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This thread is for Pokémon drawings, including those involving a human. Anything that's human-only should be posted in the other sticky.

Old thread: >>3073
Resources: http://pastebin.com/T8ab8NYQ

Tumblr tag: vpdrawthread
Booru: http://vp.booru.org/ (please tag your pictures and upload only drawthread things)
DA Group: http://pokemon-drawfriends.deviantart.com/
Drawcard Gallery & templates: http://imgur.com/a/LTgWW#0
Drawfag survey: http://i.imgur.com/GMecUOb.png
SFW thread: http://www.4chan.org/vp/drawthread

This thread is for the growth of artists and for people to enjoy themselves, if you’re going to give critique please do it constructively as rude/blunt critiques won’t help anybody.
Requesters are free to request what they wish but avoid bumping your request every half hour as it’s only going to put people off, try giving it a day or more. Also avoid asking for the same thing every thread, have some patience and come back to it later. Please provide references in ONE image, especially when requesting something outside of the Pokémon universe and if you request something from the old NSFW Drawthread or a separate thread, COPY & PASTE the actual request instead of posting a link.
New artists are welcome to join the fun and if you need any help, some artists are very keen to help, don’t be afraid to ask.


Rerequesting from last thread

Anthro Reshiram pushing her tail out of the way so she can use her magnificent ass for hotdogging


>hating on fluffy tails
Faggot detected.
Requesting anthro ninetales doing something lewd to someone with her tails.


repost from last thread, requesting sopping wet anthro Ninetales girl stepping out of the shower


Requesting a male Kirlia under Gardevoir dress, eating out her pussy


Requesting two Mega Charizards (X and Y) giving a double titfuck to a human.


Any bara requests?




Bara Samurott and Emboar wrestling?


chubby male chesnaught?


Re-Requesting Male Trainer fuck Female Archeops


Solo M Pangoro


Bara Delcatty?


File: 1415399301159.png (201.95 KB, 800x600, please_master_just_let_it_….png)

Only one thing left to doooo~

Hope this is okay, I still need to get better with people in general though.
In time.


Requesting male Purrloin x male Espurr kissing and perhaps rubbing their cocks together.


How about a Persian?




bara male charizard?


Baracario, in case you hadn't decided on one of the other ideas posted already


File: 1415420554365.jpg (456.68 KB, 762x1100, 46968112_p0.jpg)

Requesting good old Gardevoir, but this one in particular. without the panties or getting on with another pokemon of your choice


Requesting that ninetales doing lewd things with pre-pregnant delphox.


Requesting you improve your grammar.


File: 1415432447516.jpg (1.39 MB, 918x1224, 2014-11-07 23.34.44.jpg)

not who you asked but here's a 5 minute sketch


Oh, thanks for view my good Engrish


this is very rad, not even OR


OR here, that's a pretty interesting stylization

Good job, I like it a lot


late but bara Groudon?


Requesting the female Minum with a buttplug in and holding another well-lubed plug, standing over the male Plusle who is spreading his cheeks with an uncertain look on his face.


Seconding this so fucking hard


Requesting dragonite laying on her belly and displaying her rear


Requesting a Delphox using his or her magic stick/psychic powers to jack a lot of disembodied penises off


File: 1415486152810.png (383.8 KB, 1190x739, 1327790.png)

Requesting cute Futachu in any outfit or doing anything lewd you can think of.


Requesting a curvy female Delphox wearing Samus' zero suit.


Huh, that artist/artstyle looks familiar. Mind if I ask for sauce?

Also that reminded me, I requested this in the last thread (>>3571), but I wanted to just quick re-request it here:

An anthro Ninetales done up in a hoodie and skirt, shyly undressing herself for the viewer?

I was thinking of something similar to that Futachu picture, which is why I remembered. Except not futa, and less excited and more shy/coy.

I noticed the last comment in the old thread so I wasn't sure whether to re-request or not, but what the hell, might as well at least try. Thanks, whether it gets taken or not!


Sauce: http://dirtyduckdraw.tumblr.com/
He draws lots of cute pokegirls. And other furry stuff.


Ah, thank you! I knew I'd seen some other images with a similar look before, I just wasn't sure who it was that did them.


Requesting a pokemon breeder (female) with a chesnaught, any position


Requesting anything latias


>no notch tail
So, it is a male Pikachu with tits? Does that even count as futa? I feel like these people need fact-checkers.


