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This thread is for Pokémon drawings, including those involving a human. Anything that's human-only should be posted in the other sticky.

Old thread: >>7205
Resources: http://pastebin.com/T8ab8NYQ

Tumblr tag: vpdrawthread
Booru: http://vp.booru.org/ (please tag your pictures and upload only drawthread things)
DA Group: http://pokemon-drawfriends.deviantart.com/
Drawcard Gallery & templates: http://imgur.com/a/LTgWW#0
Drawfag survey: http://i.imgur.com/GMecUOb.png
SFW thread: http://www.4chan.org/vp/drawthread

This thread is for the growth of artists and for people to enjoy themselves, if you’re going to give critique please do it constructively as rude/blunt critiques won’t help anybody.
Requesters are free to request what they wish but avoid bumping your request every half hour as it’s only going to put people off, try giving it a day or more. Also avoid asking for the same thing every thread, have some patience and come back to it later. Please provide references in ONE image, especially when requesting something outside of the Pokémon universe and if you request something from the old NSFW Drawthread or a separate thread, COPY & PASTE the actual request instead of posting a link.
New artists are welcome to join the fun and if you need any help, some artists are very keen to help, don’t be afraid to ask.


Requesting a Femnaught giving a male Braixen a titfuck.


Guy who's been posting >>7220 here.

Should I stop with it since no one is taking the request?



you probably should, considering its a ridiculous specific request with many details.


maybe give it a rest until summer is in high gear. hopefully more artists will find their way here then.

also, requesting:
how about caterpie bondage? maybe with yarn, duct tape, or something like that?



If you take away the clothing part, theres no details other than draw an arceus anthro pinup

though i guess arceus themselves naturally has a fair amount more than any other pokemon because you have to figure out what to do with the fucking ring otherwise it looks weird


>caterpie bondage
>using anything but string shot
Come on anon.


>Using anything but cumshot

Come on, anon.


File: 1432778859851-0.png (636.63 KB, 900x1080, ZardMaid.png)

File: 1432778859852-1.png (234 KB, 800x800, ZArdmi.png)

A lewd version of one of the pics related or just Charizard lewd. Either gender is fine.


Requesting a Luxray showing off his erection.


Pandora fucking a female breeder, any position;


because i dont see the appeal in those stringshot pix. and its overdone anyways.

totally don't mind if someone came on caterpie after being taped down though



Requesting bondage caterpie withstanding orbital cumshot bombardment


File: 1432812989779.png (171.54 KB, 500x600, gfgdg.png)



OR here, thanks Anon


Requesting a female anthro Absol, wearing a maid outfit, with her breasts out, lactating, and offering the viewer some of her milk.




Requesting a female Arcanine on her back being fisted.


File: 1432835576964.png (304.32 KB, 900x900, the nastiness of the hive.png)

Messy vespiquen lesbian cunnilingus, the one recieving is the dom. The sub is getting off on it as well, and is holding onto the sides of the dom vespiquen's abdomen. Position them however and feel free to give them the good old fashioned organic dress physics if you must, like Bamia has if it'll make it easier to do.

Also since this situation is going to leave much to be desired with what the dom Vespiquen's arms are doing, draw her licking her claw-fingers clean, as if she fisted the other prior to this happening. One of those give and receive situations.



this pokemon is deceptively hard to work with when it comes to doing pretty much anything involving it


Yup, here. Looking for something simple, cute, slightly different than what I'm used to.


Cute gabite in a lewd maid outfit?


requesting lesbo plusle and minun tribbing


How 'bout a shy female Meowth showing off?


On it.


Requesting female feral cobalion showing off her goods.

Don't do the crotch tit cancer otherwise I'll have to waste time editting your image


File: 1432852788244.png (805.1 KB, 1010x1540, meowthlewd.png)

How's this?


It's quite cute, thank you dear~


Glad it's acceptable, had fun drawing it!


I don't think I've ever seen Pokemon lewds from you before, RF. I definitely like this though.


