shouldn't have came if you didn't like it" on the pic

I think that'd be more interesting


File: 1489447015368.png (486 KB, 500x530, 031.png)

Can someone give this guy a big cock out of a slit?


/r/female lurantis fisting herself


File: 1489506972552.jpg (106.52 KB, 753x513, nebby.jpg)

Requesting Lunala-nebby getting fingered by Lillie, her showing nebby the wonders of their new adult body.

make it all cute pls


Sure, I'll get to it.


File: 1489544140846.png (179.3 KB, 1000x1000, birdsucc.png)

excellent taste anon
i hope you like it!
is my first time drawing porn


why is empoleon's collar bigger than half his face?


File: 1489557212416.png (995.29 KB, 1280x905, 1487017095940.png)

Requesting a picture like this with two male sableyes or flygons. Outfits included or even more extravagant ones.


requesting anything with a cactus pokemon


File: 1489566893497.jpg (286.88 KB, 2048x2048, C68igBuWsAM9OUR.jpg large.jpg)

Requesting somebody to show off Arceus' rockin' ass


File: 1489593173565.jpg (141.48 KB, 707x1000, 1380440779.haychel_giratin….jpg)

Requesting male giratina flashing us the goods


Requesting a latios being raped by a tyranitar


Requesting a fem serperior dressed as a medic doing lewds with her young trainer.


Requesting a Male dragonair in a long striped bodystocking with a hole cut out for its erection, the cock having a little cocksock on it too that matches.


I do request some Marshadow. Female Marshadow of course, being fucked strongly by a Pokemon or Trainer.


File: 1489633560654.png (36.47 KB, 250x250, 250px-727Incineroar.png)

Male Incineroar getting topped by a male trainer


Requesting white kyrum getting his cock spanked by dominatrix lusamine.


Requesting zekrom enjoying a sleeve masturbator>>18082


Changing my request into a shiny Mawile getting her legs and pussy spread against her will by a Mimikyu looking at the viewer as though it's saying "she's all yours, go on and fuck her, you know you want it"


requesting big breasted blaziken bitch knocking out her trainer with her tits


File: 1489720196739.png (299.61 KB, 828x1323, 58fd86b81025094376dc727b42….png)

Requesting a female Machoke showing her soles.


File: 1489735048626.png (780.48 KB, 750x1000, a9ad05191a4eca41661e046efb….png)

Requesting Scolipede getting her bug pusi filled while her donut-hole gets fingered


File: 1489764825407.png (146.69 KB, 500x500, Tsareena POV.png)

Here you go. I hope something like this is what you were looking for.


File: 1489769807331.png (151.11 KB, 280x460, 1489769557861.png)

Requesting this girl being fucked doggy style by a Mightyena


File: 1489771078964.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.6 KB, 116x160, download.jpg)

OR here, thanks so much for this. I just have one small problem with it. If you were going for a worms eye view, it should look more like pic related, where her rear is visible behind her pussy. Just a suggestion if you ever want to return to this piece.


Not OR, but if it isn't too much trouble my I request an alt with the trainer's face on her puss, slurping it all from the tap? I like the idea of Tsareena acting dommy towards her trainer.


File: 1489776387218-0.png (150.9 KB, 500x500, Tsareena POV Alt.png)

File: 1489776387218-1.png (147.25 KB, 500x500, Tsareena POV.png)

Yeah, I'm kind of shit at perspective shots, so I ended up kind of mixing a view from below with a frontal perspective.

No trouble at all. Is something like this what you had in mind?


File: 1489784214041.jpg (57.62 KB, 1062x1530, fugasvbashnyu-313182-tyrah….jpg)

I was shooting for something even closer, like typical cunnilingus, here it looks like there still is a safe space between his face and her cunt. Understandably, with this angle it would be even harder to understand the grand scheme of things and the transparency won't be helping much.

I may deviate from the OR a bit, but perhaps the trainer gulping it from the other side would do? Something like this ref, basically.
Anyway thanks much for taking my request!


can someone draw rayquaza showing his penises for me please


Requesting a male dragonair fucking another male dragonair by manner of slit docking, much to the other's discomfort.



highly ineffective*


OR again, that looks a bit better, thanks.

>I may deviate from the OR a bit, but perhaps the trainer gulping it from the other side would do
I actually wouldn't mind that at all.


Requesting Ribombee spreading her pussy while a human is masturbating and aiming his dick at her, as though they're planning for him to ejaculate toward her pussy.


Requesting a male shiny Primarina kissing and fucking a female Serperior underwater, please.


File: 1489845432271.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.46 KB, 992x599, 1101011.jpg)

A request to see a better POV shot of this with a female sableye.
Better shot as in maybe higher angled and able to see the girl's full body.

And a more anthro built sableye, not full on imp, please.


