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I would like to make this thread to raise overall quality of artwork created via constructive criticism and tips. Begginer drawfags, let's post our galleries and have other drawfriends comment with some tips to improve your drawing. Post WIPs if you would like some guidance. Posting useful tutorials welcome.

Please don't turn this thread into /ic/-like shithole. Keep it friendly and helpful.


My gallery of what I've posted here:

Any commentary is welcomed.


A nice idea, although you might want to advertise it in the respective human and Pokemon drawthreads so people actually know its here. I doubt many people who visit this place venture outside the threads that much. I know I rarely do.

As for critique I don't really have much to say other than general try to work on anatomy stuff like with the vlupix that could use some work. Though that looks like it could be somewhat intentional.

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