Do people actually get annoyed over the notched tail thing? Sure, it's the correct thing, but it's never bothered me.


seconding this, and requesting futa on male frottage


When gender matters, it is pretty important to get details like that right, otherwise it sends the entirely wrong message about your subject. Only reason you wouldn't draw it accurately is if you were specifically drawing it as "Ash's Pikachu becoming a girl" or something strange of that sort. As that image stands, it is basically an anthro, furry, genderswap Pikachu whereas with the notch tail included, it would be an anthro, furry, futachu.

The sexual differences between genderswaps and futas is pretty large. This is why you should always get the details right.


Requesting a Milf Zoroark fucking a young Zangoose and a Milf Zangoose fucking a Zorua


Different anon, but I'd never heard of that before, that's rather interesting. I don't draw, and I don't know if I'll ever get a chance to do this, but if I ever have to write Pokefuta, I'll keep that in mind.


Requesting a shapely anthro Hawlucha being a showoff.


I'm pretty sure he drew her before the notched tail was even a thing, and he decided to keep her that way because fuck it.


the first pic in his tumblr tag of her is dated last december, and he says that someone pointed out the tail thing at first, but instead of fixing the tail he added the peen instead


File: 1415550271070-0.gif (128.33 KB, 900x900, Zangoose (1).gif)

File: 1415550271070-1.gif (360.54 KB, 900x900, Zangoose (2).gif)

Sorry, anon, but I have to break it off at this point. I've got barely time during workdays and I already was dissatisfied with another version I made last week. Also I start to lose interest in it.
This is how far I came. Sorry again.


requesting Mienshao with her paws on her nipples and her sleeves trailing down to cover up the crotch, sort of like those V shaped bikinis


File: 1415596912021.png (377.95 KB, 1100x900, 2014-10-26_16-09-52.png)

anyone with fresh requests?


There's plenty that haven't been done yet. Both in this thread and previous threads.


A cute chubby Leavanny with a buttplug in the part that would be its ass?


How about a chubby Delphox playing with her tits?


Cute female Infernape getting a facial?


Anthro Xerneas doing whatever


File: 1415626997732.jpg (1.09 MB, 1232x1564, wabbits.jpg)

more wabbits I guess. I'll colour this later


A nervous Deoxys (anthro or normal) wearing some black lingerie and spreading it's pussy to entice it's trainer to it's otherworldly delights.


Female Archeops?


Seconding, we need more avian pokemon porn


Anthro or feral?




Not the OR but I'd like to see feral female Archeops as well.


Requesting a Horny BBW Slaking acting lewd and trying to seduce her trainer, please?
Or a BBW Slaking doing anything sexual


Another vote for feral. (No clue where OR disappeared to.)


I disappeared because I originally posted past midnight and went to sleep



Can someone do this?


File: 1415656409155.jpg (237.36 KB, 600x480, tgw4.jpg)

Hope you rike it


Requesting dom Combusken grinding her foot on her sub trainer's cock

Or a Combusken footjob


Very cute and sexy, thanks so much Vono <3
I'd love to see that colored version!


goddamn, that ass

I'm not OR, but that is great, geist


Oh God, this is perfect. Not the OR


Requesting some feral female Noivern.


Requesting Meloetta and Kirlia licking a dick, human dick


Requesting nude anthro Pyroar, grinding against a pillow to get herself off


File: 1415679269787.jpg (234.97 KB, 600x528, jmyu7.jpg)

Hope you rike it


Thanks :3


Requesting sylveon.


He already did a Sylveon, though I wouldn't object to more

Instead, counter-requesting Umbreon and Espeon doing a symmetrical docking hug


Could you do a Typhlosion and Raichu M/M with Typhlosion being the top?


Anthro or feral?
Also I gotta sleep so I'll see if I can do it tomorrow


Well, if you want to give antro a try, go ahead.

If not, then feral is alright

Thanks again


He didn't do a feral sylveon I don't think.


Requesting big bellied bara musclegut Zangoose


File: 1415697738859.jpg (242.84 KB, 958x1080, delp.jpg)

the the drawfriend who was asking for rquests but have this from me instead.


File: 1415698794070.jpg (1.33 MB, 918x1224, 2014-11-11 01.30.48.jpg)

not geist, but did a frontal shot of this


File: 1415698873701.jpg (496.04 KB, 1232x1564, bunis.jpg)

coloured and done!


Requesting a busty female floatzel with someone's dick between her thighs


Requesting a pregnant Mewtwo.


>attack form
My superb nigga, that looks delightfully good. You have my thanks for this.


Your thanks are very appreciated!


Requesting lewd yoga, with any Pokemon, male or female. Though obviously unless you go anthro, humanshape Pokemon would probably be the easiest to go with.