I can't remember doing Pokemon lewds either. Probably just cause I never attempted it before and Pokemon anatomy and genitalia is weird. But it's a learning experience.

Wouldn't mind doing more.


Then definitely do more! I for one would love to see more lewd cutemon.


What can I get you? Or anyone else.


Does an Emolga girl sound good?


File: 1432854657369.png (139.44 KB, 791x637, Gengal.png)

Something with Gengal?


could you do a zangoose girl presenting her goods?


I'll tackle them one at a time, done with school now, plenty of free time between work. I'll start with the Emolga.


2 serperiors frotting with their double dicks while they both work on sucking the cocks of their dom

Vines from the subs around the base of the dominating serperior's dicks


requesting male keldeo in maid dress with his dick visible underneath the skirt.


Latios trying to masturbate in private but Latias can smell him and isn't leaving him alone.


PoV of a pokemon center vet opening up the vagina of a Serperior laying on a stretcher with their thumbs for health inspection, headrest of the stretcher raised so that its easier to see the Serperior's face


Requesting Lucario in a Zero Suit pls


Requesting a pear-shaped Lucario woman show off her butt in panties.


A lactating milf Dragonite?


Seconding this because I have no idea what it's saying after the frottage part.


It's like the void just touched my mind


File: 1432881035694.jpg (98.85 KB, 500x550, 2181 -safsd.jpg)

Requesting Excadrill and Mew fucking. Excadril being the male and Mew being female.


File: 1432927059538-0.png (338.06 KB, 1083x825, plusli minim res.png)

File: 1432927059538-1.png (447.21 KB, 1200x919, lab rats.png)




File: 1432928340096.png (457.8 KB, 1165x1050, emolgalewd.png)

I hope you meant a female Emolga and not a gijinka Emolga or something… it would've been in the human thread otherwise, right?

Regardless, here you go, hope it's okay.


Yeah, that's what I meant. The head looks a little strange, but otherwise it's great, thanks RF!


lets request stuff thats never been done before for a while.
male trainer sucking female ariados webhole + silkshot



do you guys have a tumblr/fa/name or something?


You can make a request here, anon. No need to harass drawfriends elsewhere.


I think the head is a little big, now that I look at it more. That tiny body was so hard to draw and get it to look right though, aha. Glad it's okay!

I drew the Meowth as well as the Emolga. I lurk here, you can find me here.

On to the Gengal.


i didn't ask for requests or harasment. i wanna see if/what else they've/you've drawn


Oh! I haven't done any Pokemon porn before, really, only human girls from the Pokemon series. They're somewhat old though so, ehh.



So I'm guessing requesting males from you is a no-go then?


You can try. I can draw cocks but I've never really tried a male body. I can always trying drawing males; human or Pokemon!


i see. ok then, if there's nothing non-pokemon related either, i guess checking in here will be as simple as it gets then.

theres a lot of good stuff here, specially with the linework and colors. only proportions between head and body seem slightly off at times


Do you take fetish requests?


Yup. I'm RF, by the way, that's my stuff. I know my proportions are off sometimes but I'm improving.

I will draw anything as long as it isn't illegal or too complicated.


How about a cute, shy Squirtle offering its feet to the viewer? It doesn't necessarily need to have genitals, unless you want it to, in which case it can be any gender.


I could certainly try it. You wanna keep the feet like squirtle's so, reptile feet or would you rather them a bit more human with toes and stuff?


Thanks! Whatever you're more comfortable with, I don't mind at all if you make the toes a bit more obvious.


wait what I thought you pulled an hero off. well thats drawthread info in a nutshell


Nah, not yet.

Gengar's fucking legs and hands jfc


File: 1432941454048-0.png (1.15 MB, 1400x1300, gengal.png)

File: 1432941454048-1.png (1.23 MB, 1400x1300, gengal2.png)

Gengal done. Two versions, hope it's alright, OR.


Not OR, amazing stuff though, keep it up!


