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This thread is for Pokémon drawings, including those involving a human. Anything that's human-only should be posted in the other sticky.

Old thread: >>532
Resources: http://pastebin.com/T8ab8NYQ

Tumblr tag: vpdrawthread
Booru: http://vp.booru.org/ (please tag your pictures and upload only drawthread things)
DA Group: http://pokemon-drawfriends.deviantart.com/
Drawcard Gallery & templates: http://imgur.com/a/LTgWW#0
Drawfag survey: http://i.imgur.com/GMecUOb.png
SFW thread: http://www.4chan.org/vp/drawthread

This thread is for the growth of artists and for people to enjoy themselves, if you’re going to give critique please do it constructively as rude/blunt critiques won’t help anybody.
Requesters are free to request what they wish but avoid bumping your request every half hour as it’s only going to put people off, try giving it a day or more. Also avoid asking for the same thing every thread, have some patience and come back to it later. Please provide references in ONE image, especially when requesting something outside of the Pokémon universe and if you request something from the old NSFW Drawthread or a separate thread, COPY & PASTE the actual request instead of posting a link.
New artists are welcome to join the fun and if you need any help, some artists are very keen to help, don’t be afraid to ask.


File: 1410365381845.jpg (153.61 KB, 473x566, 20140911_000245-1.jpg)

repostan and another sketch just for kicks.

I'll try to do glaceon later like tomorrow if I'm up for it. I'm taking some other requests too. I'd take some thick bipeds like pic related but others are welcome too


File: 1410365499651.jpg (2.79 KB, 126x116, Approve.jpg)

Niiice Vono, Thanks for the double delivery!


Posting this one again
Requesting a male zubat fucking a female shiny mew.
Whatever position you want is fine, and you can have the mews tail fucking the zubats butt if you want too.


about the Glaceon, I don't mind if it's slightly antro, as long he keeps his feral face


how does a meowstic butt sound to you



No Meowstic, this board doesn't ever want to see another Meowstic again.


File: 1410384835644.png (126.09 KB, 358x264, pokemoncrossing.png)

requesting something lewd with any of this 2 cuties


How rude. I'll have a Floatzel butt instead.


speak for yourself


Requesting Female Gardevoir giving a Male Empoleon a blowjob.

Any position/angle is good regardless


If you're still taking request how about some Zubat with hips & stockings?


Requesting pokemon bondage. can be softcore with just a belt, collar and gag, or all out basically abusive with uncomfortable positions, restricted movement, multiple cock rings, spider/ringgags, sounding, speculums etc.
Pokemon or gender don't matter, no anthros for me though.


Zubat love! yes!


Combine these. A tied up male zubat in stockings, fucked by a shiny female Mew also fucking his ass with her tail.


File: 1410428170880.png (121.4 KB, 551x800, vulpixl.png)

Hope you don't mind something quick


Requesting a lood Ambipom. Spanking optional.


File: 1410442324444.png (71.92 KB, 705x464, weedle in a bind color.png)

Nice trips bro.
I requested Weedle bondage in the last thread but no one took it, so when I saw that request, I decided to give it a go myself. Hope you like it :) Now in color


that's pretty good actually, thanks


File: 1410447890045.png (151.72 KB, 409x584, wrong_door_by_airenu_ish-d….png)

Seeing that this is a safer place to request it, can someone draw this school "girl" Espeon not making it to the restroom?

Kinda similar to this fic perhaps?



Oh it's you.
Go away.


File: 1410451675221.jpg (169.23 KB, 617x480, 20140911_235501-1.jpg)

back and drawing shit. fucking tests


I-I'll just add in his scrotum then… darn I almost drew him as a female

I'll try to cook something up if I have an idea for that
now these, I like. I'll give em a try


bet you anyone is going to read that fic yo.

also, I have a feeling that, in your special case, you should really just search the web for tutorials on how to draw pee, then edit whatever you wish yourself. I'd end up being much easier for you


How about crazy couples kissing? Like, Hitmonchan and Pidgeot? Or Paras and Numel?


File: 1410453208883.jpg (157.03 KB, 432x620, 20140912_002924-1.jpg)



Requesting a female Charmeleon(or an uncommonly drawn biped pokemon) in a swimsuit doing some lewd poses. No bewbs if you can help it, please.