Does anyone wants anythings whit cute little pokemons?


vulpix and eevee?


Female Shinx?


vaporeon jolteon flareon threesome


Female Whimsicott perhaps?


Please less anthro.


Please less not liking what I like.


then more bipeds then! any requests, anons?



Genderbended Nikoking shyly showing herself off


Curvy female Ursaring pouring some honey on her pussy?


It's funny because I think this is the inverse of what he requested. Not bad though.


File: 1415731996010.png (670 KB, 1422x800, nidoco.png)

So I finally got out of my slump and worked up the courage to draw again, hurrah
I think it has something to do with the sudden influx of Archeops
Always needs me some more archeops

Is OR for pic related still around? I might pick her up again
But for now, simple, messy colors will suffice


yup still around


loojs like I didn't pay too much attention on that but hey, it works either way


That's what I noticed after you colored it, but it's good either way, I really just wanted one of them male, one female.


Sorry I went MIA for so long. Want more nido as compensation?


if you feel like it sure


File: 1415734615159.png (221.16 KB, 1250x838, watamidoin.png)

I don't even know what I feel like anymore


ooo a gift~ seems like it needs a dicking tho


OR here, thanks. It is a perfect pic.


File: 1415736599037.png (6 MB, 5760x3240, huh.png)

and then there was this cause whynaut


File: 1415736894024.png (Spoiler Image, 884.37 KB, 1422x800, whoops.png)

holy shit dat filesize
I should stop forgetting to downscale my god damn canvases


Requesting a cute/sexy vespiquen monstergirl
Smut is optional, but tits leaking milk would be suitable.


File: 1415738571908.jpg (378.2 KB, 1113x1600, 1415332677574.jpg)

Requesting large anal insertion(pic related) with some cute anthro pokemon.
Can be any of them, though some of my favorites are: Audino, Celebi, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Clefairy, Pachirisu, Sylveon, Meloetta, Scrafty, Vivillon, Volcarona, Whimsicott… the choice is yours and yours alone!


Think of any female trainer.
Got it?
Now draw her lowering herself onto a large fully-erect pokedick, in any angle/perspective


File: 1415738698381.png (5.68 KB, 112x133, B2W2_Ace_Trainer_F_Pokésta….png)

Requesting Celebrity/ female Ace Trainer in BW2 getting pounded by a hung Stoutland please


Requesting an Archeops sniffing some panties while fapping with his other claw. His trainer standing behind him with a disgusted expretion. Or just some Male Archeops lewd.


Homan-ish Nidoking x Nidoqueen?
Or a gangbang with all the Hitmons and whatever trainer girl?


File: 1415739162061.jpg (135.49 KB, 543x493, 1414306502408.jpg)

Do a girl getting nailed by this dick


Was the one I did not good enough?


maybe not for him, but i'm the one who originally requested ninedildo and twinkario and i said i was quite happy with it, geistbro


File: 1415739674571.jpg (138.42 KB, 400x584, Pokemon breeder.jpg)

Breeder breeding with various pokemon please. The more the merrier!


There already was one done. Maybe I'm weird but asking so bluntly for more or another just feels a little iffy.


Oh, so you were the OR for those?

You have good taste.


Also I guess I'll toss a request out there in case anyone wants to get the creativity flowing, so, uh…

Anthro Shaymin, transforming from land forme to sky forme and becoming more shapely in the process?


Requesting this Lucario as a Riolu, with several female pokemon teasing the little guy over his dick.



How about this then?



I'm gonna need a little more details.


File: 1415744858870.jpg (269.29 KB, 569x669, anthro to piss that one gu….jpg)

Hope you rike it






>>3804 here
Have her happily licking or kissing a dick (human or pokemon, though I prefer the former). Personally I prefer anthro, but feral is fine.


i'm not sure why a little guy would be teased for having a magnum dong

though it'd be cute to see the vulpix/ninetales step in and shoo the others away


File: 1415745481673.png (418.46 KB, 1262x682, 1646f26ca3852f2e40e1276f9f….png)

Requesting a followup to this pic, with the Gardevoir balls-deep up Lopunny's colon, giving him a sizable stomach bulge.


Not even a huge Nidoqueen fan, but these are super cute. Keep it up anon.


Buttom heavy female Shinx masturbating?


requesting a male dragonite wearing panties showing off his butt.