Requesting fat bottomed (not fucking outrageously fetishisticly fat) Volcarona girl facesitting an anon and teasing their dick with her legtips.


PlusMin drawfag here.
Not yet, I rather post here, but since I'm new I might do a drawcard or something.


Requesting a feral Ninetales getting fingered by her trainer


requesting a female chikorita performing selfbondage and tentaclefucking herself


/r a latios thats getting his dick sucked by a latias that spat his cum back onto his dick, with the image focusing on the latias.

I.E the Latias' entire body is shown. Draw it from the side, and add in a strand of pussy juice dripping from between the tailfins of the latias, don't actually show her genitals


OR here, it's more than alright, thank you very much RF!


File: 1432999781800.jpg (43 KB, 613x469, do it faggot.jpg)

Back for more mewtwo tits, yo.
Or just a cool tomboy or tsundere characterized female mewtwo, please.


File: 1433016461463.jpg (236.7 KB, 780x981, banette 2.jpg)

quicky from last thread.



File: 1433020654160.png (214.66 KB, 500x600, dgfhffgfd.png)


Milf or cougar?


Requesting a female absol taking a large dick in her pussy (creampie), doggy-style, eyes rolled up and tongue out.


Latias (or Mega Latias) getting throat-fucked with an angry expression but like she's enjoying it (or with tears coming from her eyes and with a scared expression works too).




File: 1433023184370.png (201.28 KB, 500x600, hjkghj.png)


requesting slugma ass


requesting a weavile fisting a bayleef


File: 1433025168089.png (999.6 KB, 2241x2062, ninetails.png)



requesting people to request more interesting things in the future. another latias? how about pidgey?


I just requested slugma ass m8



OR here, thank you Luffsas




are you serious


File: 1433027539788.png (153.65 KB, 454x255, EP810_Vivillon_de_Violeta.png)


Requesting Vivillon orgy. Bonus points for each one past the second Vivillon involved.


Are you serious?


half of those are generic furbait


Never enough Male Zangoose on female Seviper action!
Requesting loving sex between those two!


not the anon who suggested pidgey, but yes


Do you got anything interesting, my friend? Please, enlighten me on your great ideas.


Are you serious?


Requesting Goomy with a nice big dick.


yes: >>7817 >>7825 >>7834




File: 1433028020867.gif (1.74 MB, 177x150, 130.gif)

>Pidgey is interesting


Requesting female anthro Lucario sitting on a chocolate dildo


requesting a female licktitung getting hornfucked by a female lapras who in return eats the lapras out


Seconding all of these


lets get dangerous.


Requesting Eelektrik blowjob


Seconding this or Eelektross
and this


Thats more than 1 image m8


File: 1433040751994.png (181.09 KB, 717x868, 4mSE0yJLH.png)

Would really like to see these two making out. They're both male.


Requesting a male Audino with a penis chastity on, wrists tied up, with sad face and a few tears.

If you wanna go extreme, have it sitting in its diarrhea


File: 1433079238157.jpg (96.75 KB, 454x272, qualitytime.jpg)

Requesting Emolga fucking an already over-inflated Virizion. A distressed Dunsparce spectating in a corner is an optional bonus.

Is inflation + size disparity during sex interesting enough?


you have a 1500 ft long tongue available for a reason m8


Oh, and if you'd go the diarrhea route, have someone holding a shitty beaded anal dildo in Audino's mouth to lick off


Nobody here gives a shit (HAH) about your shit fetish.


>I speak for everyone


That's why I said the diarrhea is optional :^)


Requesting an anthro female Suicune in a bikini please






Requesting a Pangoro going to town on a female pokemon breeder


http://sir-tushington.tumblr.com is doing some suggestions. be nice, keep it simple.


