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Use this thread to discuss the site/board itself, give suggestions, complain, and such.


So, new threads. It seems most people want to separate the drawthread into humans only and pokemon. Thoughts?


didn't saw this before posting, so

feel like this might lead to dozens of threads and things ending up confusing+drama when people request the wrong things in the wrong places. the least this would need is some kind of 'this is as far as we split up things' or something to organize whatever clutter this might lead to


I see what you mean. I dunno, there's mixed opinions, so I'll wait for more input

>say, is this board software able to get thread listings? like similar to what http://fchan.us/c/ got?

Nope. The most I could do is a catalog view, but that'll take a while to implement, and it's not really necessary right now.


i agree that if we have too many different threads itll get confusing fast, but on the other hand i think it would be a good thing to have other thread categories.

pokemon x pokemon
pokemon x human
human x human
are the obvious ones in my opinion, and the only ones we should really need?


I reckon the first two should be bundled together.



Ff the human x human topic doesn't have to suffer pokemon dicks, why should I have to suffer human dicks?
- Someone, 20eventually


making more threads will end with people complaining that their X thread is abandoned while the other is being more active, complaining about dicks is pointless, someone will end drawing a female pokemon sucking one


What about solo's? Would they just go in any?


Just make a thread for pokemon, one for humans and one for pokephilia. Bundling the first two would cause the same problem that /vp/ is having right now.


hey admin, is it possible to add spoilered images?, is people will not be forced to look at things they may not like


File: 1409851099125.jpg (Spoiler Image, 108.22 KB, 397x600, 1404600199183.jpg)

good suggestion, actually! I've enabled it, though the default spoiler image is a bit shit, suggestions/drawings welcome

resolution should be 128x128


so everyone has to spoiler everything or what?
i mean, if dicks are already making people uncomfortable…


I imagine anon meant stuff like extreme images/fetishes
dunno what to think about people getting upset at seeing a dick


File: 1409877884972.jpg (8.11 KB, 233x227, Alors, qu'est-ce que nous ….JPG)

Spoilers are a silly idea, there is no point in spoilering stuff since this is a NSFW site.

I support the idea of splitting the threads into human porn only and pokemon related porn.


well, I think is good to have the option if some drawfriend does some nasty stuff piss scat (I hope not lol) or gay related stuff that some people may not like

about splitting threads, well they can make one for human only stuff and other for stuff related with pokemon and feral stuff, I'm sure there's some people that are not into pokemon bestiality


hey admin, is there a way to enable the post count on threads and image count?, I have no idea when threads reach image limit


but you can see post count and image count before you enter a thread?


there is no post/image limit
but I think it's best if new threads are made after 300-350 replies to avoid clutter and long threads


you are right
I agree


I would be in favor of this sort of thing.


alright, so we'll try separate threads once the current thread reaches the "limit"

so it'll be a human thread and a pokemon thread, yes? with humanxpokemon going into the pokemon thread?


yeah, fair enough



what about my diaper and fart thread?


just post it in the respective thread, people needn't complain about fetishes they don't like
you can just use spoilers if you want by putting two asterisks around your text


*test, feel free to delete*


My bad, TWO asterisks



I dunno, as soon as someone posted a fetish request on the Pokemon thread, everyone jumped down the his throat. Maybe there should be a separate thread/board involving that kind of stuff?


that had nothing to do with it being a fetish request and everything to do with that person having requested about a hundred similar fetish requests over countless vp drawthreads and finally here, to the point where people just feel ashamed that he just doesn't stop. he just rubs people the wrong way. everyone's at fault though. Him for just requesting the same fetishs over and over, knowing that it annoys everyone around him, while having microscopic chance of them being fulfilled. and everyone else who's too stupid to just ignore his posts.

i don't really believe that having a single thread or board for pretty much one single person is the right solution for this. worst case, he'd begin crosslinking his requests back to the other threads anyways, because noone besides him would ever look in that thread.


yeah, what >>1068 said
I think the reason people are annoyed at you is because you continuously re-request even though you know there isn't much chance of your requests being taken

and I doubt a thread for fetishes would get much attention, if any


Fuck off


Yo admin, why the fuck are we still requesting humans? The drawthreads were always meant to be for the Pokemon and ONLY the Pokemon. And it's clear that everyone agrees with me because of all the hate towards human requests.