File: 1415751528572.png (460.46 KB, 1031x800, victini.png)

I'll just
Leave this here
Almost forgot the buttwings


Seconding this, it sounds cute in a mean way


i like the sound of this request, i'll try to do it after class tonight.


not the OR, but I'm happy someone is taking it, there needs to be more male Gardevoir






gives a whole nother meaning to the term v-wheel


I owe the idea to another anon who did it a few threads ago


File: 1415774199190.jpg (59.1 KB, 455x270, Pleasedrawthisrequest.jpg)

Requesting a Male Empoleon romantically making love with a Female Gardevoir

I turn 22 today, it'd be a nice thing to come back here to.

I understand I've made the request before but honestly this is a pairing I've always thought fit well together and the kind of image would be really nice to see happen.


File: 1415776946956.jpg (32.05 KB, 450x250, zoroark.jpg)

Requesting a Zorua transforming into pokegirls/pokemon and acting really slutty. Maybe something like a pokemon with a Zorua tail and cum leaking out of her pussy, and the real pokemon is angry/embarrassed in the background.


File: 1415778850942.png (170.71 KB, 900x700, 2014-11-11_23-48-43.png)

Only had a little under half an hour after taking care of chores to get to work on this, but here's a very rough wip just to show what I envisioned the scene to be like. I'll probably finish tomorrow evening or sometime on Thursday.

Hope you like it, and tell me if you guys have any issues with it.


also what do you guys think of a second rendition of this with "anatomically correct" Pokemon? As it is now, they're both pretty anthropomorphic, but I still like Lopunny's correct shape too and think it's real neat. I feel like it'd be pretty hard showing off the bulge with the correct body, but if enough people want it I'll give it a tackle.


Have the lopunny shooting cum feet into the air


Requesting a Female Sceptile (Anthro or Feral) in Switsuit :3


OR here, I'd love to see a version with them both completely "feral", and I also like this guy's idea >>3875
Can't wait to see the finished artwork~


Could you please draw this with a different viewing angle?


File: 1415795792724.jpg (862.61 KB, 1232x1232, 20141112_203333-1.jpg)


Daaamn Vono, she looks amazing. Thanks a lot!


File: 1415799497693.jpg (828.13 KB, 1232x1212, 20141112_213420-1.jpg)

let us treat this colourless liquid as what you call "honey" and is being poured onto her girl parts


requesting a female weavile masturbating with a dong made of ice


Requesting a shortstack Teddiursa being given a honey enema~


File: 1415808605992.png (151.65 KB, 405x499, Fighteon.png)

Not sure if fakemons are allowed or if anyone is even into this, but can someone draw this fighting -eon in a diaper looking embarrassed and cute?


neat man, I love gardevoir's face


>that spoiler
I must inform you that, while fetish stuff is okay, you're unlucky enough to have the one that drives people away. Just like with the last diaper requester, your best bet is commissioning someone on fur affinity.


File: 1415813705882.jpg (1.23 MB, 1742x1186, 20141113_012907-1.jpg)

are ya trying to get me to drawing moth-people porn anon?

and no, I didn't forget about your request. new things to try out


You'd probably have better luck just requesting it doing a lewd pose or something. Good luck, but I don't know of any drawfag that is into what you're into.


Well, if we're gonna corrupt your pure, innocent mind, we might as well push it to the limit, right?



I didn't say that it shouldn't be in one, as long as the diaper is on.


I meant without it, but you're obviously pretty set on that. Like that one guy said, I'd commission if I were you since I don't know of any drawfag who has ever drawn that here before.


File: 1415815326633.jpg (124.29 KB, 919x720, 1415183928692.jpg)

why bother? my mind's dirtier than a dumpster anyway

plus, I can't find any motivation to draw anything better than smut of imaginary creatures anyway nowadays.


File: 1415816466630.png (2 MB, 3052x1212, N Fi P Gr Fl B R Gh D S.png)


There are other fake -eons that go with him, you guys can do whatever you want with those if you're interested. But I'll stick to my request.


you feel dirty enough for >>3886 ?


>I can't find any motivation to draw anything better than smut of imaginary creatures anyway nowadays.

Are you my long lost twin brother?


I know your pain


Yeah, why not, if it'll make you happy. It's not like I have anything better to do in these days.
Also probably this >>3886 too.


File: 1415818131434.jpg (1.1 MB, 1584x1232, 20141113_024614-1.jpg)

bed time. wud colour tomorrow


Requesting a lewd sableye licking on a froslass' crown crystals, please.
If froslass could have a gasm face it would be cool.

The request was too much for /vp/ apparently.


>The request was too much for /vp/ apparently

I got banned for much less.