File: 1433139258437.png (190.51 KB, 274x480, screxhentai org 2015-06-01….png)

I request this, but with Chespin. Beltbondage is awesome.


no shill


Latias, definitely


Still don't get why tumblr has anything to do with it, and why it suddenly is a bad idea just because it came from tumblr


File: 1433191534307.png (113.11 KB, 1440x900, GatesToEnvinity.png)


Sorry to butcher that for you, anon.


Requesting a Latios getting slit fisted and possibly complaining that he's not a girl and he doesn't work that way.


File: 1433201903699.jpg (901.47 KB, 1050x1400, big blue pillow.jpg)


no injuring


File: 1433202832845.jpg (65.24 KB, 900x950, image.jpg)

Re-requesting a shy ssbbw Sceptile reluctantly showing off her huge booty


>all these fucking lati@s requests
I bet they're from the same person.


>popular pokemon getting requests
>only one request per pokemon per thread

loving this meme


Zero Suit Fox/Lucario/all that other gay shit was a literal Tumblr fad that started there, and there's still people drawing it there daily. So if that's what you want to see, you are better off loading up and going to Tumblr than sticking around here. That's what Tumblr has to do with it.
Not them, but to be fair you can tell there's a Latias waifufag anon here spamming requests every thread on top of the other usual ones it gets for being popular.


There's been a recent surge in them.
That means we have a FILTHY DEGENERATE in our midst.


Requesting busty Delphox and Greninja double-titfucking a Chesnaught


Requesting a haxorus female realizing she's stuck after her pussy juices caused her to get frozen to the railing/pole she was masturbating with during a cold winter


Delphox laying on her belly teasing by hotdogging her ass with a dildo


Thanks for the honest effort, anon!
I pictured Virizion to be larger and rounder than this but I guess inflation's not your thing.




No, he's just a NEET with unlimited time and internet access who can sit here and spam constantly. Don't bother satisfying his requests either, as you can see he'll literally never be satisfied with anything and he'll just keep requesting more until he drops dead in his computer chair or he's banned.


>popular thing gets requested more often
das fuk


File: 1433224523219.png (69.52 KB, 463x451, dunsparce_by_adorability-d….png)


I mostly tried because I unironically like Dunsparce and thought it'd be nice to draw one for once

And yeah, inflation isn't [spoiler]interesting[/spoiler] to me



I guess some people just legitimately don't understand that a pokemon as popular as latias of all things is going to be requested often. Better ban those lucario and charizard requests too.


Don't forget all eeveelutions too, only obscure hipster pokemon are allowed until everything has slowly been requested so much we can no longer have any threads.


File: 1433234500098.jpg (204.5 KB, 1030x900, image.jpg)

Requesting a super sized chubby female Feraligatr wearing a one piece swimsuit with a boob window.


It's happened before, Latifriend.
Multiple times.


At least its not that one guy who literally wouldn't stop requesting an autocunnilingus latias, theres actually variety to these


dude, this board is obscure beyond believe. theres maybe a passing crowd of 20 people here.
and latias is not half as popular in porn as lets say lucario.
so if 'multiple' people randomly request the same pokemon at the same time, of course people will think that somethings up.


the fact that this will always summon the same 'but this pokemon is commonly loved of course it gets multiple requests' also doesnt help.



It's not too obscure considering its always posted in the OP of /vp/ drawthreads, and plus I've also spoken to various people on FA who apparently are aware of this place's existence. Not everyone who visits here will say something all the time or be a regular poster. It's not that much but more people do visit here or at least know this board exists than you think.



and what else exactly do you expect to be said


Maybe a fucking simple "Shit sorry, I'll request something else." instead of trying to damage control.


thanks to a tumblrite fucktard with a pokeporn blog that sourced here about 2000+ people know about this place. but only 20ish are actually requesting/contributing


Facts don't help?


waifu + popularity = multiple requests from multiple posters.
I'm amazed there aren't nearly as much gardevoir requests here.


because there's not a whole lot of guys here. you pretty much just made it evident that latifag does all those requests. else we would drown in lucarios/lopunnys/gardewhores


>waaah nobody is taking my shit requests


the fact that 2000 people and everyone on vp drawthreads have the chance to be here and only about 1% of them bother to say anything speaks volumes about this boards obscurity.
and i guess theres also this senseless quarreling keeping people away.

who besides vono links back here anyways?