File: 1410455362850.jpg (176.38 KB, 598x480, 20140912_010500-2.jpg)

deliverin this


than you guys, both look great


File: 1410456580778.jpg (167.55 KB, 630x480, aidswip.jpg)

I'll get it done later I guess. gonna go back to studying
>spanking optional
>not mandatory


Hey Vono!
You're a nerd!


ehhh thanks for trying?


thanks vono, is good to see you no longer afraid of drawing genitals


I regret drawing this


File: 1410460764624.png (179.17 KB, 650x650, HHGD.png)



>NSFW board

>a request like that gets shot down anyway

Why did I even bother?


Have you ever made a request that DOESN'T involve piss?



That's the only request here that involves it.


File: 1410461721385.png (309.49 KB, 1710x450, Untitled.png)

4 more of the cuter one


nice work, anon!


File: 1410462619854.png (110.16 KB, 650x650, HHGD.png)

Just in case you wanted a few more


File: 1410465566231.jpg (94.8 KB, 600x904, dsesw.jpg)

thanks a lot, those are really good, for anyone curious, here's the source (the gengar and raichu are cute too)


thats right. technically, the others were about diapers or something.

now lets be serious here for a moment. diapers, piss and scat are kind of rare fetishs that very few people draw and that put off almost everyone else. it is so rarely sexualized that the requests are almost like they don't really belong here. like, if i got hard over pokemon and car exhausts, I don't feel like this would be the place to request pokemon hugging or snuggling car exhausts you know?
continuous requests of such nature sure do make you stand out a lot, which rubs some the wrong way. because everyone feels like 'why DOES he keep trying? hardly anyone ever draws that and if anyone should know that, it should be that guy' or 'you already got a bunch of things drawn in the past, people threw you a bunch of bones, how much more do you want done for free?'. others might be thinking that you might have a million times more luck socializing with the few artists who openly draw that stuff on FA or sofurry and get your fix from them. go to the source instead of expecting miracles to happen here.

Now, on the other hand, there is no rule against requesting whatever. Which is honestly why I think people should just shut their faces if they dont like a request or a requester. As futile as it may seem that you ever get your stuff drawn, no one should try to cross you over trying, unless you actually post repeated requests in the same threads.
So yeah. Just ignore it and don't start drama over requests.


Because you're a faggot who constantly harasses a drawfriend to draw your shitty fetish art because you got a boner for their Espeon.
Fuck off.


requesting a male bellossom with its leaf skirt parted and a leaky erection



I just posted the request just in case if there is a drawfriend that wouldn't mind doing it.

If there are drawfriends that don't want to do it, then that's fine, just ignore it and do someone else's request.


Hey, gonna be around to take some requests tonight, so… nothing involving humans, please!


2 Mawiles doing it missionary style, optional one of them in mega form


How about something involving a female Roselia?



Could you try Froslass dipping her fingers in Scizor's abdomen? Froslass fascinated and Scizor gasping with her eyes closed.


That last part was a bit unnecessary, seeing in which thread you are.
But anyway, how about Floatzel in a micro bikini?


Actually it wasn't, I'm just now reading the op.


Furfrou (in your favorite design) licking a Noiverns ass and pussy


That's some great work, anon. Thanks.


anything you have in mind?


Nothing specific, there just needs to be some porn pics of Roselia. Maybe something with her getting embarrassed over her leaf dress flying up?


File: 1410479890219.jpg (459.86 KB, 900x900, posterbundlecrop_original.jpg)

requesting lopunny or her mega form dressed as MGSV quiet, boobs are optional


Requesting simple requests


Male Cincinno wrapping his thing with his tails


File: 1410494251828.jpg (205.09 KB, 465x640, free aids.jpg)

this one's done


File: 1410497195576.png (110 KB, 465x479, sinccino.png)

That was gay


File: 1410498531799.jpg (40.83 KB, 640x640, 23587417.jpg)


that already existed too


nice filename, and thanks

didn't know, thanks


female braixen diddling herself with her stickwand



That Purrloin from the show blowing and jacking a somewhat ashamed Meowth and Oshawott?


I love Purrloin, I might do this one if I still have time after drawing real life shit


File: 1410553983402.png (207.72 KB, 600x800, Mega_Lopunny_A_Sniper_Devo….png)


>Wanted to contribute a quick sketch or something.

