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Old Thread: >>19621

>'There's a disturbing lack of rape recently' Edition

This thread is for Pokémon drawings, including those involving a human. Anything that's human-only should be posted in the other sticky.

Resources: http://pastebin.com/T8ab8NYQ

Tumblr tag: vpdrawthread
Booru: http://vp.booru.org/ (please tag your pictures and upload only drawthread things)
DA Group: http://pokemon-drawfriends.deviantart.com/
Drawcard Gallery & templates: http://imgur.com/a/LTgWW#0
Drawfag survey: http://i.imgur.com/GMecUOb.png
SFW thread: http://www.4chan.org/vp/drawthread


Requesting female Heliolisk or Breloom porn

any shit is welcomed


File: 1509182979923-0.jpeg (114.99 KB, 746x1070, 8E5E7D9D-2C2D-4A51-A1DA-1….jpeg)

File: 1509182979923-1.jpeg (115.61 KB, 729x1097, F01DA4F4-AF5B-4575-9985-7….jpeg)

File: 1509182979923-2.jpeg (248.96 KB, 877x575, 55DABEA8-123F-4704-941A-E….jpeg)

Requesting this Primarina anthro in either of these 2 poses


File: 1509183299484-0.jpg (3.23 MB, 3331x4255, 1478931695420.jpg)

File: 1509183299484-1.png (50.37 KB, 250x250, 250px-655Delphox.png)

Requesting a male Braixen in a frilly dress being teased by a female Delphox as he tries to hide his erection.






File: 1509195107115-0.png (1.38 MB, 1050x1500, eFr55zZ.png)

File: 1509195107115-1.jpg (136.62 KB, 1084x1200, C1d4EkyVEAAgOT5.jpg)

File: 1509195107115-2.gif (286.2 KB, 194x144, m0532hpdd.gif)

Requesting someone willing to draw an sexy mightyea or an sexy busty midnight lycanroc impregnated by an facehugger as her belly swells and shakes, and kicking bumps?


Requesting two male meowstic frotting


File: 1509205897009.png (160.61 KB, 605x550, ClipboardImage.png)

Requesting male brawleon riding Typhlsion dick reverse cowgirl-style.

If a possible bonus, have it be a bixsexual sandwich with female Espeon sucking him off.


File: 1509209376935-0.png (686.74 KB, 641x765, img20170913_00471045.png)

File: 1509209376936-1.png (1.22 MB, 1047x868, img20170811_00395825.png)

I request a drawing of this little shit


File: 1509209496670-0.png (110.44 KB, 475x475, servine.png)

File: 1509209496670-1.png (623.3 KB, 1277x928, mawile.PNG)

Requesting a male Servine having sex with a female Mawile.


can I get a Nidoking being powerbottomed by a Nidoran female?


requesting a male kirlia dressed in her mommys lingerie while his mommy gardevoir poses him and takes lewd pictures for their master


File: 1509212058922.png (758.1 KB, 1240x976, 1503526272399.png)

requesting a front view of this scene. It is dawn being mounted by quilava at a contest.


Requesting a Shiny Gardevoir male crossdressing and wearing a chastity cage, but clearly very embarrassed and aroused. A collar with a tag that has a large upper case L on it would be bonus points if you could.


File: 1509212955343-0.png (13.35 KB, 322x183, linoone.png)

File: 1509212955343-1.jpg (29.55 KB, 300x279, shaymin-sky.jpg)

requesting male shaymin sky on female linoone


File: 1509213184489.png (104.11 KB, 494x497, Untitled(3).png)

Requesting Jasmine getting fucked by ampharos.


Requesting a well hung femboy gardevoir having his big soft cock played with by the viewer and telling him it's useless because he'll never make babies, he's meant to be bred like a female
wedding dress/lingerie a plus


Ribombee trying very hard to jerk off a dick thats almost too big for her to grab onto



Requesting a trainer holding hands with a wedding dress-wearing female (or male if you really want) Mega Aggron, from the trainer's pov


File: 1509228714028.png (968.53 KB, 960x640, 1507512432823.png)

Requesting Male Typhlosion on female Suicune


requesting male drampa, optionally paired with male altaria


File: 1509230198076-0.jpg (183.14 KB, 1280x1280, 1508987636871.jpg)

File: 1509230198076-1.png (192.95 KB, 500x500, f60.png)

File: 1509230198076-2.jpg (852.17 KB, 4096x2936, 792.jpg)

Requesting a very big Primarina with an Anon between her bouncy breast


Requesting a small plump female cresselia being fucked like a pocket pussy, by anyone or anything that the artist decides as long as the size difference is clear.


File: 1509238471119.jpg (2.04 MB, 2000x2960, 1509077658513.jpg)

Requesting a female espeon pegging a
male umbreon, please


Requesting some thicc Absol


Requesting Sableye crossdressing, thematic outfits such as cheerleader, witch, nurse, stripper, prostitute, librarian, and other things would be great. Him being massively embarrassed or progressively more slutty as he goes from reserved outfits to much dirtier ones could be a nice progression.


Requesting a female absol getting filled with cum from a Typlosion


File: 1509245653263.png (1.4 MB, 1600x900, 2317191 - Dark_Violet Pork….png)

Requesting this Quilava getting creampied by the Arcanine, position is up to you


File: 1509246908897.png (337.21 KB, 1123x2000, 5117a067232967ca4e47b3b6a8….png)

Requesting a Shiny Absol getting impregnated.


Requesting a male ampharos bouncing on a large dildo


File: 1509251699944.png (271.67 KB, 1035x1569, 1505552293961[1].png)

Requesting this Lopunny naked on a bed.


Requesting a male primarina that just got jerked off.


Requesting an Espeon sucking itself off


File: 1509272303455.png (1.1 MB, 1423x1422, Divine Derriere.png)

Requesting a male Gardevoir getting a rimjob from his female trainer, please.


File: 1509273110485.jpg (1.65 MB, 2644x1972, 1508777632760.jpg)

Requesting this Gardevoir and Gallade stripped down to their underwear/lingerie/stockings and panties
Gallade being proneboned and trying to hide how much he loves it through multiple prostate orgasms and the Gardevoir creampieing him and telling him what a good cocksleeve or babymaker he'll make. Going so far as to say he's claiming his ass for a cumdump or something more crude would be awesome.


File: 1509277095291.png (523.62 KB, 2000x2000, snakeporn.png)

from old thread


its almost halloween, we need ghost stuff
crossover if allowed here
male mismagius fucks either lady bow or vivian from paper mario


requesting some requests be done


Thanks a ton!


File: 1509303526571-0.png (293.39 KB, 1000x1500, 8FCD4F45-62F5-4501-BCE6-D9….png)

File: 1509303526571-1.jpeg (121.84 KB, 850x783, 41706974-54E9-476B-B557-2….jpeg)

Requesting Gardevoir, with nipple pasties on and busty, squeezable tits like first pic, stroking to cocks and pushing them into her tits like pic 2, but with groping like in pic 1


File: 1509304474396.jpg (477.5 KB, 2061x1998, 1505814241585[1].jpg)

Requesting a female Primarina pulling down that blue dress thing and presenting herself.
Something kinda like this, face included.


File: 1509306344546.jpg (604.13 KB, 1245x1353, garde3.jpg)

for the previous thread


OH YES you're amazing


This is VERY good. Do you have an account somewhere?


thank you, nice


File: 1509324217886-0.png (78.39 KB, 321x459, commission__water_starter_….png)

File: 1509324217886-1.jpg (1.23 MB, 1200x1074, c71fdff705dcbad647d6639f08….jpg)

Requesting two gay males of this fakemon.


File: 1509331870577.png (7.74 MB, 2136x2640, ref sheet arceus.png)

Requesting an obviously aroused female Arceus in some manner of a seductive, yet modest, tempting pose with the only real indication that the Arceus is female being pussy juice dripping from between their hind legs, and a small puddle of cum on the ground.

Alternatively you can just draw them however you want, I'm not going to be a stickler in a request, but be warned you might have to draw god pussy. Here is hoping these refs can get some kind of idea going, tried to get a variety showing different posing and angles, and shots with both eyes visible.


File: 1509349086738.png (583.94 KB, 1280x1024, Tsume.png)

Requesting some thicc female Zangoose spreading her pussy for the viewer. Prefered anthro with breasts.


requesting an erect muscular sawk either: begging to be fucked and/or being pegged by a lady or humanoid pokemon (medicham, beheeyem, throh, etc), thanks in advance


I will love to see this drawn!