>nurse outfit
Even better, thanks Vono!


File: 1415819192616.jpg (34.52 KB, 450x370, 1385615.jpg)

You got banned for a request?
What was it?



Chances are, most of the requesters here were banned for a lewd request on the drawthread /vp/.


I got banned for drawing the request, it was similar to yours but it didn't look slightly lewd.


Aight, try and draw me a sexy female Mewtwo WITHOUT any tits or ass. Can you do that, thread?


That Ursaring is intimidating yet enticing as well. Thanks a bunch Vono.


People get banned for any remotely lewd request on /vp/ nowadays.


Requesting Kirlia under a Gardevoir dress, giving her oral sex




lol you think this is some kinda challenge


requesting a embarrassed chubby male charizard


I was thinking Kirlia male and Gardevoir female, but artist can change that if he wants to


File: 1415845461307.jpg (965.27 KB, 1508x1131, 20141113_102211-1.jpg)

aaaaand colours!


File: 1415847912399.jpg (68.26 KB, 576x942, 1399504327333.jpg)

I'd like the Lasses of pokemon - like this one - all having sex with very hung pokemon, and all getting a big knot + loads of cum. Selection of pokemon is up to you


The lucario fucking a girl?


File: 1415848047910.jpg (482.73 KB, 1422x1570, crystal Lyra.jpg)

Crystal and Lyra, fucked from behind either beside each other or in front of eachother swapping cum+saliva or a simple poke gangbang please!


File: 1415848227466.jpg (42.1 KB, 578x462, lucnine.jpg)

Yeah, this. Unless you're wanting him to fuck a human girl.


Requesting Mega Gardevoir stepping over a gusty grate


Yes, a human girl.


File: 1415857117700.png (1.06 KB, 64x64, Spr_RS_Interviewer.png)

Interviewer fucking a wild pokemon as the cameraman gets it all on tape; as a challenge get it from the camera feed with the girl jerking him off or something.
If anyone has a better pic I would like that too.


I'm still not seeing any drawing yo.


Oh. Whops.

I guess you probably should have specified that the first time. Would have saved us all the confusion.


Just wondering if you're still going to do this


Requesting pokemons licking dicks human or Pokemon alike as long as they are not knots.


File: 1415902730284.jpg (206.23 KB, 1280x886, double double penetration.jpg)

Requesting two waifumons of the artist's choice performing some double dong action like pic related.


If anyone tellsme two Pokemon I could do this.




Empoleon + Skarmory?


Anthro or feral?


aren't they kinda anthro in their feral form already?



Anthro is more "humanoid", which is more ugly IMO.


feral zangoose is more chubby with stubby legs though

anthro zangoose would probably be lankier by comparison


ye go for feral then


I guess too late, but I was thinking on Meloetta both formes


File: 1415914577797.png (103.32 KB, 451x500, 7b3b79a2e64180d11a68879fa6….png)

Requesting this with a female Meowstic, but still anal.


Piggybacking from this requesting Plusle/Minun in a similar situation as picture above.


Crystal/Lyra >>3923 bound in a big web and fucked by a Ariados with oviposition, and while birthing eggs/little baby Spinaraks.


File: 1415919110058.jpg (6.82 KB, 200x79, Aroma Ladies.jpg)

Aroma Lady taking a big, thick, smelly pokecock(s) and lots of cum optional


Requesting anthro Altaria squirting like a raincloud


File: 1415933019721.png (21.72 KB, 80x80, Spr_B2W2_Maid.png)

New Actress fucking pokemon and Nate to make an adult-only version of the Big Monster Series, emphasis on Big.


Whitney titfucking a Tauros or having sex with it.


Any generic trainer girl catching the load of cum from any pokemon using her body (mouth, hands, pussy, ass, tits)



is that necessary
drop it


Requesting an Espeon using Psychic on her tail to make it more solid, then using the two prongs for DP

Can be anthro or feral, your choice


gib milf requests


File: 1415991222086.png (359.28 KB, 525x1419, card.png)

I did a thing cause I saw the template and never did one before
Since I'm too afraid to draw in the normal drawthread anymore, figured I might as well unveil my powerlevel


Oh hey, you're the Archeops guy from a long way back. Good to see you're still around.


are you looking for lewd requests? how about male archeops mating with altaria


Up for trying your hand at a lewd female slowking?


Yeah, there were a few weeks where I was missing cause moody, but I'm lurking again.

The archeops brought me back


Milf delphox pls


I might as soon as I get home from work


Milf Feraligatr?


Requesting Froakie bullying Chespin in a lewd way.