>Get started.
>2 1/2 hours later.

I really need to catch up on MGS one of these days. Last one I played was 2.


thanks a lot!, I really like the huge hips and that's a very nice draw

and for MGS, go and play 3, IMO is one of the best ones


that would be cool, but no pressure, take your time


File: 1410560110237.png (187.72 KB, 650x650, HHGD.png)


Requesting a male Braixen post-masturbation. So, still partially unsheathed with cum on his thighs and chest. Maybe a bit on his face too. It'd be great if his cheeks were a bit flushed, although retaining a passive expression.


This fag again, give me something maybe?


Requesting a male Sealeo lying seductively with an erection.


how about Lilligant and Bellosom doing something lewd?, like a 69 or whatever you feel like, I guess Lilligant genitalia is at the bottom of her "skirt" leg things


Requesting female Piplup.


requesting female Leafeon topping male Braixen


rerequesting nude Elesa jerking off his male Zebstrika


I might take this chance to bump my roselia post then


File: 1410581467553.jpg (182.6 KB, 615x480, tendril raep.jpg)

darn I was just gonna scribble this one up but I gotta go. brb. I'll get to it when I come back


you want the genitalia to be at her feet? why would it not be somewhere on hip-level between one of the leg-folds?


File: 1410590932799.png (279.87 KB, 600x570, e9fe6856f03b4ce47c00d26fd3….png)

Requesting Nate and Rosa version of this, licking pieces off of a Vanillites head, looking all flustered and horny. Vanillite struggling panically to get away


Holy shit, that face.
I cannot wait to see this finished!


File: 1410599822411.jpg (893.71 KB, 1167x1232, 20140913_170842-1.jpg)

not done but here ya go. just half-way there

colouring tiem


File: 1410603273833.jpg (42.7 KB, 600x480, 9c0[1].jpg)

Vono please.


File: 1410611719068.jpg (1.17 MB, 1232x1571, 20140913_203005-1.jpg)


Holy fucking shit, top notch delivery! Thanks for bunch for drawing that, it's amazing!


File: 1410615467482.png (141.7 KB, 415x367, tumblr_inline_n7cw9kK7Gi1r….png)

You're a g-genuine dicksucker, Vono.


holy shit what the fuck vono, stop making me like other fetishes


Anyone up to draw lewd Mothim? Maybe fucked with qtips or somewhat?


Requesting a Vaporeon trying to give birth, but the young not coming out.


possibly the worst quads imaginable


>vono gone full lewd
Oh shit, when'd that happen?


nah man
all quads are good quads
except when bronyshit is involved
nothing is immune to being tainted by bronyshit
not even quads


where? dun see none penetration or naughty bits at all.


ignore requests you don't like. stop wasting posts and stuff

hey, totally missed that, that cute


posted it in the wrong thread, so rerequesting here:

in memory of original wally, let me request real wally (old ruby/saphire design) kneeling on the ground, sucking his kirlia like the sick fag he is. maybe have him fondle kirlias ass too. thankies


File: 1410644788049.png (99.49 KB, 189x643, Ruby_Sapphire_Wally.png)

The only thing that changed about Wally's Kirlia is what it (or rather, he, since Wally's Kirlia is confirmed male) became.

In RSE, Wally's Kirlia became a Gardevoir (or a trap).
In ORAS, he became a Gallade (or a twink).

As for Wally himself, he doesn't really look "badass" until the Victory Road match (i.e, when he unleashes Mega Twink).

But I digress. Leaving RSE Wally ref because I'm feeling generous.


any vore requests?


swampert eating a furret, maybe?


File: 1410648769626.gif (939.03 KB, 255x164, bread.gif)

I thought this board was for lood, not severe autism.


>stop liking what I don't like


File: 1410649034324.gif (2.64 MB, 264x240, 1408253671289.gif)


>severe autism
But there's no diaper requests as of late.


>saging on a board where this is the only active thread


Pokemon lood is pretty autistic by itself


way to go guys. an artist comes along and you act like faggots.
cant you just try to make this work?

smoochum trying to vore a nice big cock, like right down her throat and into her stomach.