Quote related, someone who is actually right.


are you sure about that? I don't remember there being hate against human requests when the drawthreads first started on /vp/, so I don't see much of a problem. I'll agree that the human requests are slightly less "relevant", but if they're still pokemon-related, there shouldn't be anything against them. And there's also nowhere (on 4chan) to request such things, so, yeah

>it's clear that everyone agrees with me because of all the hate towards human requests

it's just two people samefagging


this is not /vp/, fuck off


My posts keep getting discarded and I don't know what I'm doing wrong ;_; I just want to post art.


that will happen sometimes if you've had the tab open for a few hours and haven't refreshed
reloading should fix that


ive had this happen with a reference pic or two. they just didnt want to be uploaded. usually helped if i removed one line of pixels to change resolution/hash/whatever.

if nothing works at all, you could try to crosslink from imgur, majhost or tumblr. it would look a bit out of place, but what can you do?


that's a bit odd. could you be more specific on the error message so I could see what the problem is?


also if it ever happens again, upload the exact same image to something like pomf.se and link it here


hey admin, can you delete posts that are not related to draw requests?, or at least tell people to move the drama to another thread


done. I'm a bit hesitant about deleting off-topic posts since it'll make me look like an ass, but if it's derailing the thread I'll step in


Is there like a 50 post bump limit?

Because the fetish thread on the Shitpost board isn't bumping anymore.


you've only been bumping it to get it at the top


Hello Mod dude. If you're still here I was just wondering why sometimes the filter or whatever keeps saying "your post looks automated" when posting sometimes. Most recently I tried requesting "deerling butt" but it wouldn't go through. Is that type of request not allowed or am I just dumb?


Wait, nevermind. I scrolled up and figured out that I should be refreshing since I keep these tabs open all the time. I am confirmed dumb.


is the site too slow for anyone else?, also full images are not loading


It's fine for me, nothing seems to be specifically slow


nvm, it's working fine now



I still think the 50 post bump limit on the Shitpost board is very little, and there's some that actually want to see that kind of stuff. At least in the human one.


The bump limit for both boards is 300.


I went ahead and picked up a domain (drawfags.net was taken, unfortunately) so I don't have to worry about using some sketchy free domain.


New update looks good, but the FAQs page is broken and the quick reply button at the bottom is now gone.


FAQ looks good to me. I've re-added the QR link.


If the FAQ link is https://www.drawfag.net/faq.html It's just returning a 404 for me. Might this just be on my end?


My bad; fixed now.


Thanks, working perfectly now


Do you guys think I should enable user flags?

I'm thinking it might be beneficial for drawfags to have some flags to indicate what sort of requests they take, or if they're even taking requests at all, to stop the "can you do >>x"/"are you taking requests?" spam.

What do you think?


How would these flags look like?


I'm not sure, but they'd just be a small icon that appears next to the name, with text appearing when hovered over. I'm not even fully sure what sort of flags to add.


I think it would be a nice detail, but I'm sure not everyone would hover over it and ask a drawanon to do his request anyway, even if the flag mentions that he doesn't take requests atm.
Is the content of the flag locked to the IP address of the poster? So that I write something in there and as long as I don't change it, it will be the same in the next post? Because otherwise it wouldn't make any difference if it's written in the actual post, flag or on a draw card.


It's just /pol/-style flags; you pick one when you make a post. I thought it might be useful, but we'll see if anyone else likes the idea.


I like the idea, you should try and see how it works


How would that get applied retroactively, though? I don't go to /pol/, so I've never heard of the flag stuff before.

It's an interesting idea, but part of me wonders if some non-drawanons would pick an "I'm taking requests" flag and then garner a lot of request posts and never do them to mess with people. I like the idea and I can see how it might be useful, and I hate to think so cynically about it, but it's still a possibility that comes to mind.


post previews are not working for some reason


What do you mean by post previews?


not him but i can't find any direct links that takes me to the replies.

and thumbnails for some reason, had me to download images from another tab to view them rather than directly in the thread.


>not him but i can't find any direct links that takes me to the replies.
Right-click the "No." part of the post to copy the post link.

>and thumbnails for some reason, had me to download images from another tab to view them rather than directly in the thread.

What do you mean? The thumbnails are broken? What happens when you click on one?


when you put the cursor over a post number, it normally showed you the post, if I'm not mistaken it worked in this board


It still should. If you're not in the thread where the post is it might take a second or two to load the post though.