Requesting a really shy male milotic covering his eyes with his dicks


File: 1509383970590.jpg (777.32 KB, 1200x1200, 1506305862986[1].jpg)

Requesting this with Salazzle, except the skirt is much shorter.


File: 1509389551679-0.jpg (82.84 KB, 874x915, IMG_6942.JPG)

File: 1509389551679-1.jpg (813.99 KB, 2500x2381, IMG_6943.JPG)

Requesting a wide hipped, big assed, femboy anthro Mega Gengar (basically like the ref Gengar but minus the breasts) pressing his ass against a glass wall with a thick dildo attached to it, while riding and enjoying it, his fat juicy cock leaking precum onto the floor, and the POV being from the other side of the wall.


File: 1509403757991.png (1.85 MB, 2225x1307, Meowth in a bind.png)

Requesting Meowth tied up and gagged real good like in that pic.

But don't give it that ridiculously oversized dick. In fact, you can keep that pump thing off altogether. A tight cockring would be fine


File: 1509478307644.png (4.35 MB, 2070x3050, 8dbd5208291c3218efd782e93f….png)

/r/ This Milotic lady getting fucked in the cowgirl position. Bonus points if she's lactating, but it's not required.


File: 1509502923336-0.png (42.56 KB, 250x250, 250px-151Mew.png)

File: 1509502923336-1.jpg (159.55 KB, 900x600, 1b8862476a2290635d2254f325….jpg)

Requesting a Mew with a worried look on its face as the trainer is grabbing its chin like this image with the phrase "I'm done for…" on it


File: 1509508071275.png (308.69 KB, 1280x1067, Avante - AbsolxSylveon.png)

Would love to see a BDSM seen with these two, but for the Sylveon to have a pixie haircut.


Requesting Nihilego using its tentacles on Lusamine


File: 1509562544748.png (536.08 KB, 1724x1704, braixphox..png)



File: 1509586101526-0.png (1.18 MB, 1125x954, 6df153c375f15099d64178fdcc….png)

File: 1509586101526-1.png (782.21 KB, 1152x720, fe5901d46a80233d4a4591da6b….png)

Requesting a Sneasel in a thong sitting on top of a guy, his erection directly pointing at her pussy


OR here, that's cute as heck. Good job.

I swear I've seen that art style somewhere, but can't remember where.


Requesting a Silvally using their massive ass to block anon's path, sex organ up to you


File: 1509631450236.png (98.36 KB, 280x260, ClipboardImage.png)

I NEED an image of this rocket grunt being impregnated by male Silvally please!


File: 1509633268820.png (465.45 KB, 850x476, 1509632267949.png)

So we still don't have any porn of lunala getting raped to death


Thanks, glad you like it.
Though now that I've slept on it I'm sure I could have done a better job.
I've posted here before over the years, and on various boards here and there. I'm also super inconsistent so it might just be your imagination.


Requesting this, specifically by her trainer.


Also requesting this.


File: 1509675475686.jpg (783.69 KB, 2133x2844, 65722444_p0.jpg)

Requesting a meaty thighed Silvally giving himself a footjob.Lord have mercy does my body need this.


I second this wholeheartedly


File: 1509741569471.png (2.52 MB, 1280x1600, Charizard.png)

Requesting nude edit of this Charizard girl. Hopefully still holding the book.


File: 1509770930865.jpg (123.61 KB, 1590x888, Anne Forever.jpg)

Requesting a Mallow and Oranguru version of this screenshot.


putting in a request for latios neckjob


Requesting Lunala sucking a cock, please.


Requesting a female Marowak masturbating with it's bone.


Requesting Type: Null in a chastity cage


File: 1509956253349.png (1.42 MB, 3000x3600, Serena.png)

Requesting to have a coloured version of this, or another photo of Serena straddled on one of these things.


File: 1509959490744-0.jpg (37.66 KB, 760x422, pokemon-eevee.jpg)

File: 1509959490744-1.jpg (14.53 KB, 400x349, Zoe-by-SamNormie-HD-Wallpa….jpg)

Requesting the new champ from League of Legends, Zoe, being fucked by an Eevee.


That guy requests Serena, I'm requesting a male Heliolisk like this, because goddamn. With a slit, of course.


File: 1509986335560.jpg (296.92 KB, 852x999, bluh.jpg)

I uhh, might have switched her ears around by accident. But i inked her!


I second this request, it looks amazing


Any requests for thicc pokemons? Preferably one that's not so commonly drawn or asked for.


how about Dunsparce?


Slurpuff or Machoke (females pls)


Not OR but awesome job Vono


Male Luxio


male meowstic


thicc female yungoos


this >>20266 paired with zangoose, please
or is zangoose too common


Maractus, Spinda, Pheromosa, Alolan Meowth. All male for whichever you choose


Requesting male Greninja getting a boobjob from a busty Chesnaught.


Florges please


Requesting aftersex belly-up female primarina


requesting a really shy lunala being fingered very gently and carefully because she is delicate beautiful angel


A Scizor with a really, really big abdomen


Oh my, that Sneasel ass sure looks ready for a round of merciless pounding. Nice job, V.




File: 1510115757403.png (126.79 KB, 449x758, Tropiusgirl.png)

Requesting someone outline and color this.


Requesting male dragonair kissing male milotic


Requesting a serperior creampieing his own coils.


File: 1510161524544.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.25 MB, 600x517, 1510156026149.gif)

Requesting r34 of this dragon and its glorious thighs


Since I know there are people who won't want to be spoiled by leaks, please mark spoilers until USUM are released.

You can spoiler your text by enclosing it in double-asterisks like this, and you can mark files as spoilers when posting with the post form at the top of the page.


requesting necrozma making the severed head of lunala suck him off


requesting a female primarina presenting herself


requesting naganadel x mega beedrill needs to be done already


File: 1510186495683.png (117.93 KB, 500x700, e933cfb58707967986934ef2d0….png)

Requesting a rear view of this female Glaceon in lingerie sticking her ass up.


Requesting someone willing to draw an sexy mightyea or an sexy busty midnight lycanroc impregnated by an facehugger as her belly swells and shakes, and some kicking bumps?


Yeah, a female Machoke would be nice!


Male Clefable


File: 1510220809944-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.88 KB, 649x478, SPOILER_PIC2.jpg)

File: 1510220809944-1.png (Spoiler Image, 29.07 KB, 226x300, SPOILER_PIC1.png)

Requesting some cute femboy Zeraora either presenting his butt or lying cute on bed


Requesting dawn wings Necrozma being slutty as possible with their newly stolen Lunala body


Requesting just a headshot of a lunala looking upwards with their mouth agape, tongue out and eyes closed while cum/honey is poured all over their head.


Requesting an animation of a Zangoose giving her trainer a blowjob with a cumshot at the end.


seconding this


this fucking guy




Is it a bad idea?


the idea isn't bad. that you're asking for an animation however, is ridicouless


These threads barely have artist. The off chance that one would also animate is pretty slim but I suppose there is no harm in trying anyway.


Yeah, I suppose it is to much


Fair point, I'll change it just a comic strip.


Requesting Totem Ribombee using her totem energy to easily subdue and reverse rape a male trainer in cowgirl position.


Requesting a male lurantis bracing a wall, getting jerked off behind while cumming


second this, so much

Also gay male meowstics would be lovely


File: 1510378426601.png (450.18 KB, 1233x1001, d1.png)


File: 1510379146370.gif (119.61 KB, 505x448, TheGif.gif)





That's looks amazing!


absolute madman


Requesting a busty and slightly anthrofied Ribombee squeezing her tits together, honey seeping out of her nipples.


I know it's been 5 days now but thicc Eelektross?


>someone requests an animation
>everyone mocks him for “asking too much”
>this shit happens


I was just thinking the same thing. That shut them up good




requesting a shy male tyrantrum getting some heavy petting


female arceus femdomming male silvally


File: 1510536206252.png (270.57 KB, 988x819, masturbating marowak.png)


File: 1510536381705.png (Spoiler Image, 74.68 KB, 320x240, 1510433256762-vp.png)

Requesting a very needy Rotomdex begging its trainer to fuck it, its circuitry all heated up and presenting either an erect penis or a soaked wet pussy, whichever works.


nice work anon!


This, or just showing how madly in love it is by french kissing its trainer.


File: 1510588119592.png (141.6 KB, 391x526, Arceus_Normal_Type_by_Xous….png)

Requesting Arceus with his head stuck deep in a hole, 'struggling' to free himself(shaking his ass) because he can't stop thinking about how vulnerable he is to a dicking he totally doesn't want, resulting in a dripping boner and his tail flat against his back.

If you're feeling generous add a little heart coming from near where the hole is.