File: 1410650860003.png (349.48 KB, 621x669, bjtu.png)

Requesting Sabrina, preferably in her Pokéstar outfit, getting screwed by a mega Gallade


I prefer vore, much better than cats with yellow liquid on their crotches


File: 1410651862908.jpg (125.79 KB, 502x600, braixmale.jpg)

Requesting something romantic, Rosa(or Hilda)/Sawk. Mushy but lewd enough to be nsfw.

I tried. Normally I don't draw mammalian pokemon but you hit my fetish on the head. Hope the expression is okay I kinda did my own thing with it. Sorry no face or chest, couldn't get it to look right.



>I prefer vore, much better than cats with yellow liquid on their crotches

My question is are you saying that in spite of the fetish, or are you just saying that to spite the requester?


maybe both, seeing the same request again and again is annoyin


Are you still taking requests?


It depends. You can if you want but you should probably throw out multiple ideas because I'm picky and lazy. Drew Braixen because I already have the thing memorized, heh.


can you do something with Sylveon?, he rubbing his thing with one of his feelers




File: 1410659173459.jpg (80.35 KB, 600x343, sylvmale.jpg)

I'd really rather not do anything with quadrupeds but for you, a rushed exception



thank you anon, you are so kind, just curious, who is your favorite pokemon? (other than braixen if it is)


favorite pokemon: emolga or scolipede
sexiest pokemon: sawk


you're amazing
how about a mawile fingering himself?


Are you good with bara or non?




Ok, what decides whether or not a post is discarded?


Honest question, new to these threads. Should I still push this request >>943, or assume no one is interested at this point and give up?


maybe try with another request while you wait?, I don't see anything wrong with it


thanks. sorry but nah
sometimes I wish but no
honestly only good with a few pokemon in general.
I'll probably just read through random requests instead of taking any directly for now, thank you for comments anons



Well it doesn't involve any of the things that this drawboard hates, so go ahead and keep pushing for it.


I'd say maybe posting the request once per thread is enough



Just request once per thread. You can also make different requests in the same thread. Feel free to redirect your request if someone shows up asking for requests


maybe a male Dewott?, anyway your art is great man


Requesting Virizion pussy


Didn't know you were into cuntboys.


Ok, how about a Wally conflicted between sexing a heroic Gallade or a timid trap Gardevoir?


But if it doesn't has breasts to begin with wouldn't a cuntboy just be a girl?


OR here. Looks fantastic, thanks bunches!~


no, not delivering anything for now but I am making a request.

how about a female pancham with another large male bear mon doing something kinky or lewd? knock yourselves out


File: 1410666529161.png (220.31 KB, 502x600, braixfapclr.png)

that's alright, but I colored your braixen because I like it too much


A Chesnaught and a Gardevoir fucking, the chesnaught holding the gardevoirs arms above her head, both of them really enjoying it


Medicham blowjobs please.


requesting Audino giving a healing handjob to a human dick


File: 1410672086006.jpg (169.55 KB, 620x676, wallyohno.jpg)

looks great!


File: 1410672125830.png (389.25 KB, 720x700, 5198bb420f5d172c9bc4ef84aa….png)

btw, here's a ref for what i had in mind


before anyone asks, if gardevoir can have a skirt, gallade can have pants.


fucking neat, I would love to see a follow up of this, need more dicks
I'm ok with this, Gallade birth hips are awful


Requesting a really lewd glaceon on top showing a really big pair of tits
Kinda anthro, but it will be very appreciated


like how it looks more like he's afraid of either of em


Bumping this request



It is strongly adviced not to re-request


there's nothing wrong with re-requesting something from a past thread


is nice to see someone else is bumping my request, I kinda want to see something with Penelope since there's barely art of her


Serperior voring Espurr, not enough banana snake vore


Requesting a pair of female Whimsicotts sucking and licking their trainer's dick.


just a furfrou bitch in heat please



Damn, you're right. I thought it was in this thread, my bad.


Since everyone started complaining about typhlosion dicks in the last thread…

I re-request a Female Typhlosion posing all sexy like.
>inb4 another male typh…


Where is Vono when you need him?


probably asleep or some shit


>>1194 The follow up could be Wally in the middle, with Gardevoir in front, and of course Gallade in the back.


File: 1410730848350.jpg (148.99 KB, 900x900, Reference.jpg)

Requesting an 'upskirt' shot of male Braixen seem from behind. He is unsheathed fully and leaking precum. You can use this picture as a small reference for the position, minus the whip and toy. His expression shouldn't convey much, rather passive really; perhaps with slightly lidded eyes although his cheeks are flushed still.