>who besides vono links back here anyways?
There was this one Chespin-fag who kept reposting other people's art on tumblr who'd request things here and immediately post the results saying "LOOK AT THIS NICE ART I GOT FROM THE FOUR CHAN NSFW DRAW BOARD XD".


a while ago there was a post that directly said "free request pokeporn board here >link<" and got reblogged a gajillion times


Plz, don't call me Chespinfag. I also requested loads of bondage you know? Though I have requested Chespin most recently I guess. >>7861

I'd guess there's probably more than 20 people around, maybe close to a 100? And a few people passing through every day. Many silent observers, a few random requesters. Sadly this place never bloomed the way I had hoped for during those humble first days when we freed ourselves from the janitorial oppression. But who's to blame those that never came, when we also brought he who shan't be named…

Anyways, even at my best times of 6000+ followers on tumblr, there really was very little reaction to those posts. (There was comparably little reaction to any post actually, but that's besides the point) I don't know if someone with a bigger following also linked here, but I've not seen a post with a gajillion reblogs floating around. I only know of 2 artists who told me they'd swing by and I can't imagine more than a handful ever followed the call.
Neither can I imagine more than ~50 people ever spend more than a few minutes browsing through the place. Activity here certainly never skyrocketed too much.
They came, they saw, they left and as quickly as their dashboard was filled with new posts, they forgot about this place again. Or at least how to get here. Thats the kind of place tumblr is I think.


This board gets ~200 unique visitors daily. There'll always be magnitudes more lurkers than posters on imageboards.


Honestly the board probably does need this type of exposure if we ever want to get more contributors.


someone just sounds envious that they don't get their shit requests delivered upon


File: 1433272320622.jpg (670.64 KB, 2054x2188, goodra 11 N.jpg)

For last thread, quick blorp.


is it pooping


Read request


all it does is add more lurkers/requests. it's very unlikely that someone that didn't know about this or /vp/ and then comes here


tumblr has artists


minority of which is interested in doing requests/anything besides commissions and those who do can't be bothered to do anything outside of tumblr


Requesting female Volcarona lewd.



thank you Luffsas, really appreciate it.


File: 1433291095902.png (156.92 KB, 936x794, hildapede.png)

I wanna draw something with Hildapede…


File: 1433297693782.jpg (377.45 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20150603_100917.jpg)

looks like i've acquired a taste for lizard grills now
FYI, the closest thing i have to a "link" for this thread in wherever i posted is the tag for /vp/'s drawthreads, which is only visible to people allowing nsfw content in their search


hildapede giving a titfuck is the obvious answer


File: 1433300321176.jpg (52.77 KB, 640x640, 11138055_847222782004677_1….jpg)

Requesting a happy drunk Latias getting pinned against the wall and fucked by a human in a public bathroom stall


Hildapede and Dawnyena meet eachother, sexily


File: 1433301815700.jpg (314.32 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20150603_112207.jpg)





I wish


File: 1433308686947.png (242.32 KB, 1060x616, hildapededawnyena2.png)

Man, I am CRASHING right now. Have a shit sketch. 'Night.


File: 1433309323852.jpg (75.95 KB, 472x712, image.jpg)

I'm actually loving this idea up, just don't include the diarrhea and shitty dildo parts


Requesting a latias beaten up and discarded in an ally, her arms and wings bound to her by the same straps/chains/rope/whatever and her mouth held shut with tape, cum leaking from her orifices.