Can't wait until it's finished


File: 1510602843911.png (861.68 KB, 1500x1400, spacelama..png)


>>20340 Not the original requester, but, wow, that looks amazing.


Oh goodness, that's great. Thanks for the pretty quick delivery, and the clever choice to give him a genital slit.


do one of quilava please


Someone draw this!


arceus machine broke


[Arceus.exe has stopped]


File: 1510631228576.png (208.02 KB, 927x700, 1506479440175.png)

Requesting a Primarina version of this.


Seconding, if only because I am surprised it doesnt exist


File: 1510726353349.png (2.98 MB, 815x1668, ice.png)

Froslass on an ice cream cone, got the idea from the other thread.


Requesting a thicc and busty Gothitelle in transparent nightgown


It's just a cone, and that ice ain't creamed yet


File: 1510769523313.png (259.49 KB, 498x480, dont sleep with your mouth….png)

Requesting a kind of short comic with a bunch of panels showing that innocent, sleeping Chespin get covered in more and more jizz (you can reuse the same panel over and over), finally woken up by the bitter taste of a load in its mouth, realizing what happened and breaking down crying.

Keep the Chespin gender neutral, this isn't really meant to be a sexual thing, but all about human nature to corrupt everything because we can and because we enjoy it.

I know its a bit much, so I don't expect any coloring and the final panel really is the most important one.


File: 1510771794472.png (456.58 KB, 900x833, lunalaaa.png)

Requesting a male lunala atop a table sticking his cock through a hole in it, beckoning the viewer to come over and milk him,possibly taunting them to do it as well.

this pic should be a pretty good reference for posing


female garchomp screaming at a dick


File: 1510807041661.png (382.89 KB, 1600x1893, weavile_vector_by_pokemon_….png)

Requesting pregnant weavile with nice tits


Requesting primarina sucking a dick while clapping


Requesting sneasel impregnation


Requesting male silvally getting pounded in the ass by a machine


This, or Silvally being fisted, either or


Requesting Poipole getting vaginally penetrated by a human in Doggy style position.


Requesting a strung up and gagged latias with tears streaming from her eyes as her vagina is scorched with a blow torch


Requesting Garchomp and Flygon frotting, with Garchomp as the aggressive male


File: 1510986344608.jpg (778.46 KB, 2447x2383, image.jpg)

so i drew a mating press of a samurott and a leavanny




/r/ kyurem sucking and stroking his dick at the same time


Requesting a Vulpix spreading her pussy, embarrassed over her feminine odor.


Requesting Primal Groudon being fucked in the ass by Cloud Nine Golduck


File: 1511058190395.gif (26.82 KB, 300x289, legendary tsuchinoko.gif)

Requesting a female serperior built like the Tsuchinoko, flipped on her back and fully exposed


File: 1511076519246.jpg (35.89 KB, 400x240, 1510952348310.jpg)

Requesting porn of this


File: 1511076598413.png (247.21 KB, 782x391, vp.png)


Requesting a female delphox in the late paralysis stages of rabies being taken advantage of, fingered by a gloved hand while getting fucked by a dick with a condom on


oops, I garbled my request. Just maybe one of the gloved hands keeping her legs open and the other one holding her wrists together as she gets fucked.


File: 1511102205161.png (128.6 KB, 600x600, 600px-741Oricorio-Pom-Pom.png)

Requesting a POV of Pom-pom Oricorio cheering the viewer on as he fucks her


Requesting male Noivern, on a collar and a leash, held by the viewer, being very aroused, but embarassed by it. Slit preferred.


Seconding this if noivern has a bright teal dripping cock on full display


Requesting Pheromosa and Lusamine fellating a human man together.


File: 1511129489009.png (872.65 KB, 1280x1280, 788Tapu Fini.png)

Requesting the male MC walking in on Tapu Fini fingering herself, who is getting off on being watched.
Or just Fini fingering and groping herself into a squirting orgasm.


Requesting male virizion being fucked from behind by a faceless anonymous dude who's also giving virizion a reacharound


File: 1511186890861.jpg (330.71 KB, 2052x986, hardfuse.jpg)

Requesting me a sketch of the viewer slipping his dick into the sableye girl he was sleeping next to, the imp looking back over her shoulder with a ready-to-play expression.
If you can make the view angle such that one can also see her tits it would be amazing.


Is there a place where we actually upload deliveries? The booru is pretty dead.


>>20390 Most people just upload here I think.


Requesting a femboy gardevoir crossdresser on his hands and knees with either a disembodied dick or a faceless male trainer cumming in their ass, ahegao on the gardevoir and a dialogue line on the bottom that says
"Gardevoir was seeded!"


I seconded this!


File: 1511232595538.png (2.13 MB, 1194x1909, goth.png)

kinda rough but heres this.


File: 1511234503458.jpg (43.16 KB, 437x600, 1509556421358.jpg)

Requesting an ass shot of this Glaceon.


File: 1511241673652.png (242.53 KB, 1024x764, $RL6PUEU.png)

Requesting female treeckos covering a pikachu's dick with their feet.


could you have at least posted a pic that doesn't make other footfags look bad


File: 1511271188899.png (172.96 KB, 788x1000, Scyther.png)

Requesting an anthro Scyther with this design getting a handjob.

Or, requesting a female anthro Scyther with this design getting her boobs groped.


File: 1511282685929.png (381.02 KB, 792x594, C6nUfHiU8AAZfz0.png)

Requesting Lugia kicking back and using their foot to push Charizard's head onto his cock.


giratina cumming on a plant

either form


Thirding. Noivern is my favorite.


The color choice for the body makes it hard to make out the goods and I think purple would be better suited, but the curves are godly. You've earned this pat on the back, kid.


File: 1511327136886.jpg (429.72 KB, 1362x1717, sketch.jpg)

heres a quick sketch


not him but I feel like you took his reference images way too literally


Requesting a crucified Latias getting a vibrator on a stick pushed into her pussy


File: 1511370430720.png (517.21 KB, 1830x1674, d9ppjmj.png)

Requesting an anthro arceus with her shirt pulled up, a single boob exposed as she's pinching the nipple to squeeze breast milk into a glass, lower half of her body can simply be hidden by the table the glass is on so you dont have to draw it. regular Arceus colors please


Was it rape?

Was thinking more like lying down on the side like the left reference but that's pretty l-lewd too, cheers.


It's going to be.


giratina falling apart


File: 1511409734780.jpg (63.72 KB, 1024x1024, CZfLx78UYAA_Uts.jpg large.jpg)

Requesting a dead latias that had her head smashed brutally against a rock, visible sections of skull and spilt brain matter preferable


You do realize you can just request this in regular /vp/ drawthreads, right? This is for porn.

Unless, y'know… you're into that kind of shit.


File: 1511422226089.png (112.26 KB, 825x493, sketch.png)


did another quick one because the first one was kinda fun. a bit of a contortionist but, hey.


File: 1511422559841.png (1.05 MB, 1253x1500, oricorio.png)


that'd be one hell of a workout


File: 1511452196699-0.jpg (777.8 KB, 1038x1088, tumblr_n5s7l7USXa1t3d33ro2….jpg)

File: 1511452196699-1.jpg (13.08 KB, 352x198, 2ad0e541824827bc27419e2309….jpg)

Requesting a female Absol giving her trainer a blowjob with then the trainer jacking off while absol has her mouth open letting her trainer ejaculate a massive load on her tongue, in full color too.


>I want a free commission


File: 1511464560447.jpg (2.1 MB, 2480x3146, 1509502339285.jpg)

Requesting Arceus doing a mare drop/mare slam on a random trainer, pic related is what a mare smash is


Please draw this!


>in full color too

That makes you sound like such an ass. Might as well have asked for hyper realistic.


>asking someone to use a fat brush on a second layer is the same as asking for actual skill


Actually anon, that's a reverse cowgirl. Except with a horse.
No need to thank me, just doing my job.


File: 1511476707921.png (1001.88 KB, 1280x720, Mienfoo.png)

Requesting a sissy Mienfoo with cute cone dick presenting his butthole. Bonus points if he's wearing a condom, leaking precum, or a low angle squatting POV like he's about to sit on the viewers dick.


Alright no color then


Either way it would cool to see this drawn color or no color


Look, some call it reverse cowgirl some call it the mare meteor but it's still the same in the end


File: 1511485123403.png (1.15 MB, 1280x985, 4e4fec75-0f11-4cda-aee1-f4….png)

Requesting a male Flygon in white maid lingerie presenting his ass and balls.
Basically pic related but with a male instead.


Bumping. A sketch is fine, too.


I seconded this!


That dick looks kind of weird coming out of nowhere but the body looks great, nice tits too, cheers anon.