Requesting a Seviper coiling a female Zangoose while sinultaneously giving her a throatfuck with his hemipenis and eating her out with her climaxing


4k demands it.


File: 1415998275609.png (246.91 KB, 583x916, 1358.png)

Requesting this with stupid sexy female sableye or banette, please.


File: 1415999911659.png (791.33 KB, 873x1280, 1407366695391.png)

Requesting someone fix Misty's arm in this picture.


File: 1416007504595.jpg (206.68 KB, 873x1280, vaporeon.jpg)

I tried.. had to cover the hand with more cum, i didn't want to redraw the entire hand


requesting male goodra in panties


File: 1416008834022.jpg (455.53 KB, 1023x1114, image.jpg)

Requesting musclegut Zangoose wearing a tight revealing wrestling singlet.


File: 1416013250753.jpg (88.56 KB, 600x480, ert3.jpg)

hope you rike it
I want to but I need to rouse my homolust to do it


File: 1416016567034.gif (486.32 KB, 500x341, 1398385815945.gif)



A milfy Dragonite, please?


Gardevoir with a nice ass and breasts in a maid outfit, getting fucked, giving a blowjob+ titfuck while looking up at the viewer, or riding a thick pokemon's cock, of another species


Requesting a rather smug looking Gothitelle raising his dress to reveal an erection. His cheeks are faintly flushed, bits of delicious pre-cum leaking from the head as he says "I'm a boy, see?"

>tfw nowhere near enough lewd male Gothi art


Oh damn man, thanks a lot!


Well, it's an improvement compared to the rubber arm from before, thanks for your help at improving my poképhilic pornography.


File: 1416052249893.png (504.21 KB, 826x1169, 1415804033710.png)

Not sure if anyone has interest in desexifying something for me, but requesting this Gardevoir's breasts+nipples be removed/reduced and possibly with less girl cum streaming out.

Thanks in advance.


Requesting a cute lewd Misdreavus anthro, in lingerie covered in ribbons.


Can someone draw Zinnia getting fucked by a pokemon? Maybe taking knot+cum inside?


Requesting anthro Vulpix casually lounging on a couch


File: 1416077196659.png (12.97 KB, 458x500, espurrporn.png)


Come on, I want my Espurr porn.


that's kind of tame

did you come from the sfw drawthread


File: 1416080267119.png (498.66 KB, 826x1169, edit.png)

not really my style, tried my best, hope I didn't fuck it up too much.


I meant she would be lounging in the nude.

Are the /vp/ mods really that bad, though?


File: 1416081739825.jpg (8.18 KB, 184x184, 1380574530850.jpg)

OR here, looks great, thanks a lot!


Requesting a lewd Farfetch'd on a silver platter like some kind of Thanksgiving/Canada Day/whatever it is for you surprise. Maybe using her leek as a dildo if you don't think that's overdone. Maybe just licking it seductively if you're confident you can pull that off.


What if… a vore Turducken with Ho-oh eating Blaziken eating Farfetch'd?


Could I request an anthro Ninetales out at the beach? Maybe have her wearing a sling bikini and straw hat, or something along those lines.

Preferably busty, but not mega-massive or anything


Oh nice you did it!


it feels basically these days that if you're not allowed to just be a fan of pokemon in general on /vp/.
If you aint playing the games or talking about the games, you're motifs are sexual and you're a furfag.

I mean obviously I am a massive furfag regardless, but I know plenty of casuals who are still pure and are scared the fuck away from /vp/ right now cause they've been b& for using the word paws or the :3 emoticon


That's dumb. What's the mods' deal being so strict? They just shit or something?

>Ninetales in sling bikini
Fucking hell, that's a nice mental image


File: 1416086491560.png (778.17 KB, 1081x2051, feds.png)

Here take it, even if I don't know anything about diapers and this probably looks like shit.


Weren't the mods antsy because of that Goodra spammer? I thought he finally buggered off.


Seconding this but mega-massive and without the bikini.


Why not middle-ground it and have her taking the bikini off?


It's been kinda like this before goodrafag mcbuiwannabe

also it's not just /vp/

I heard a rumor somewhere that it has something to do with moot pissing off a lot of the less autistic mods and causing them to split/firing them, and then bringing in a fresh batch of internet mods, piping hot and right out of high school. Or tumblr. Or wherever all the internet tough guys come from these days, I don't even know.

My sources aren't exactly reliable, mind you, maybe moot's getting sick and tired of the bad rep it apparently gets over in americaland.

this is getting kinda off topic though




Fair enough. I only started coming to 4chan again recently, so I've been out of the loop.