File: 1433313769050.png (333.02 KB, 500x500, ghjjhgjhgh.png)


>2 latias abuse requests within similar timeframes

Starting to think we may actually need to ban a pokemon from having requests


File: 1433316406496.jpg (336.85 KB, 2362x2362, 50241352_p2.jpg)

Requesting a latias being attacked by a trainer and their pokemon, the trainer injecting a drug into her neck that kills her muscles and renders her delirious, while forcing her to suck his dick. The trainer's pokemon takes the latias from behind. Bonus points if the pokemon is a quadruped and is also using a disabling move, like a Luxray using paralysis for example.


/r/ing the reverse of this>>7927


/r a Latias being fucked on top of a table while other people watch and wait for their turn, the Latias being too drugged up to realize or care about whats going on


…if we're going to do this can we at least get one Latios variation? the waifufaggotry is fucking retarded, at least have the Latios committing one of the acts or trying to help the latias and being unable to if you're going to go for some sort of rapey tone, or hell with that said throw cuckoldry into it


Requesting a serperior getting eggs injected into her vagina by an Ariados that wrapped her body in webs, biting down on her to inject a paralyzing poison


/r Gardevoir date rape by fat guy with chloroform rag in the changing room



You know, this kind of stuff actually turns me on, but it sucks to know it'll never be delivered, because at this point it's obviously a troll shitposting his spam.

I'd never do it to anyone or anything irl, but abusive beatings and bondage rape of sexualized fictional creatures turns me on more than anything. For example, with Audino being my favorite, some of the stuff in here: http://imgur.com/a/nzVMD



Can we have this request but with the latias being drunk and it taking place at a frat party?



Same her,e but I personally like it when it happens with cuter 'mons, the whole corrupting and breaking of innocence theme and an overall sweet and innocent thing being put in such a situation against its will and/or not knowing better because of whatever circumstances.


The shitposting samefaggotry is fierce. Please tone it down.


That's why I fucking live Audino :^)


You get my two thumbs up.


How many unique posters did we have in this thread alone? Just curious


And why is it a bad thing just because it came out of Tumblr?



so with some dynamic IP's it's around 45ish? more than I was expecting



And we don't have 58 unique pokemon in our requests!


File: 1433339360782.jpg (1.43 MB, 1600x1500, the monster.jpg)

See this sexy bitch? Studied it?

Good. Now draw him standing on his front legs using a huge wall-mounted dildo too high up to use normally.


hey anon wanna yiff


I only posted the "drunk Latias in a bathroom stall" one, I don't know what kind of trend I suddenly started but the rest of those Latias requests aren't mine.


Fuck off, Bui.


go back to your animals nightmare boards




Latias sharing a double ended dildo with Latios and teasing him for enjoying it while he tries to tune her out



Today is the day that whore will be a guy, anon.


Can you add a post filter?


No. 8chan's filter script isn't compatible with vichan.


Try rereading that post and drawing different conclusions, because I feel like you skimmed it and missed the point entirely.



Seconding this. It's so crazy it's great


I agree, like I said in >>7946, I only posted one request for Latias and suddenly other people started asking for similar stuff. I don't know if "all those other people" are just one other different person though. At least it can't be as bad as the constant Hex-Maniac requests.


File: 1433352432400.jpg (354.95 KB, 1080x955, latiatulo.jpg)

Do not worry anymore latifriends, here is an arts for you.



I have the weirdest boner right now.


This pleases me.


I want to see this vagina swallowing something


Well there is a person already. huehue


File: 1433354932544.png (630.1 KB, 1000x1200, audinolewd.png)

Diarrhoea is not my thing, sorry.


hey rf did you do the zangoose?


>doing shitposters' requests


Not yet, I'll get right on it! Wanted to do the Audino to warm up.

Precisely the part I didn't do. I wanted to draw it, leave it be.


the concept with audino is cute but holy fuck that writer makes it so boring like he just wants to write this just to shitpost about it instead of actually writing smut


thank you so much m8 :^)


File: 1433362817745.png (874.25 KB, 1600x1200, Faerie baths.png)

Saw this in the old thread and figured I'd colour it. Also, somehow, it turned into a clefairy.

Hope you don't mind, whoever is the original artist.