Requesting a female lugia using a male dragonair's entire body as a dildo, holding him just below the head with the rest of the body inside.

On second thought you won't be able to see whether or not the dragonair is really male but who cares


File: 1511543231189.png (45.05 KB, 1565x1195, Primarina.png)

Here, for you


Wow, not OP but thats cuta'n'sexy!


OR here and thanks!

know what? You deserve a little something for this! You got anything you want me to draw for you?


File: 1511550915429.png (832.4 KB, 1280x1280, ClipboardImage.png)

Requesting Primarina giving a "two-handed" flipperjob with those flippers of hers.


You sure?


Hilarious, and thank you for drawing it so nicely!


File: 1511564039467.jpg (61.48 KB, 800x600, DPZ7TnGUIAIOEQp.jpg large.jpg)

let's get some fingers slipped into necrozma's shining pussy


File: 1511568561508.png (1.09 MB, 1253x1500, oricorio.png)

I appreciate it, glad you like it. Don't worry about doin something in return, I just liked your idea quite a bit and thought it was super cute. Also, here's another version with darker lines and more contrast and such in case that looks better.

get the fuck out of here fam, ya din draw shit lmao.


File: 1511572196653.png (105.17 KB, 600x375, CSPExAcVEAA0-h9.png)

Requesting Latios smearing his cum into Latias' eyes


File: 1511574611712.gif (440.95 KB, 500x360, t3_1fdvb7.gif)

draw something based on this gif


File: 1511585599794.png (322.06 KB, 585x543, ClipboardImage.png)

I need to request a picture of Empoleon plowing this Gardevoir up against a showerwall. The more romantic it looks the hotter it is.


hey, it's fine man! i felt like drawing something for a guy in return anyway. maybe just giving me your mon you want to lewd is enough

Thanks for the pic btw!




Source on that ref? It looks familiar.


OP here, is the gif still in the works?


File: 1511646168959.jpg (133.36 KB, 1024x768, 56716821_p0.jpg)

Requesting a Latios that is bent so tightly into a ball that he is able to use his prehensile dick to scritch behind his ears.


File: 1511652785247.png (1.17 MB, 1000x800, fuse_corp_charazzle_by_sup….png)

Requesting porn of this fusion.


File: 1511653365468.jpg (23.12 KB, 400x240, maw.jpg)

Requesting this made into porn


File: 1511674350573.png (143.92 KB, 648x902, absol.png)

i saw your request and i wanted to try it, wasnt gonna post it but here we go haha


Requesting delphox wife


File: 1511677805415.png (221.72 KB, 1457x1173, leaking.png)

i tryed


Thanks for the deliveries guys!


requesting an older and/or larger female pokemon giving her young trainer a hands on sexual education due him going through puberty
thinking something like a lopunny, primarina, arcanine, delphox, kangaskhan, or something like those.


Hey, that's okay you did your best, I still appreciate it regardless ^^


Requesting a busty Delphox milf sucking a human dick from a glory hole, while she's surrounded by degrading graffiti.




File: 1511739200664.jpg (35.23 KB, 400x240, primarina hitting the low ….JPG)

Requesting an artistic interpretation of this

>"Eat your beans Primarina! Eat them all up!"

>At this climatic battle
>"Mistress I don't feel so -"
>It's super effective


primarina's anal song…


Seconding this


requesting a bent over zebstrika getting his balls grabbed by multiple hands, they don't all have to be human


File: 1511897493081.png (400.42 KB, 914x1280, tumblr_ounj6bq42W1tc8saxo2….png)

I dare anyone to draw lewd of this meowstic


is it your character


I recognize that character it from this blog http://meowystical.tumblr.com/

Anyway I don't think the character belongs to the person who requested this.


Regardless I think a cute meowstic like her needs some lewds drawn


File: 1511920552284.png (3.05 MB, 1625x1807, 1500243734591.png)

Requesting part 2 with pregnant Umbreon.


Here’s something I just recently figured out: only female mosquitoes suck blood, and only male cockroaches have wings. Thus, if Ultra Beasts have similar biology, Buzzwole would be female and Pheromosa would be male. In light of this, I request a female Buzzwole pinning down and aggressively riding a male Pheromosa.


rip the pheromosa's tiny fragile pelvis


I meant to type "with those HUGE flippers of hers", but ,y point still stands.


*my point stills stands. Jeez, I can't type as of late…


File: 1511944393178.png (1.02 MB, 1654x1600, 055b12be59548de58ac021f022….png)

>tfw you accidently post outside of the thread
Requesting a Delphox getting fucked in her sleep. Or getting fucked by surprise. The bigger the butt the better.


File: 1511978897505.jpg (536.39 KB, 1558x1813, mewhip.jpg)

Would like a sketch of the female mewtwo reluctantly introducing the viewer to a new episode of PETTERZ, with basic form anon sitting in the back.
Her slutty sister mew probably got her into that mess.


Requesting an embarrassed looking Rotomdex covered in cum


Requesting a thicc male Deoxys giving the viewer a suggestive look


File: 1512077844346.png (249.31 KB, 800x800, 3eba8c403b08fe7f0dc6df5757….png)

Requesting Naganadel ravenously sucking a dick.


Requesting a thicc female Garchomp.


Requesting an embarrassed Steenee with her fruity bits falling apart, causing her pussy to be exposed.


Requesting a male Sylveon in orgasm denial by his own ribbons.


Requesting a male dick fuck cock the giratina.


File: 1512240209183.jpg (425.45 KB, 1918x2024, DQCD_KJU8AAH6G-.jpg large.jpg)

Requesting role reversal featuring a male lunala tearin' it up with a female solgaleo


File: 1512244339005.jpg (203.18 KB, 1002x868, gar.jpg)


love those two words.

have a lot of free time today and I feel like doing more sketches. taking other similar requests if anyone is interested.


requesting a femblaziken dying from getting her ass spanked to much and too hard


Really neat, if you're looking for ideas how about >>20274? The world needs more thicc bugs and thicc abdomens.


File: 1512258263876.jpg (667.47 KB, 2418x1735, fox.jpg)

kinda fun doin this one.

sorry, im not really feeling that one.


Thanks,i love it!


Just gonna bump this here


Hey, someone took up my request. Appreciated pal.


How about a big female Ho-Oh?


File: 1512343210543.png (1.11 MB, 800x800, reqqq3.png)

Requesting Rosa getting fucked by a handsome big latios stud. Have most of the latios' head out of the frame, at the very least everything from the eyes and back out of the frame, with mainly just the latios' open steamy drooling mouth in view as he's fucking her with her outfit still mostly intact. If you could have the latios holding onto the skirt with his claws, like lifting it up rather than holding her ass, that'd be fine. It's up to you however this is done because I really just want to see her getting fucked from behind by a latios.


Requesting a Deoxys getting violently fucked (or raped) by a Darkrai. Both male please. Extra points if he's crying


File: 1512378539105.png (385.62 KB, 580x698, 66151625_p0.png)

Requesting this but with the floette evolved into a Florges.


File: 1512422301782.jpg (411.69 KB, 1663x2605, Deoxys.jpg)



Can someone draw Necrozma's smooth prism cock



I'm not the original requester but that's really nice!


Requesting a male haxorus laying on his back, jerking off and pulling one of his legs back, hand behind the knee


Requesting loli-style anthro Cosmog getting molested by Necrozma in her sleep.


Can you draw an arcaine orally impregnated by an facehugger on her face with an bumpy belly. ;3


File: 1512643826386-0.png (889.24 KB, 1280x1280, 763Tsareena.png)

File: 1512643826386-1.png (89.3 KB, 393x393, 802Marshadow.png)

File: 1512643826386-2.png (789.96 KB, 1280x1280, 762Steenee.png)

Requesting a Tsareena coercing a femboy Marshadow dressed like a Steenee into sucking a dick.


File: 1512696035732-0.png (160.24 KB, 400x535, Ultra_Sun_Ultra_Moon_Prota….png)

File: 1512696035732-1.jpg (38.56 KB, 600x574, Pyroar.jpg)

Requesting Sun being molested by four female Pyroars.


File: 1512700310032.png (401.48 KB, 1280x1280, 592Frillish.png)

Requesting an anthro female Frillish flirting with a femboy male Frillish and teasing his erection.


I second this!


File: 1512756605349.jpg (126.05 KB, 1730x2048, DQh7t6oUMAEInEc.jpg large.jpg)

requesting a male dragonair creampieing his own coils


Requesting a Kartana giving a hand job…


Requesting a male silvally eating while taking a cock up the ass.