Requesting a male gothorita getting fucked by a kirlia


i think i'll take this one on


File: 1410752061291.png (162.31 KB, 913x771, 2014-09-14_20-33-19.png)

they gave him the ol' switcheroo


this is fucking great, words can describe how lovely this draw is, thanks a lot




this should be a whole series of pictures. i'd kinda love some 'nobodyinparticular' styled double anal or double oral for wally


the end should be wally taking both shots in all his torso and face


I'm not fond of the switch, the specific order was an important aspect of the request.


the "could" doomed you bro.


I tought both Gardemons are male, aren't they?


OR here again, checked back by force of habit and found this. Great job.


well at least the position seemed to be what he wanted. I expected one to fuck his ass and the other to fuck his mouth tbqh


A rear view of a feral Sylveon in a swimsuit or pajamas. Bonus points if it's hiking his hindleg up.


How about A POV of Buneary inspecting a bulge in her trainers pants. Bonus points if she's using her foot


What do I do with bonus points?


Well what do you do with points?


/r/ing this because there's no good lood Buneary art


Dump all in charisma


Requesting an Eelektross or Octillery sucking dick


File: 1410810772459.jpg (1.35 MB, 1923x1232, 20140916_032052-1.jpg)



File: 1410810828077.jpg (995.13 KB, 1232x1585, 20140916_034920-1.jpg)

this one too

>nibble nibble


t-thats not a carrot!




Kinda was hoping for a more foot fetish based pic but I won't complain too much. Lewd Buneary is always welcome



Can you try this?



File: 1410826606715.png (93.36 KB, 407x530, Bellossom.png)

I couldn't part the middle one, but have a Bellossom anyway.


Thanks m8.

Not enough fem typh out there for a straight man


File: 1410837015465.png (234.57 KB, 541x665, kirlia.png)


wait, is he sucking Kirlia dick?, but Kirlia got tits too… I-I'm confused


File: 1410841168431.jpg (227.77 KB, 843x820, wally2.jpg)

I did one too. Sorry if you don't like the order, OR. I was already drawing it.


Not OR but really good. The string of fluid going to Wally's mouth is a nice touch.



I really think that this shit should go on the human thread.


>This thread is for Pokémon drawings, including those involving a human.

I like human/pokemon a lot that's the only reason I'm here and not there


damn, you already did a good damn job, thank you for doing all of this, not really the OR of this one


OR here, thank you kindly, I like it a lot ^^ not sure if intentional or not, but i like how you gave wally some sweatdrops but not kirlia. makes it seem as if he's either a bit feverish or really exhausted by just this~

its just small chestbumps. boys can have those

not OR (though OR of >>1227 ) and these are amazing. the idea of wally having both evolutions around is slowly allowing me to cope with the evolution switch ingame, so thank you for that :)


Requesting Mega-Ampharos pounding that sweet Clemont ass, with each of M-Ampharos thrusts sending a a decent amount of electricity through Clemont's body.


mind your wording. trollish artfriends could understand that as wanting a licking Vulpix inside Courneys pussy, instead of a Vulpix licking courtneys pussy.


Requesting a femmale Braixen giving a hot-doging/buttjob/assjob to a male Lucario.


File: 1410895391387.png (77.68 KB, 413x389, 7237f5c473d5da3db6f3df6420….png)

I'll try again

Requesting Vulpix licking Courtney's pussy


Anyone like to draw up some bdsm Zoroark? Male or female doesn't matter, no humanizing please. Ring-gag would be golden :)


File: 1410909954657.png (248.6 KB, 889x862, Braixen.png)



M electabuzz x F Blaziken


Requesting Charizard male x Chesnaught female.

Thank u


I like how that load is about to explode there, looks great, not or


Thank you so much for taking my request anon :)


I'm on it, anon.

…It might take a bit. bondage gear aint easy for me.


I haven't seen it so… requesting Zoroark fondling Bianca huge tits, optional he rubbing his dick in her huge ass


File: 1410950135300.png (628.52 KB, 1428x1376, who2.png)

Please forgive the somewhat subpar shading… and everything, but mostly shading.
My right hand is in a bit of pain, I've been using it a lot tonight.
No, it's not what you think.