File: 1489846223801-0.png (408.12 KB, 900x900, 900px-428Lopunny.png)

File: 1489846223801-1.png (319.51 KB, 900x900, 900px-571Zoroark.png)

Requesting a female Lopunny leaning on a table trying to seduce a male Lopunny, only to slip and bang its head on the table, knocking it out and revealing it to be a male Zoroark.


please spoiler 3D stuff


File: 1489916641585-0.gif (2.17 MB, 400x520, cde23368b0e10789ccc1493add….gif)

File: 1489916641585-1.jpg (695.45 KB, 700x990, dece76d1fc06dc1fddf086f05d….jpg)

Requesting a female Meowstic riding her male counterpart to complete exhaustion, tugging him on a leash and struggling to keep that stoic face of hers at the thought of being bred.
I never realized how much I wanted more femdom Meowstic until this pic popped up.


File: 1489936861828.png (61.61 KB, 300x300, 796Xurkitree_Dream[1].png)

Requesting a Xirkitree with a bunch of dildos impaled on its hand wires.


File: 1489946125593.png (235.45 KB, 378x1257, PKMN Comaster.png)

I figure this request was better here because I wanted some drawings of her having sex with pokemon.


File: 1489946153557.png (5.68 KB, 112x133, B2W2_Ace_Trainer_F_Pokésta….png)

Requesting female Ace Trainer in BW2 getting pounded by a hung Stoutland please


Requesting a hydreigon having to face the dilemma of having a diagonal cloaca.


File: 1489966436899.png (188.81 KB, 475x475, 324Torkoal.png)

Requesting a female Torkoal cumming from being fucked from behind by a human male, but instead of cumming by average means, she instead erupts a thick plume of smoke from her shell, effectively obscuring the man's face. Bonus points if you include a side panel of her penetrated pussy.


File: 1489982123989.png (512.9 KB, 1080x1080, 1487208397437.png)

Requesting a male vaporeon dressed in body appropriate lingerie with a little pointy boner in his panties


Requesting female reshiram with her hands on her knees sticking her butt out


Requesting Arceus taking a marker to Giratina's cock and drawing penises on his dick.


File: 1490110407596.jpeg (506.48 KB, 1122x1280, allt har sin tid.jpeg)

Hope this is to your liking!


requesting virizion booty


requesting rapidash anally fisted


Seconding on Flygons


Not OR but excellent work! The rendering is lovely and I really like the highlights on Heliolisk's eye in particular.


File: 1490216600176.png (675.12 KB, 900x900, 13555.png)

Requesting male Dewott being railed anally by Nidoking while a buizel rides Dewott's dick.


File: 1490242445701-0.jpg (108.82 KB, 624x1052, 6d88b2e594e90c521568243f2b….jpg)

File: 1490242445701-1.png (33.23 KB, 868x776, 128Tauros_AG_anime.png)

Requesting Hex Maniac getting rammed by Tauros's three mighty dongs please.


File: 1490250963221-0.png (674.95 KB, 1750x1500, ngByJHO.png)

File: 1490250963221-1.png (112.66 KB, 500x797, 1479658997097.png)

Requesting the aftermath of this, a nice pregnant belly for her


File: 1490263148674.jpg (834.2 KB, 1176x1300, 1490231750611.jpg)

Requesting a Giantess Primarina using a House/Tower/Building as her Dildo


OR here
Thanks Luffsas for draw this :)


Thank you!
You are welcome!


File: 1490472178603.png (177.08 KB, 767x935, 321567484132.png)

I'm like the USPS, redundant and terribly late.


Strangely enough, my USPS package arrived faster than expected


requesting female virizion backing up against a bedpost to masturbate


File: 1490511992232-0.jpg (1.33 MB, 2081x3014, Tsareena.JPG)

File: 1490511992232-1.jpg (1.57 MB, 2071x3018, Tsareena_2.JPG)

Sorry for the long wait, I'm sure you'll enjoy! ^///^


OR. Well this is all levels of neat as hell. That fruity booty looks delicious thick and spanked nicely with the world's most inviting asshole smack dab in the good spot. The colors are blended pretty well too, though I think her body contains a few too many highlights. That little scene cut before the poundening was also pretty cute too, and it seems like the background finally implies that she's liking the punishment to an extent, despite the pain (although I will be biased and say I like punishing more than pleasuring the Tsareena line).

It did come to me as a surprise that you gave her a white body instead of the purple one like in her Stenee form. I think that purple fits Tsareena better. Breasts are a bit lopsided too, though the focus is pretty much on the scene after.

Overall I like it very much! I don't mind the wait for deliveries since your stuff is pretty damn good quality. I say you came quite a way from drawing Stenee


Cool! Glad you like it, I try to practice drawing every day, and thanks a lot for the criticism too. I like to think that she's wearing clothing but next time I'll try to add her purple coloring to her body.


Seconding this.


requesting exercising fem anthro cobalion killing two birds in one stone multitasking by having a vibe in her cunt whilst running on a treadmill


Requesting Latios rubbing his cock all over an egg latias just laid, and cumming


Requesting a full on buttshot of a bent over salazzle.