Requesting Virizion showing his balls off to the viewer.


Requesting Diancie showing off some oral skill after taking a thick facial


draw a dick grinding itself up against salazzle's puffy pink pussy


Requesting a male Lunala trying to maintain his composure as he struggles under pleasure to masturbate in a classy, gentle way.


Those are lovely ideas!


/r/ a salazzle sticking her muzzle eyes deep into another salazzle's pussy


Can you draw an arcanine orally impregnated by an facehugger on her face with an bumpy bulging belly. ;3


Because surprisingly there are so few pictures of it after over a decade, requesting a picture of latios licking latias' pussy.


Requesting a little Elgyem getting his little alien cock caressed and head petted


Requesting a femboy anthro glaceon cumming while being hilted by a buff herm blaziken


rotom dildo


there is a picture of game dawn using rotom as one somewhere on the web


File: 1513149447960.jpg (301.39 KB, 1517x1058, b6aed78695f60522a7f0c5df1d….jpg)

Requesting a coloring of this.


Requesting a male Garchomp bracing a wall, holding one of his legs up to show you he came down his other leg




File: 1513251315120.png (181.16 KB, 778x778, 803Poipole.png)

Requesting a Poipole getting filled so much her belly swells, and orgasming by squirting poison from her needles.


seconding this


then draw them


kinda bored, need to scribble something. Got anything good of sableye or the like for me?


What about a female Poipole in a sling bikini?


File: 1513271293854.jpg (89.77 KB, 710x800, 1bc5ce7eb4cdb7c05ada71e445….jpg)

requestng gardevoir or/and gallade (or bunch of thicc fembois or your choice) twerking on some dick like the ones the video


>>20600 if you are not too bored, can you do this with sableye


Requesting someone sucking on some delphox tiddy


You rarely draw large tits. Regardless of what you end up drawing, you should try that some more.


Requesting this but with a Darkrai


It won't let me put up an image, never fucking mind


File: 1513356374877.jpg (2.44 MB, 3771x2473, the self.jpg)

Requesting a herm Arceus fucking themselves with their own set of genitals and self-fertilizing

A concept example is given


Requesting anything with a female pokemon domming her trainer, having her way with him and making him her personal sex toy.


Requesting a female virizion with her legs forcibly spread over a fire that's just inches away from burning her pussy


willing to sketch thicc female preferably anthro pokemon


true form necrozma?


fat zangoose tits
messy, of course


how's about primarina or lunala?


VONO! im so happy to see you back
Requesting two femboy sableyes in lingerie pressing their asses next to each other with them saying "me first!" and "you always do her, try me out!"


The world is still lacking some adorable but fucked silly thick Spinda girls


File: 1513445447256.jpg (480.09 KB, 1835x1547, zng.jpg)


female sableye dominating a larger mon, teasing his dick and not letting him cum


File: 1513531037894-0.jpg (459.71 KB, 925x1012, doodl_0002.jpg)

File: 1513531037894-1.jpg (368.84 KB, 732x1051, doodl_0001.jpg)

just about the two i could muster for now. Maybe a few more later


OR here, this is the correct amount of fat
I hope you take the other requests


love you vono thank you!


Pls draw more Poipole


requesting a femboy poipole getting his little ass bred in like a 4-koma
First panel is him refusing to experiment sexually, second one he pities you enough to wear some kind of sexy underwear (corset, stockings, panties) and has a nice little bulge; third panel he's on his back and begging to be bred while being fucked, and the final one is post creampie where he says he can never be a man again after you (the viewer). Sorry for the wall of text.


Draw that Poipole getting vaginally penetrated please.


if you're into inflation >>20597


File: 1513561741927.jpg (432.54 KB, 1482x1152, doodl.jpg)

couldn't decide which i liked better so I kept two


Not OR, but can there be a version where he's pissing himself?


get out niko


File: 1513565325983.jpg (277.03 KB, 1500x937, spnda.jpg)


heres some quick sketches of a few spindas.


If you're still taking requests, could you do a femboy Sableye in a tight shirt and miniskirt corrupting a female Sableye into becoming a slut?


Requesting a latios fucking a dead latias


File: 1513650740008-0.jpg (330.5 KB, 735x1079, doodl_0002.jpg)

File: 1513650740008-1.jpg (159.66 KB, 574x893, doodl_0001.jpg)

here ya go!
I like this pairing but im a bit dry on ideas for corruption. Anyone got one?


Requesting a shot of a Serperior licking up against the full length of a cock


draw a milotic clinging onto life with one final look of sweet release and sheer bliss as they suffocate while orgasming from auto-erotic asphyxiation, with rope/netting/fishing line around their neck and their gillholes clogged with or covered by tape or random tiny bits of trash discarded into the sea by careless people


Can you draw an busty arcanine orally impregnated by an facehugger while on her face as her belly bulges outwards? ;3


Hello, I was informed by one of my friends that someone requested lewds of my character Radi.

I would like to mention that this is indeed my character and that I don't mind lewds being drawn of her.

In fact I'll give you a scenario to work with and since I'm a sucker for Pokephilia how about Radi giving a male human oral with a cumshot.

I want to see if anyone's up to the task :3c


File: 1513788607970.png (54.18 KB, 349x511, ClipboardImage.png)


don't come back


You're an idiot thinking you could get away with that.


Requesting a Meinshao having her clit bitten by a Weavile


Requesting Uxie showing off her big butt.


Requesting a female garchomp masturbating with a hitachi magic wand, but they're shoving it into themselves instead of holding it against the clit


File: 1513822467594.png (707.28 KB, 2081x1653, Uxie.png)




how do I commission you?


May I have the same but with Jirachi please?


>eyes opened
but great job, she's hot


File: 1513862827801.jpg (812.78 KB, 2251x2245, Team gen 7.jpg)

Unfortunately you don't


aw, really? your art is pretty good, I'd love to hire ya for something


lunala anthro fingering her lactating nipples


Not OR but that second picture is amazing. I’d love to see a continuation where she’s milking the poor guy dry after edging him for hours.


File: 1513895629378.png (513.28 KB, 1411x1345, Diancie.png)


kindly requesting tapu lele using her psychic powers to hold down tapu koko and force him to cum


File: 1513910755683.jpg (189.86 KB, 904x840, dinner.jpg)

here's part 2!


File: 1513913101516.jpg (348.9 KB, 844x1096, blarghh_0001.jpg)



I love it!


Not going to lie, that'snot what I expected but… It is hilariously lewd. Thank you, I like it alot!


Can you draw an busty arcanine orally impregnated by an facehugger while on her face as her sexy belly bulges outwards please? ;3


good good, vono!


requesting a latios laying against the floor grinding his dick between the ground and his belly fat in order to masturbate


>female Lele/male Koko
>not requesting tapu lele using him psychic powers to hold down tapu koko and force her to cum



Requesting Pheromosa kissing a male trainer and jerking him off.


I only just got here and read the disturbing lack or rape.

Requesting a Lucario female reluctantly being used by her trainer as a sex toy.


Requesting a Noivern eating out a blushing and unwilling Tsareena.


make your own request then


Requesting this, but with a tall female Machoke.


File: 1514223489053-0.png (881.84 KB, 1493x1900, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1514223489053-1.png (333.87 KB, 905x651, ClipboardImage.png)

Please draw an busty arcanine orally impregnated by an facehugger while on her face as her belly bulges outward! o.o


Stop spamming your request over and over,that won't get it done faster.


File: 1514228411264.jpg (182.7 KB, 1707x1105, Lunala-concept-art.jpg)

Lunala only has one nostril, and is a big girl.

Requesting a literal facefuck, of that nostril being penetrated by a dick, much to her discomfort.


Seriously though with a height of almost fourteen fucking feet her head proportionately would be plenty big enough to fit a dick in the nose, especially since the nostril is consolidated into a single hole


File: 1514248671399.jpg (280.33 KB, 900x971, draw.jpg)


its just the right size for her to enjoy it as well.




You should just stop!


a thicC latias


File: 1514331281224.png (466.09 KB, 1260x1095, dec 8 misc vp scraps impre….png)



Not OR but good shit my dude


Maruko you should really draw some more preggy pokes like Garde or Tsareena or whatever may strike your fancy


File: 1514399269797.png (53.46 KB, 172x230, ero.png)




File: 1514417428958.png (608.26 KB, 1600x1550, XU2NrJP.png)

Kindly requesting a de-censor.

It still perplexes me that Japan is home to some of the most depraved fetishes imaginable, but showing full genitalia in their porn is somehow going too far.


Requesting a male Jirachi in a foursome with Azelf, Mespirit and Uxie, all female.
Preferably not anthro, preferably with the girls being in control.