Requesting a busty Mewtwo giving a titjob to Red/Calem.


hey, this is pretty good bondage gear though. I think the only thing that kinda looks of is its right foot. No expert on perspectives, but at that angle and with the shackles, it would probably be positioned more diagonally, with the toes pointing more towards the face? I dunno, but its otherwise really good, thanks a lot… gonna try and make my hand feel bad too now~ If you still have it around, would you mind sharing the uncolored version too? I'm a sucker for outlines


File: 1410975996619.png (Spoiler Image, 309.84 KB, 1428x1376, BDSMzorouncolored.png)

d'aw, you're just saying that anon~

but yeah, it's an angle that had me a little bamboozled… but one of these days I'll get it right, thinks for the input!

As for the lineart, I'm usually a fan of lineart too but for some reason this particular one ended up looking super messy and chaotic for one reason or another.

also I'll do some moar pokebondage if anyone wants because I really like it and I need practice.


How about a Male Gothorita or Medicham?


a male mawile? with his horn tied too ans leaky dick


i like that messy linework stuff personally, thanks again ^^ it actually feels like I've seen the style before somewhere… wanna say on something about dunsparces but I'm not sure.

gonna throw out another low-priority and simple one for once you're done with other peoples requests if you don't mind - sandshrew tied to a pole. with like rope. like the native americans do to cowbows in all those old movies


I request a femmale zoroark raping a male lucario


This art style looks familiar.


File: 1411008641526.png (104.29 KB, 639x737, lood1.png)

Sounds good to me; here's a status report.

Sorry anon, there are only so many pokemon in this world that just freak me the hell out and those are two of them… my dick can't work in their presence. Sincerest apologies.

no problem, and I've posted in here and the SFW drawthread many times, but never done any dunsparce, sorry.
As for the request, I'm curious if that was meant to be sexual or not…

do spoilers work in here?


amazing anon, keep going, I'm loving it so far, thanks for making it, there's not enough male mawile




Well damn just my rotten luck. Do you dislike all members of the human-like egg group or just those two? Maybe you could try one of these guys: Leavanny, Audino, Roseila, Ampharos.


Open mouth, nice, though I usually like the other one more~ kudos again to your gear.

and the sandshrew, it was meant to be a little sexual at least, I mean, its bondage after all. but genitalia showing would be appreciated. as i said, simple and low priority. now, any passerbys could have done unspeakable things to the helpless shrew, but I'll be happy with a 15 minute warmup sketch already


File: 1411017605397.png (170.49 KB, 639x737, lood1.png)

Finished. God damn that time went by quickly.
version without disembodied cock on request

nah m8, those are all cool in my book.
any preferences?

aight, I think you should just include some kind of reference pic or a shitty scribblegram.
Half because I'm curious about what this concept is, the closest thing I know of falls safely into the "guro" category.



Not them, but if you don't mind yet another request a female bird Pokemon (your choice) with her wings and legs spread out and tied together would be awfully nice.


>spread out
>tied together

What like spread eagle against a wall or something, or pinned back?


File: 1411019662232.jpg (64.99 KB, 600x700, 38950199d3807382540d0ea843….jpg)

Hmm, I was thinking of something like this but with blindfold and ballgag. The matter in which the Pokemon legs are restrained isn't a big concern, as long as they're spread apart it's all cool.


thanks man, it looks great, it would be good if you could post a version without the disembodied cock


File: 1411020229108.png (159.98 KB, 639x737, loodsanscock.png)

ask and ya shall receive.
…most of the time.

are you sandshrewanon?


not the OR, but I would love to see any of those pokemon (mostly audino)


>are you sandshrewanon?
No, I'm >>1317. You asked for a preference/idea.


I meant preference out of the pokemon you listed, but more info the better nonetheless


Oh, I would prefer Audino from the small list.



Pinned back, so she's completely spread out.