But yes, I digress. I tossed out my Ninetales request and I have work soon, so I'll be back later.


You shouldn't be using any emoticons on 4chen in the first place. Very few have ever been seen as acceptable, and if you must express that face then post a reaction image with it instead.


>4chan is for serious discussion for mature people like myself!


Requesting a sexy anthro/gijinka Ninetails with her cute little vulpix daughter, the former wearing something sexy and the latter something cute and innocent yet sexy at the same time.


Requesting a busty Delphox washing herself in a lake, while a naughty Chespin is spying on her.



Not bad, thanks.


Requesting female Flaffy in a tight swimsuit.


Shut up Bui.


File: 1416106898192.png (5.6 KB, 538x77, only bui.png)

bui pls


Requesting Bianca giving head to Latios


File: 1416108099803.jpg (1.11 MB, 1631x1204, 20141116_111910-1.jpg)

the dark deed has been done, sir


Requesting super busty ninetales and delphox comparing sizes.


File: 1416110768222.png (430.84 KB, 1000x1000, OwlDoll.png)

Requesting a slightly anthro Claydol lying seductively on the bed, presenting itself towards it's trainer with some lovely bedroom eyes. The trainer is less than thrilled by his Pokemon attempts at trying to seduce him.


Requesting big fat Zangoose booty


requesting anthro femboi lugia or latios


Requesting Female Sceptile in blue Swimsuit <3




Many thanks, vono.


well, im doing that right now so, hop in if you want



File: 1416157720981.jpg (85.58 KB, 630x882, image.jpg)

Requesting a chubby male Lopunny tucking his penis between his legs to look more like a girl.


I want to see a behind-view of that.


File: 1416161309158.jpg (167.57 KB, 621x454, awa.jpg)

okay, Alpha Centauri's over. Hoped you liked the stream


Stupid sexy female mewtwo face get.




Seems like the flood of Ninetales requesters came back after I posted my request yesterday. Grrreat.

I guess I'll toss something else out to maybe spark some activity, so… how about a Swanna harpy?


Since you like flying types, could I get anything with egg laying? There's been a severe lack of it around here.


Requesting a cute anthro Honedge girl, naked and using her one ribbon arm to cover herself.


Also her other arm can just be a normal arm that she uses to hold her sheath now, since she's using the ribbon arm to cover up.


File: 1416188294685.png (524.34 KB, 651x533, lobun.png)

requesting megalopunny flexing her legs, pic related


I can into egg-laying, yeah. I'm still kinda hit and miss though.
I remember having a discussion about oviposition in an earlier thread, actually.
Also I've been slow lately cause I worked all weekend and have shit to study for this week. Blarg.

But I might do a request or two once I'm done drawing something else.


requesting the fox pokemon (ninetales, zoroark and delphox) doing a lingerie/swimsuit/whatever contest

anthro for the ninetales obviously, the others either or




did the artist bail on this or…?


Requesting a Trapdevoir sitting on a bed side and cumming from jerking off


I'll take a fresh request. something quick for me to scribble for half an hour but I'd prefer anything bipedal than anything


Super busty zoroark in a bikini that's a couple sizes too small.


Is azelf considered bipedal? If so then draw an azelf pleasuring himself, gender of your choice.


Female Smeargle covering her naughty parts with paint?


File: 1416219549870.jpg (111.89 KB, 752x1121, image.jpg)

I remember seeing this fighting-type Delphox on the booru. Maybe the fighting-type Delphox training in the nude?


File: 1416234416959.png (903.46 KB, 1280x1010, shandisin.png)

Not pokeyman but can someone fix her right nipple, the one that looks like it's trying to escape back into the forest?
I don't know how simple it is but it would be much appreciated.


File: 1416239043853.jpg (904.35 KB, 1232x1221, 20141117_234032-2.jpg)

I can't ink or paint for shit but here ya go

I'll see what I can do


Requesting female Sceptile making love to her trainer. Anthro please.


Wait, why did you come to a Pokémon board then? Did you not try /r/, or try /b/s drawthread?


Requesting any anthro Pokemon laying down flat on her belly. Preferably make it a shot from behind to show the ass.


alright if I make it more anthro?


Requesting a busty Mega Audino "taking care" of a patient.


File: 1416268362967.png (215.69 KB, 800x600, del9milk.png)

Also these are some strong fluffy tails.


Just want to poke my head in and bump this request before I start my shift.