Requesting a naked Primarina wrapped in Christmas ribbons.
By naked I mean no blue dress or shoulder veil and stuff.


I requested anthro female ekans with normal legs and big pregnant belly.


File: 1514550604902.png (100.51 KB, 642x502, pomf.png)

Late x-mas request to see a slightly mindbroken but happy sableye girl standing in the aftermath of a bukkake, her head, arms, tits and general upper body covered in garlands of semen.
The guy(s) responsible asking off-screen "What are you?"
The imp replying "I'm a christmas tree," with a big smile and arms out a bit to resemble the shape, please.

Balancing on one foot to show her enthusiasm would be neat too.


Good for you.


OR here, this is fantastic.


File: 1514569795747.jpg (69.99 KB, 800x566, 79d180494abc7cc442a4703dfe….jpg)

Requesting this Umbreon squeezing her breasts for the viewer, with only a thin strip of cloth covering her nipples.


File: 1514571301154.png (79.21 KB, 300x365, 1101011.png)

/ring/ high class tier froslass being presented with dick she's running a finger up under the shaft to measure and see if it's worth her time, with a smug smile, please.


Do you have any more examples of your work?


Requesting a Latios on his back, a latias riding his dick while another latios is fucking him in the ass, holding onto the latias for support


Basilisk form Giratina taking a facial.


requesting a lunala milf molesting her daughter while telling her sweet nothings about how it's good for her etc etc


Requesting an Arceus hooked into a milking machine that has his legs and cock trapped, completely preventing him from escaping as he's forced to orgasm while having his face scorched by flame.


File: 1514751612986.jpg (612.15 KB, 1920x922, 2431.jpg)

Requesting Braixen shitting in her sukumizu and then showing off her dirty asshole.



Requesting a thicc anthro arbok and a thicc anthro seviper giving the viewer a double buttjob


File: 1514821581455.png (49.45 KB, 153x197, Arcanine-Pokemon-Go.png)

Here's an interesting one.

Requesting Arcanine chin-deep in and struggling to swim in a thick, gooey mud.


Requesting a double footjob from a kangaskhan and a nidoqueen


Requesting Gallade and female Mismagius procreating.
Or just about anything lewd with these two, really.



File: 1514840443616.png (660.88 KB, 957x2409, Froslass.png)



File: 1514846925257.gif (329.87 KB, 1288x584, 61a.gif)

Requesting this be realised into proper porn.


File: 1514864766764.jpg (134.58 KB, 510x590, gl.jpg)

heres a quick one for you


it's hard to understand how people like gallade with hat stupid ass design gamefreak gave it


requesting a seadra suspended bottom-up with cum leaking from the snout and pussy, preferably draining down onto the floor/down her stomach


oops, meant kingdra.


Witty froslass is the best.



File: 1514928154556.jpg (433.03 KB, 1536x1562, BROWNIE.jpg)

Requesting my XY character getting screwed by either Barbaracle or Tyrantrum


/r/ female mega beedrill post-orgasm(s) as the honey stick is pulled out of her


OR here, thank you so much!


Someone draw an busty arcanine orally impregnated by an facehugger while on her face as her belly bulges outward. please!


requesting that thing over and over again isn't gonna make it get done. It's more likely to discourage it



What is the bump limit before new thread?


File: 1515001073385.jpg (207.59 KB, 1381x800, 2017112.jpg)

Sketch request to see the female sableye imp hard at work with her trainer, riding reverse cowgirl on the couch.
Please have him hold her waist and show how he can almost touch fingers around her slim body.
And if you feel real kinky, some bulge on her stomach too from the human dick.

The guy can just be faceless.


Requesting a xerneas in frilly maid attire with his dick out, cumming on the floor and a focus on his rear exposed by the dress


a busty arcanine orally impregnated by an facehugger while on her face as her belly bulges.


File: 1515093074974.jpg (626.51 KB, 1008x1848, cacturne.jpg)

from the other thread

and i can take request or two


Your take on a curvy Jynx?


Also really nice work man, I like your colouring


plusle and minun making out, maybe?


can you do either of these?


how about a thick femboy Sylveon fucking a thick femboy Zorua? Double the thick


Anthro Milfmagius on top of an inexperienced Gallade, assertively guiding his dick to her pussy and informing him they're compatible for breeding


Could you do one of these maybe?



How about Meloetta Aria slutting herself up in the middle of her performance?


>i can take a request or two, i.e. fuck every other request that has already been posted


>taking offense to someone not wanting to do your request
bad requester


think you can do anything with naganadel? doesnt seem like there is much stuff out there


yeah that normally what that means


Maybe a male Jigglypuff or Clefairy being milked by a female Gardevoir or Lopunny?


Too bad it's one of the reasons why you end up with repeated requests, namely the arcanine facehugger fag who can't take no for an answer


File: 1515115942818.png (227.43 KB, 1013x764, tumblr_p21yrwmKQA1rq61h5o1….png)

could someone here uncensor this pretty please

it's the only picture from the source artist that just so happens to be censored, but the vags they draw arent exactly good



Go back to the tumblr post, it's already posted there.


File: 1515197636481.jpg (1.86 MB, 2973x2478, neutral.jpg)


good shit my man, thanks a lot for making this! those two are such a perfect pairing


File: 1515245203232.jpg (488.62 KB, 2122x1210, 2017112.jpg)

Requesting imminent sex with classic female mewtwo.


File: 1515287748118.png (1.37 MB, 1368x768, 1515286596364.png)

apparently this is in an official manga now. who approved this?


someone said there were a lot of fart jokes in the manga and nobody posted more when I asked, if you have any more, please share


requesting a pregnant latias sucking a suck, basically a latias with a really rounded body


File: 1515381918895-0.png (815.8 KB, 1280x1280, 792Lunala.png)

File: 1515381918895-1.png (177.32 KB, 600x600, 600px-800Necrozma-Ultra.png)

File: 1515381918895-2.png (512.32 KB, 2400x2000, 1514685463839.png)

Requesting color


>mere inches if even less from forcibly having to give ultra necrozma cunnilingus/a rimjob

Ultra necrozma getting mouth action from Lunala whether the Lunala wants to or not needs to be drawn


File: 1515446143107.png (553.75 KB, 2400x2000, necrozma dom wip.png)

the cutin was more visible in the WIP and it was clearly an anus


So, basically the same picture you posted but with a cock?


I opted to find the best possible reference pic for my request and I think I pretty much had nailed it.


File: 1515468265071-0.png (539.01 KB, 2400x2000, color1.png)

File: 1515468265071-1.png (546.17 KB, 2400x2000, color2.png)


Lazy 10PM color job. I don't mind if someone with better skills wants to do this instead.


File: 1515471063535.png (58.46 KB, 542x538, two anuses.png)

OR here, the colors are alright, although lunala is a bit darker than normal. also, what's with the second one where U-Necrozma has two anuses?



I copied and pasted the one from the WIP image, there should only be one.


The blush is so strong that you can see it better than lunala's eyes


Requesting necrozma possessing Lunala and using their claws to rip apart the Lunala's pussy


Requesting a cresselia grinding hard against a bedpost


requesting face down ass up scolipede


File: 1515600336379.jpg (568.47 KB, 1362x1425, clef.jpg)


Requesting Cobalion backing his ass up to the viewer ordering them to finish licking his balls


Requesting a male Silvally riding an altered form Giratina's cock cowgirl, cumming on the giratina's chest


if ur still doing these how about a thicc Delphox lady getting her body groped by several disembodied hands


requesting a showboating male primarina basking on a rock with his dick on as full display as possible


Requesting Fem Simipour giving a tailjob


Female anthro leavanny(sp) fisting herself


Requesting tied-up Delphox milf getting titfucked by a fat human dick against her will.


Requesting silvally getting a memory disc inserted into the pussy.


/r/ milotic drinking semen


File: 1515890234853.png (855.93 KB, 1932x1539, dinnertime.png)


Well thank goodness for that. That was a faster delivery than I could've expected, let alone a delivery at all, and for that I am glad.


>that neck
why is she so fat, and why is she crying?


File: 1515895159336.jpg (24.67 KB, 298x286, IMG_20180114_025243.jpg)

Requesting a Froslass kissing a dude with those plump lips of hers.



She's swole because of all the protein, duh.


Could you give me the full pic?


A skinny milotic would never survive in the climate they live in, anon.


File: 1515971745037-0.jpg (445.79 KB, 1800x1500, frostbutt.jpg)

File: 1515971745037-1.jpg (753.19 KB, 1400x1600, ref thing.jpg)

File: 1515971745037-2.png (599.68 KB, 1280x1280, powder snow.png)

Not sure if there is anyone in this thread that does anything fart fetish related, but I may as well try.