Now name your OC and start giving it autistic powers


…this is really fucking hot. G'job m8


Some sort of Shota fennekin would be nice. Cute fennekin. Just not straight shota if you draw another pokemon with him please.

Th-thanks for reading lewdfriends.


File: 1433384842577.jpg (296.2 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20150604_102527.jpg)

when you say shota you mean anthro jailbait innit?
artist here. das pretty good m8!


File: 1433415506298.jpg (350.07 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20150604_183959.jpg)

gave im another go since that one looks so close to a braixen


RF here, to the guy who requested the Zangoose, turns out I can't draw furry creatures for the life of me. Anything with a snout or muzzle ends up beyond deformed.




Good on you for giving it another go anon


Still feel like doing the Squirtle?


can you at least show the sketches? maybe we can help you out


Requesting Klink porn.


Requesting an oiled up voluptuous Fem Greninja wearing fishnets and taking 2 dicks from random pokes; one titfucking, one hotdogging


Oh my god! Feral slugma art and I'm not involved? I'm so happy! Lovely work.


Serperior with her face shoved halfway into her vagina, cum all over her head


File: 1433528789015.png (154.52 KB, 450x280, cogjuice.png)

Why even bother if you can't shove your whole love in it?


File: 1433537365133.png (132.83 KB, 520x350, medicham maylene.png)

Requesting a blowjob scenario with Maylene and Medicham.

Either one sucking the balls and one on the shaft
Either one forcing the other's head down into a deepthroat.


>>7986, No, dude, you're supposed to draw them GRINDING!!



I've not been here for a long time,
Anyone want something?


Mind posting an example of your work? You could be anyone, even the vore artist.


File: 1433542596367.png (825.27 KB, 1043x1829, eftdt.png)

Not actual porn, nor an accurate representation of my abilities, but I think it's still spot on.


could you draw a suicune using its wayn band hair thingies to spread apart a floatzels legs and eat her out?


you mean the tails?


oh yeah those are actually the tails


File: 1433580316598.png (107.53 KB, 794x598, GBlxif5.png)

/r rear view undershot of Arceus, kind-of like from this angle but a bit lower, would prefer a female version, wouldn't mind a male version, would ultimately like to have both


File: 1433595270258.png (43.31 KB, 633x850, mewcat3.png)

Any wizards able to clear-draw this, or how it's called.


if you're asking, how bout this >>7861


Zero Suit Lucario, please.


>not varia suit lucario


The weird but tempting allure of female Mewtwo with breasts…

Nice pic, saved, faved, liked and put in the porn folder.


>tfw no gf with world conquering complex
>she talks shit about taking over the world every day
>you fuck her in place afterwards
One can dream.


The 'world conquering' part isn't entirely my shtick, but having a gf like Mewtwo would be rather neat.

>Immensely powerful, making her being submissive rather enjoyable in a surreal sense.

>Has no clue of human society, making her rather naive and probably gullible. (But hopefully curious, rather than malicious.)
>Probably won't have a real sense of shame, so you can make her do basically what ever you'd want her to.

Though, a more dominant Mewtwo would probably be nice too, but you'd better hold a special place in her heart, otherwise it might end up dangerous. …Sexy, but dangerous.


get a room


File: 1433611973485.png (545.86 KB, 670x1000, mew1.png)

But we already have a room.


I always imagined it as mewtwo being pure and with mew being the turboslut.


The inverse is also possible. Albeit I enjoy a more moderate approach.


wanna yiff?


Where do you think we are?


not a good place to yiff


File: 1433618062095.png (70.74 KB, 850x850, Rad tits.png)

Not sure if this is what you wanted, but here it is either way.

I took the liberty of adding in the tail as well.


Fucking A, anon. Appreciated.




File: 1433638576639.png (452.37 KB, 1074x1527, saf.png)

Since I haven't thought of the whole picture before starting to draw, I've run in a predictable composition problem and I decided to not continue.
Posting what I've done anyway.