If it still doesn't work, what browser are you using?


firefox, I just disabled adblock in this site and it works now, weird


Must be something wrong with an adblock rule. If the same thing happens on 8chan (we use the same software), then it definitely is.
There's no ads on here anyway, so you can keep it disabled for now.


File: 1440367759227.png (93.7 KB, 685x570, .png)

By the way happy birthday, drawfaggotry.


it's been a year already, wow congratulations and thanks for letting people post what they like cute pokemons doing it


How about an "art" board where one can post existing art and make threads for individual pokeymangs?


Just go to e621



Well… I don't know, there's definitely more active places where you can do that. Though if there's people who want it here, I can accommodate.


Maybe a board where the drawfags can make threads with their art in case people don´t follow them on their other sites.


hope that you are ready to host two new boards - /vp/ and nsfw /vp/ (maybe have /draw/ merge into them) once that chink fuck everything up 4chan completely.


I'm pretty sure not many /vp/oreons care; just look at how dead 8chan's /poke/ is after the exodus.


it died after mods started to ban people for posting nsfw links.

since there's no new main game yet, the board will stay dead for a while


it wouldnt be so dead if bui wasnt the board owner


We should start a 3d model/animation general thread tbh


That was suggested after the animators got kicked out of /vp/, but drawfriends don't really seem happy with sharing a board with them.


>site was down all morning
>now it's back up
What the fuck happened?


Domain expired, I didn't realize because my Namecheap account (which I only used for this domain) was tied to an email address I never use, so I didn't get the renewal notice. Took them a while to get me back into the account, but everything should be fine now. I've also replaced the SSL cert, let me know if anything off happens.

Sorry for the downtime!


Still not sure exactly why, but w/e the model thread on 4+4chan is dead anyways.


Can you link the drawfag channel on Rizon in the thread OP?
Lurker here, but it's history.



File: 1465376164390-0.png (88.7 KB, 220x308, Take me to my grave Swinub.png)

File: 1465376164390-1.png (122.48 KB, 506x440, Questionnn.png)

File: 1465376164390-2.png (330.82 KB, 500x500, Question Bunny.png)

File: 1465376164390-3.png (555.44 KB, 637x769, No one must know about my ….png)

I love the idea behind the site itself. As much as I despise rule69 stuff in general (due to the sheer stupdity and total randumbness of it most of the time) I'd be nice to have copy somewhere in case 4cesspool stops working again.

Now I wonder do you want to do something furher with that stuff, boorus etc? I mean it's obvious Coldwheelz will SOON SHUT DOWN the fialed 8redditchan pretty fucking soon. Question is why the fuck "Hiroshima Nagasaki" even wanted to cooperate with him, if he knew mot##ADMAN the kek will noinate him ?_?… ?

I am an "aspiring" artist so really respect the stuff administration do in general. There was one /vp/ booru originally, w/pokimanz address but it got inactive due to people not caring.

Now there is shitload about such boorus, but people mostly used it to upload some sick furry-pedo-bony shit, other one was nice as it generally contained settei and gifs from animu.
Likely why name "pokemon" was kept used already.


File: 1465395762976-0.gif (57.7 KB, 600x342, PRYCE IS HAPPENING.gif)

File: 1465395762976-1.jpg (339.41 KB, 1208x900, 5839088.jpg)

File: 1465395762976-2.png (60.03 KB, 480x640, 1272485864701244.png)

File: 1465395762976-3.jpg (264.31 KB, 698x1055, Manga Villains Unite.jpg)

Btw Hiroanashi, Glitchy Bat, Natsukashi and others if you still visit this place (the Karutkhan Meinkraft environment in general), would you be wiling to give me some contact to yourself? Skype as always the same.

I know you have a loads of babby's first rule69 on those idiotic boorus already.

Regars - Butthurt Cracovian Slavic Nigger t. NordAmerikano.
Unfortunately I have to go soon.


Is there anything wrong with the current /vp/ booru?


Not sure if I'm the only one who thinks like this, but it feels like there's more requests than deliveries. Is it just me?


that's usually the case with most drawthreads. Can't do much about it unless more drawfriends appear to take them or current drawfriends try more requests.


is there an email address I can reach the admin privately at?




>your connection to this site is not private
Is the admin still around?


Fixed, sorry about that.


Requesting a feral Victini fucking it's male trainer.


It's back again.


Hey admin there's a human thread that needs to be stickied.


It's back again.


Is anyone going to do anything with the Serena spammer?


Not many people come here. What should we do about it?

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