Requesting a Froslass letting out an icy pop while covering her mouth in embarrassment, kind of like the picture of the Meloetta attached. The picture of a glaceon is included to give anyone that decides to pick this up an idea of what I had in mind for the effect for the icy wind.

might as well since I had a request in mind, though I would have posted it anyway, my request came to mind while I was looking for it

Milotics don't get big until halfway, she looks obese


File: 1515988889689.png (967.3 KB, 2400x2000, 1515381918895-2.png)

idk if you still here, but I colored it also. I decided to make Lunala's blush not as saturated. Hope you like it, if you're still here.



Not him, but you did a really nice job.


OR here, really love the gradient work you did, and nice job on the transparency, I wasn't expecting that



I'm the OA and the drawing was just beautiful, it even has better coloring and shading than what I do… Congratulations!


Can we get Lunala eating out ultra necrozma's pussy?


Requesting a Latios leaning back against some rocks, rubbing one out psychically. Pref with cumshot/aftermath of cumshot


File: 1516072562935.jpg (1.23 MB, 2444x2225, dance.jpg)


Requesting a garchomp with a meaty tongue worshipping a cock/some sort of phallic object to tease the viewer with


Requesting Vespiquen being pissed off that cum got on her


REQUESting Palkia eating out altered form giratina.


Absolutely LOVING those melo thighs and lower legs


File: 1516215511095.png (311.17 KB, 808x1264, liligant.png)

I hope I did this right


this is the correct thread for that, although it wouldn't show in the actuala thread until I reloaded multiple times even though it showed up on the front page

I'd love to see a liligant dressed as a french maid dutch ovening her master to wake him up if you are ok with fart fetish stuff


Requesting a Latias getting fingered by a male Lunala, that is also masturbating himself.


File: 1516225896904.png (280.85 KB, 942x1000, 143797724564.png)

requesting this cute vulpix very embarrassed at their own erecton


File: 1516231027009-0.jpg (83.72 KB, 850x572, pixiv mbmer id 16130433.jpg)

File: 1516231027009-1.jpg (257.05 KB, 1013x1500, Gkd6BCG.jpg)

File: 1516231027009-2.png (1.03 MB, 551x1122, pixiv id 145848.png)

Just finished SM and I'd love to see some more Anabel with UBs. They're attracted to her, right? I've seen a lot with Xurkitree so maybe some Buzzwole and her in a mating press or hotdogging? No ahegao but bonus if she's enjoying it and has a thick juicy ass.


is that your oc


anyone wanna draw an pokemon of your choice pregnant with an xenomorph?


File: 1516312987772.jpg (61.44 KB, 1024x576, DTzYApcVQAA8s8G.jpg large.jpg)

lord grant me an image of ultra necrozma getting thigh fucked




File: 1516343625689.jpg (244.18 KB, 1920x2000, XTrzrm2.jpg)

It's been a good three years, requesting a take on this pic where they're exhausted, pussy has money sticking out of it/money on the floor, and the bowl is full/spilling over. Any extra writing you want to add is all on you.


File: 1516353311710.jpg (91.73 KB, 670x740, maylene_s_foot_by_xdeusxon….jpg)

Requesting Maylene giving her Lucario a footjob


requesting a drawing of a zebstrika actually cumming a load worthy of a zebra


Requesting a male dragalge being jerked off with 2 hands


God damn, is that picture three years old already?


Approaching four, actually. Too bad that dick has never been milked dry.


Christ, I hardly even recognise my own work. I feel like my style has changed so much and I can't tell if it's for the better.


File: 1516407981033-0.jpg (1.67 MB, 3673x2572, 1516337697198.jpg)

File: 1516407981033-1.png (1.4 MB, 1024x1365, jangmo_o_by_fairlyoddartis….png)

File: 1516407981033-2.png (147.31 KB, 601x659, b6ccb44a0e4bfc181956016d3d….png)

File: 1516407981033-3.jpg (70.62 KB, 500x500, a2bc2635195056c5f4584b866b….jpg)

Requesting a male Jangmo-o getting fucked by a male Totem Ribombee.


Requesting a latias performing auto-cunnilingus, but folding herself backwards reverse-donut style to do so


sultry rayquaza lewds



If >>20836 is your work, I think it's gotten better.


Requesting male Noivern on the ground, legs up, dildo in ass, hands free orgasm and teal cock


File: 1516513020868-0.jpg (12.28 KB, 226x301, bunsucc.jpg)

File: 1516513020868-1.jpg (17.34 KB, 300x301, cattits.jpg)

Not any requests, but I did draw these and I guess it goes here


not bad anon, you're maybe chickenscratching a little too much in the first drawing, but I like your anatomy and expressions. Keep it up


Anyone wanna draw an pokemon pregnant with an xenomorph?


File: 1516573860261.jpg (341.09 KB, 960x931, IMG_2568.JPG)

Requesting lewds of this fakemon, like maybe getting fucked in that same position.


Holy seconded, Batman!


File: 1516745392628.jpg (161.03 KB, 720x478, DSC_4588.jpg)

Request you teach Chespin a lesson about not sleeping with your mouth open.


And before I forget it, good work on that. Do you have a name and or a gallery to follow?


requesting a Milotic masturbating herself while crying


Requesting an Audino (regular or mega) listening to a patient's heartbeat while giving him a handjob, noticing a steady increase in his heart rate.


Requesting Latias sloppily sucking latios' cock.


female lugia aftersex


/r/ing Solgaleo getting fucked in the ass by Necrozma's hard, prism cock.


File: 1517078197514.png (380.47 KB, 1069x598, myutzu.png)

Please draw mewtwo like the girl with a white womb tattoo, marked for breeding.
Or mewtwo tied to a bad while someone is inking her with the tattoo.

The twist; no need to draw the vagina, just two nice cat tats


I’m not sure whether this belongs in the other thread or not, but I’d like to request Necrozma-Lillie pinning down the male protagonist and riding him.



Male milotic getting fucked off by female milotic


sucked, not fucked


This typo made that request pretty funny tbh.
>a male milotic getting told by a female milotic to fuck off


File: 1517171370855.png (570.11 KB, 1280x1280, noivern.png)






bless you OR



File: 1517176681331.png (769.61 KB, 1182x829, audino.png)

oh i have retard syndrome and didn't add the image


File: 1517187248076.png (404.29 KB, 1280x1280, lati@s.png)



not OR, but these are all pretty great. Thanks for contributing, because we really needed some new content.


Requesting a messy as fuck cum edit for this please!


requesting cum sizzling off an anthro or feral volcarona's pussy and lower abdomenal area


OR of >>20969 here, I love it! Cute lewds like these are my favorite.


After seeing this I am very much tempted to request Latios exploding inside Latias' mouth and shooting gallons of cum down her throat.


File: 1517233253404-0.png (988.94 KB, 1448x1353, 1503358734.cracker._typhjo….png)

File: 1517233253404-1.jpg (119.99 KB, 1280x863, 1503070448.k9wolf_lacara.jpg)

File: 1517233253404-2.png (887.21 KB, 1984x2806, tumblr_oue9rkA50G1tdlyn0o1….png)

File: 1517233253404-3.png (755.48 KB, 1150x1700, Shy_Delphox_by_kioon321.png)

anyone wanna draw an pokemon of your choice pregnant with an xenomorph inside there bloated bellies?


Requesting a semi-anthro female scolipede (no breasts or overly humanoid body structure/limbs) pouring milk on vagina and asking the viewer if they have any better white fluids to pour on her


Requesting an anthro latias getting an entire one of her tits sucked on by a full sized serperior.


No. No one wants to draw that. No one will ever want to draw that. Your repeated obnoxious requesting has ensured that your request will never, ever be done. Give up and kill yourself.


Requesting female Salandit, while being lifted up by her trainer from behind, ahegao-ing and flashing V signs as her trainer impregnates her.


File: 1517356654995.png (600.34 KB, 836x1280, fuck your shitty attitude ….png)

You, 20985 guy, because you're such an asshole I decided to fucking draw it. I'm not good, it's not good, I've never drew a xenomorph and frankly I think I shouldn't have and it sucks, but fuck it. Stop being a little douche and just ignore if you don't like. You have brought this drawing upon yourself. Go fuck yourself, and then have a good day because god damn you look like you need one.


it's the quality he deserves


Requesting a Mandibuzz using a bone as a dildo to masturbate.


Requesting a blissful dragonair draping his cock over his eyes as he looks upwards with his mouth agape.