Will someone please color this? I still got half a stick left.


Requesting a Latias figuring out the sexual wonders of vibrating controllers


Requesting Scizor eating out a Froslass. Please.


requesting a volcarona presenting its sopping wet cunt, bonus points for steaminess


Pokemon of your choice screaming at a dick


Viewer POV (crotch shot, kinda) of having jerked off a gabite laying on his back to orgasm, cum draining down the dick and over the hand please.


File: 1433769827766.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.03 MB, 481x586, assbro.webm)

Requesting trap Delphox brushing the fur dress/skirt/coat out of the way and presenting his rear for some buttlove. Webm is a close reference.


get that 3DPD shit out of here


Vespiquen jerking a dick while spewing honey onto it


Requesting a Sylveon girl using Sweet Kiss on a human dick. Doesn't matter if anthro or not.


Requesting a tropius using a banana peel as a makeshift fleshlight to get someone off while teasing them about being turned on by a banana


File: 1433852839711.jpg (409.4 KB, 2360x1289, 0917.jpg)

Might be a bit difficult to do right, but requesting some delphox thigh sex with the focus on the delphox


Requesting a voluptuous MILF aggron having her body violated (fingered, groped, fucked, etc.) by a group of very horny sableye




File: 1433970863827.png (28.56 KB, 740x740, jav.png)

Could I get this but the charizard being a male arceus getting a dick rubbed against his taint in the same fashion?

Don't care whatever you draw for the one doing the hotdogging, it could look like any random anonymous pokemon for all I care, just give me some lewd arceus butt job action


I have a rather shameful request…

[spoiler]Female Delphox squatting and taking a fat shit, with a satisfied look on her face[/spoiler]


Bumping this please


Literal shitposting.




File: 1434136226758.jpg (138.42 KB, 400x584, Pokemon breeder.jpg)

Pokemon Breeder breeding with various pokemon please. The more the merrier!
Also, a separate thing but can I also have her having sex with an Ursaring while nursing a teddiursa as it sucks on her breast, drinking her milk?


Where are all the posts


Requesting a sexy shortstack Femgar licking a dick


Requesting a female Umbreon presenting herself to the viewer.


>you will never see a delivery ever again


Would like to get a pic of male volcarona autofellatio please, would like it with cum


Requesting more.


More longneck beauties enjoying sexual activities like in OP please.


Requesting a Latias masturbating with a dildo while another Latias rubs her pussy against her head. Angle the other one however you feel like but the first one should be in a seated position.


/r messy dialga pussy slide


abused scolipede turned into a reproduction terminal


mite take a request for cute pin ups of anthro girls


Would a Nidoqueen be up your alley?


Ivysaur! So cute.


How about >>7736?




File: 1434260597368.png (331.81 KB, 900x900, Volcarona nsfw.png)


here I tried


File: 1434263727294.jpg (443.39 KB, 800x1010, 1374610441.jpg)

Would like to see this featuring a sableye girl, please.
The male character is not important, could just be the outline of a generic human male.


Taking gay Pokemon requests?


Could you please draw a male Delphox trying to hide his boner in front of his male trainer?


File: 1434356333235.png (181.09 KB, 717x868, 1432442318004.png)

These two, please. Making out, frotting, any gentle action would be great.


I get the feeling this is a self-insert OC.


Umbreon and Espeon doing it


File: 1434379777876.png (357.25 KB, 1000x1200, squirtle.png)

I'm so slow and this isn't even remotely sexual but I felt like I owed you something so here you go… hope this is alright!


Breloom cumming on a serperior's dicks


wb rf. up for any requests?


Depends on what they are. Also, are we at bump limit?


ye. and could you do a female weavile furiously masturbating?


The feet are indeed a bit simple, but it's still an adorable pic, so thanks RF!~


Requesting a latios ejcaulating all over the cock of another latios


When will you come to the human thread?


hopefully never



/r/ing Roxie being knotted by a Houndoom

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