File: 1490644630274.jpg (15.53 KB, 300x551, d1df182c7962af9b5fadc32309….jpg)

Requesting a naked Sabrina ether melting away or becoming a Gardevoir


File: 1490651496937.jpg (188.47 KB, 900x866, 0bf85f66a5689725597adc6b74….jpg)


Sometimes, ya just gotta Internet.



Well, I DO like sizeplay. Thirded.


Well, I must say your every day drawings do pay off, awesomely.
Also that asshole is just too much lewd to resist.

I know you just did a request with her, but I'd like to see that anon buttfuck her one more time, cum dripping from her vagina from the earlier session. He can also cum inside her asshole, squeezing her sore ass for dear life as she takes it all, apologizing for her attitude after he finishes and pulls out.


I've seen that before and that's not what I am describing.


requesting mismagius with vibrator in her cunt


File: 1490665339882.png (1.11 MB, 1280x1280, 260Swampert-Mega.png)

Requesting a female Mega Swampert forcing herself on to her male trainer And putting his hand on one of her tits.


File: 1490674801100.png (318.96 KB, 646x816, 1490413562113.png)

Requesting an upskirt picture of this shaymin


Hey Man your artworks are amazing

please draw a female Silvally or Eelektross


Requesting a male serperior getting sucked off by another serperior, and vines working the other dick.


Also would pref. if he's being sucked to the base.


Requesting a female Typhlosion in heat riding her Trainers cock in cowgirl-position. The Typhlosion looking down dominantly to her Trainer, trying to get every Drop of seed he has to offer


the viewer raping a male baby-mon/first form like Pichu, Riolu, Nidoran, Cleffa or whatever one floats your boat. Tears preferred, asking for it to stop is up to you if you like pokemon that can speak english. Crossdressing would be nice, and maybe a female version for the straights out there.


Seconding, this sounds really hot~


File: 1490827274175-0.jpg (60.89 KB, 246x439, sexy goth.jpg)

File: 1490827274175-1.jpg (100.65 KB, 497x588, IMG_20170329_224051.jpg)

File: 1490827274175-2.jpg (77.39 KB, 430x533, IMG_20170329_224145.jpg)

Requesting a Gothitelle in leggings and a ripped skirt like the one in that one comic spreading her legs and pussy, and using her psychic powers to hypnotize the viewer.


Requesting Tapu Lele using her proboscis to anally fuck Koko


File: 1490895703934-0.jpg (28.49 KB, 360x275, ninetales-alolan.jpg)

File: 1490895703934-1.png (531.69 KB, 800x1000, d4c362879b1b83fc02f0ac5eff….png)

Requesting Alolan Ninetales standing on top of an ashamed male Noivern, edging the bat, keeping him hard. Freezing him a bit would be appreciated, too, he's a bitch to both ice and fairy types.


>starts off as a nice porn comic
>turns into a comedy
>and then into drama
The art is nice but the dude needs to focus on what he wants to do.


File: 1490912421760.png (172.08 KB, 500x750, 1490835462673.png)


Does this count?


File: 1490919078455-0.png (1.06 MB, 1200x1100, 65517f9dacfb6ded673666e50d….png)

File: 1490919078455-1.png (415.67 KB, 981x1280, leavanny pic colored proje….png)

I want to see that samurott (M) fucking this leavanny(F), in some position where i can see both. Preferably Samurrot dominating


Not exactly what I had in mind but thanks for fulfilling the request. I'm sure someone will like it, it's just not my thing.


requesting solo m garchomp successfully managing auto-fellatio


Requesting a trainer using his anthro female Haxorus' boobs as a pillow.


File: 1491014398781.jpg (154.29 KB, 640x853, IMG_2595.JPG)

Requesting a blushing Shaymin with with her pussy out.


File: 1491029547407.png (154.19 KB, 728x541, h4He6lrg.png)

delivering an old request, coloured


you're great


File: 1491064853113.jpg (234.4 KB, 750x682, happy family.jpg)

requesting arceus trying to be sexy by licking their hoof


Requesting sweaty masturbating charizard


Requesting Latios giving Latias a pearl necklace. I can't believe it's been over 10 years and we don't have a pic of latios cumming on latias' neck.


Seconding so hard



File: 1491352285601.png (194.91 KB, 750x525, Draw009.png)

Quick drawing for you


File: 1491355122916.png (210.68 KB, 650x750, Draw010.png)



Requesting Bonnie being eaten out by a (female) Gardevoir.


File: 1493728361165.png (1.14 MB, 3013x2382, primarina.png)


Requesting a female Lopunny power-bottoming a male Diggersby.


Requesting some cuntboy art of timburr so i wont be the only one who drew some


File: 1503070954100.png (183.11 KB, 687x669, sneal.png)

eh sure why not

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