>actually taking the bait


I was bored anyway, good incentive to draw something.
[also if it gets drawn maybe the requests stop too?]


Thanks for drawing it, I wanted it done but I knew it would probably never get done because of the other guy so I tried reverse psychology in the hope that someone would do it out of spite

I’m glad I gave you something to do


You're welcome and thanks.


we /trash/ now


requesting male mismagius something. either solo or him fucking something, decide yourself


Requesting an exchange between an anthro silvally and anthro arceus where the Silvally is upset about having small boobs, then the arceus tries to cheer them up by revealing that they themselves are featurelessly flat but the silvally instantly has a laugh about it instead, to the arceus' dismay


Requesting a male Rayquaza being masturbated by the viewer, via his two dicks being rubbed against one another.


File: 1517619363617-0.png (226.91 KB, 700x561, IMG_20180203_014610.png)

File: 1517619363617-1.png (1.09 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2018-02-03-01-5….png)

Requesting a shiny mega Gardevoir using her psychic powers to pull her trainer's dick inside her and force him to fuck her, not letting him pull out.


Requesting Karen being mindbreaked by Landorus-T's cock.


File: 1517667531136-0.png (435.55 KB, 1480x2589, a8d633925c2c5a90f94ced1be3….png)

File: 1517667531136-1.png (626.1 KB, 1600x2100, 515223ffd3aa7ff3696c36eb3d….png)

File: 1517667531136-2.png (1020.33 KB, 1413x2737, eff55af6600a7445b1db22c62a….png)

Requesting nude edit of these 3 images please


requesting ultra light necrozma performing the act of semen creation


File: 1517785942614.jpg (58.99 KB, 800x600, DTMQm4YVwAAa3-o.jpg large.jpg)

fuck sexy creature come on.


wanna draw an pokemon of your choice pregnant with an xenomorph inside there bloated bellies?


File: 1517807001761.png (264.87 KB, 1718x219, 2-1.png)

Requesting one of these presenting their dirty asshole. Any gender.


This is why you don't give that inch.


requesting male scolipede on their back getting jerked off onto their stomach by a latex gloved hand


Requesting female Zoruark giving Lucario a sloppy blowjob.


Requesting female Zoruark giving Lucario a sloppy blowjob.
(sorry if this pops up twice, my Internet isn't the greatest)


Requesting a female anthro arceus holding a cock that just came and is still hard, saying "I guess that last one was the stroke of luck~" or something to that effect with a cum covered smug face


Requesting a Gardevoir receiving cunnilingus from a Salazzle.


File: 1517859433662.png (1.79 MB, 1000x625, snake maids.png)

requesting these three having a lesbo threesome while fully clothed


File: 1517870025417.png (102.35 KB, 379x379, tumblr_nfxzs9l2qL1rlzx3zo2….png)

Requesting nude selfies of this Ledian and/or Yanma (both female). With small, perky breasts.


just wondering, is this you?


Requesting Dragonite and Goodra double titfucking a human dick.


pls no bully


>these fetishes
I wish I could write characters for shit


nah, I've thought about approaching your character a few times but I'm a useless shitter


not him, but I'm the same, but you have to start somewhere
check your notes


So you finally got what you wanted and here you are asking for more?


Dude? what are you talking about?




Requesting arceus orgasming while laying an egg(s)


requesting some lunala pussy worship


Requesting a mew giving birth


requesting mewtwo receiving his birthday gift from mew


Requesting female Ampharos' large ass getting fondled by a pair of human hands while she's getting fucked in cowgirl position.


File: 1518022248940.png (676.25 KB, 653x718, fusion.png)

Requesting rule 34 of this fusion


File: 1518025976130-0.png (395.74 KB, 995x787, unnamed serperior OC.png)

File: 1518025976130-1.png (1.53 MB, 2100x2350, pose ref.png)

requesting my OC presenting her naughty bits like the second pic, minus the inserted pokeball


Requesting a male sceptile being creampied aggressively and deeply by a Gogoat


Holy fuck when did the sfw drawthreads get so infested with namefags and people trying to get art of their OCs for free?


That animation would be platinum tier if not for the awful human model.


This may be cliche but requesting Arceus showing us the real reason/inspiration for Lickitung's existence


Requesting a Garchomp hotdogging the coils of a Serperior


File: 1518213200617.png (103.1 KB, 960x460, smile.png)

Alright, it's been a long while, but I'm taking lineart requests of female Pokemon laying eggs again.
Try to keep it limited to beastly Pokemon, such as ones based off of mammalian, avian, and reptilian creatures. Also on-model Pokemon only, please.
Lesser popular Pokemon encouraged, but certainly not required.

(Also I'm kind of slow, so it may take a while)


Requesting Poipole masturbating and moaning while rubbing herself up at her sleeping trainer's cock and balls.


gogoat pls


Certainly! It's tied for my favorite non-legend, so you picked well.


can you manage a sylveon or vaporeon?


I'd like a Swellow please


I can do Sylveon.

Sure thing.


On second thought I'll just settle for a Fletchinder instead.


Can do.



I don't know if I can properly portray an orgasm (the lack of a visible mouth kind of complicates things and limits the emotions I can easily do), but if nothing else I'll at least attempt an expression of strain and pleasure


File: 1518223681761.png (286.91 KB, 659x775, 1518035851293.png)

If you're still here, I'd love to see this Lurantis laying eggs. If that's not your taste, I understand.


Lurantis, even though it's not a bug type, is still too buglike for my tastes, plus I don't feel I'm really skilled enough yet for tackling anything more complex than very very simple clothes, outfit-wise; sorry.
If there's any other Pokemon you'd like to see though, feel free to shoot me another request.


File: 1518225227902.jpg (154.67 KB, 856x725, BLISSEY2.jpg)

Alright, how about a Blissey instead?


Ehhh, still too weird of a Pokemon for me.
Sorry if I seem awfully picky like this… I suppose you could keep trying, or give me several options at once to choose from…?


Clefable? Bellossom? Cherrim? Steenee?
I apologize for my strange taste - I have a thing for the more bizarre species; insects, plants, fae, etc.


Yeeaahh, unfortunately, those happen to be the sort of things I can't find any appeal in; beasts and similar creatures, like the things that have already been requested so far, are the sort of things I'm into. The closest thing that I feel would be in a venn diagram of our tastes would be a Togekiss, with it's largely birdlike nature.
Really sorry about all of this!


No problem. We'll try avian since I like birds too.
How about Pikipek?


Ah, a bit too small and petite for me; maybe it's evolution?


Damn it, I really like the small ones.


I could do either one of those; which one would you prefer?


Murkrow! I appreciate it!


Oh, you'll try? Do your best anon, I'll accept whatever you have to show!



Thanks; there isn't any egg laying Arceus out there, and I hope to fill that void


File: 1518433925509.png (811.63 KB, 1200x1200, V.png)

Requesting a Vulpix with Tonsillitis opening her mouth and showing off her swollen milky white throat hole trying to get her trainer to fuck it. Bonus points for using Attract by blowing a breath in his face.


Requesting Lunala licking her sticky fingers clean after a masturbation session.


Requesting a low angled shot looking up at a female ultra necrozma that is standing with her legs spread as far apart as possible, but not necessarily in a squatting positon, putting the golden pussy in full view


File: 1518482327444.png (479.27 KB, 768x1024, 67240641_p4.png)

please uncensor idc if it's super minor it's bothering me


File: 1518519330521.png (143.7 KB, 960x960, mother_gogoat.png)

Man, I fucking love Gogoat, but this was a tough one to do. Basically pulled an all-nighter after a few days of doing next to nothing just because I felt bad for taking so long to get this done.
I have mixed emotions about the legs, but I hope it's not too big of a deal.


requesting just a male noivern legs fully spread being fucked missionary by a dick coming from the bottom of the image


Requesting Lurantis and Tsareena having a boob size contest, one inch away from pressing against each other. Tsareena is being smug, while Lurantis is upset about having smaller breasts.


Requesting a non-anthro Lunala with large (not hyper) tits, the nipples artistically concealed by the white pieces of her chest, holding her breast globes up for the viewer while making a cheeky expression


jesus fucking christ make a new thread already


There you go, you lazy fuck >>21106


Requesting an Absol showing its slightly larger ass off like pic related (thing is being finnicky so i might not have pic)


File: 1519015072218-0.png (Spoiler Image, 994.3 KB, 1198x1184, 1445720940743.png)

File: 1519015072219-1.png (Spoiler Image, 3.74 KB, 240x240, Spr_b_6x_359.png)


now they're spoiler images this is a train wreck


>he doesn't know about pcred566

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