Niceiceicnice. I'm not personally keen on super-breast Delphox but this is pretty well done regardless.


requesting Gardevoir scissoring or doing anything lesbian with a Lopunny

awesome work, I really love those faces


>ninetales doesn't have equally huge boobs


Aaah, thanks!

Don't think I won't!
Wait, is that how I'm supposed to respond?


You oughta draw other Pokemon more often. Not to knock your Delphox or anything, she's cute as a button, but you've done a lot of her, and that Ninetales is pretty nice.

You also did that Quiet Lopunny, right? I liked that a lot too.


That's exactly how you're supposed to respond.


Haha yeah sorry about that. It's just my Delphox obsession impels me to make more content whenever I can. But yeah I'll nab something else from the thread when I am able.
And yes I did, thank you! I was surprised I landed that one actually, heh.

Phew, that was a close one, then.


Requesting some busty futa Mismagius getting themselves off.


Requesting a female Delphox teacher pondering how to punish some naughty boys who have broken too many rules. Bonus points for cleavage.


in honor of ORAS impending release, i request a Legendary orgy

or just a random Legendary of the artist's choice


Requesting Lucario rubbin his dick on a pillow or something


I Like this request, is there any detail that you want to specify more?


>Claydol, I…
Impressive work Vono. Many thanks for doing the request.


Not really

When I made the post I thought of him sitting on a body pillow but it could be a normal pillow instead


Requesting a busty delphox giving a paizuri to a male Lopunny


Requesting an Arcanine girl laying on her back. I don't care about if she's anthro or not, just make her the fluffiest thing imaginable.


Requesting more Pokemon lewdly humping dolls of other Pokemon they like. Females are fine too. Just smear some fluids to show they're aroused and have been rubbing on it.


this is better and cleverer than my >>4122 request

I don't know if the anon who was interested is already working on it and if he is that's fine but I'll change my request to lucario rubbing his dick on a random pokedoll


Man, this place has been slow the past few days. I guess I shouldn't be surprised given ORAS is right about to come out, but still it's weird to see the place this empty.

I guess I'll request anthro first-form starters?


also finals are pretty close too, after that I'll get back to drawing


Shit, I hadn't even thought of that. Yeah, finals take priority.


I'd draw more but I got addicted to an old game


File: 1416443599857.png (15.81 KB, 592x503, aight.png)

(I've been away for so long I didnt realize it had all come down to this)
It's been a while but I'm up for any requests.


I dunno if you're interested in aged requests or fresh ones, but >>4046 maybe?


Draw a lewd Mega Gardevoir


Some lewd female Hypno maid.


How about >>3717 or >>3746 ?


Cute female lopunny. A lot of freedom with this one in terms of lewdness.


etc, can you do lewd human requests, or do you not have the morale to?


*smug anime reaction image*
human is fine, though I prefer the challenge from the varied pokemon body shapes.


File: 1416445240546-0.jpg (140.52 KB, 894x894, ZardMAID.jpg)

File: 1416445240546-1.jpg (283.21 KB, 600x600, Zardmaid2.jpg)

File: 1416445240546-2.png (506.67 KB, 800x1000, Zardmaid3.png)

Requesting a lewd maid Charizard, either gender is fine.


there's a separate board for humans too.


File: 1416447139015.png (17.68 KB, 592x503, hyhyhyh.png)

Its a bit rushed cause I have a load of SFW requests on the regular board piling up, hope its at least cute enough


File: 1416448145221.jpg (96.5 KB, 800x784, 479cceb34fdf72f9c239fb50d1….jpg)

Only I found these 2 images with what you wish… at least is something :v


File: 1416448201943.jpg (114.56 KB, 800x800, 47a6a3ff7c43b7f617deb5cab7….jpg)

The other pic.


i admire your enthusiasm for finding what the anon asked for, but this is a draw thread, not a share-porn-you-found-on-the-internet thread


File: 1416449392886.png (37.56 KB, 592x503, gagagagga.png)


awesome, thanks a lot


amazing job man, I'm glad you are back and drawing lewds

and if you feel like it, requesting something lewd with megalopunny



makes me cum everytime


File: 1477261700424.png (918.5 KB, 4000x4000, EjTheFunnycolor.png)

Heyya! I have a request, can somebody do a pic of this character doing oral? He tends to spew bluish slime when he feels pleasured/satisfied, and is somewhat cub-like. I'm requesting this because I WOULD just do this myself, but since I have to use a mouse instead of a graphics pad, It'll be painfully hard to do so.

If your'e wondering what this character is from, its not from anything. It's my own character, took me about 5 hours to draw.


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