File: 1411023054459.jpg (15.54 KB, 305x200, w23.jpg)

oh, no, no guro please, did it really sound that ambiguous? 'D
I really just mean a poor Sandshrew tied to a pole with rope, similar to this.
maybe hanging somewhere in the middle of it, stubby arms pulled upwards or backwards around the pole. That would've been the basic request I guess.
Bonus would've been throwing some more detail at it, like people could've come by and used it to get some quick revlief or do other nasty but not gurorific things to it.
I just didn't want to make it a complicated request but now it is kinda ;v;


mawile's great btw~


The thought just started out kinda like a spit sort of idea, or like that thing where they hog tie someone and transport them hanging from a stick,
Then it metamorphisized into this, http://malazan.wikia.com/wiki/Sliding_Bed

But yeah I gettit now





Sorry anon, I forgot to ask.
Are you looking for a specific gender here?


Not really. It doesn't matter if go male or female on the picture.


File: 1411029020405.jpg (503 KB, 593x1073, 20140918_011907.jpg)

I ain't no Sunibee, but that Medicham there does tickle my fancy some


I'll take another request over here, got time to burn. I'd do bondage if anyone wants


female Marowak being cute and lewd?


How about an embarrassed female Lilligant lifting her leaf skirt or something else cute?


male spinarak being center of a spiderweb, all legs spread appart with a webstring, with two more strings, one from his butt, the other holding his pinchers.


Requesting femboi Gardevoir repeatedly sliding a feminine Venetian mask with a mounted dildo into his mouth. Mask could sprout alive encasing him in a formal shirt, waistcoat and trousers as it jerks him off.

turns out the mask is a ditto.


its so crazy how this place is active at one time and then totally dead a few hours later


drawer here, anyone got any request? I'd do one of the four that got requested right underneath but none of them really called to me.


Fem speedform Deoxys showing over her lovely hips and boooty?


Off* excuse the typo, please




drawing them up now
sorry i dont accept requests from people with edgelord names


thank you again drawfriend, you art is great you should try tying dicks too for future requests



try one of those?


File: 1411062405993.jpg (568.28 KB, 720x786, 2014-09-18 10.40.27.jpg)

I was halfway through the first drawing before I realized it wasn't lewd at all which is why I drew a second back shot of it too.


Whoa nice~ Thanks a lot kind anon!


File: 1411066341442.jpg (1.09 MB, 1232x1558, 20140919_025001-1.jpg)

dunno if she's cute enough but think it fits the bill


File: 1411067773897.jpg (1.01 MB, 1632x1232, 20140919_031228-1.jpg)

aaaaand bed time for me!
shit's lookin good there, m8. mind if I take a stab at this too?


Pretty damn tight if you ask me. OR of >>1302 here and I want to thank you for doing my request.


/r/ lucario sucking sir aaron's cock



Can you do >>1187?




>>1267 here

I want to draw a thing. human/humanlike pokemon requests only please. Simply bipedal like the kalos starter evos are fine but nothing like buizel or whatever.


Hmm, mind doing a braixen? It can be whatever sex is better for what you want.


File: 1411086006271.png (61.88 KB, 193x351, XY_Battle_Girl.png)

How about >>1275, but replace Ampharos with Electivire/Electabuzz.

Either that or something involving Sawk and the Battle Girl.


I'm not sure exactly where "simply bipedal" becomes humanlike enough for you, but, if you're up for any trainer with either a female Slowking or male Scrafty, one of those would be great.


how about some Meloetta?, lowering her dress, playing with her tits, and showing her pussy under that dress, or anything you feel like doing with her


File: 1411095386433.jpg (163.44 KB, 599x658, dawnscrafty.jpg)

first one


File: 1411095488351.jpg (155.57 KB, 709x645, sawkbattlegirl.jpg)

"Hurry up!"

anatomy is probably fucked but whatever sawks are weird


File: 1411096032559.png (1.12 MB, 2307x1983, itsaboy.png)

Geez, sorry this is taking forever and a half.
Here's a sitrep,
and god damn my lines are getting messier…


not OR but, the lineart looks good. great detail in all the little belt buckles and such. Nice perspective on the leg too


these are great, I like them, not OR

this looks good, makes me feel sad seeing him strapped like that with those cute heart shaped paws



>>1187 please?


OR for this one, thanks a bunch, great choice of pose!

Do you post your art anywhere else someone could follow? I really like your style.


Sorry, can't draw Chesnaught. But I'm open for requests tonight for however many hours I can stay up.


Could you try doing a lewd female Hypno? Pose can be whatever you want


Would it still be focused on humanxPokemon and/or human-like Pokemon request?


I guess I'm pretty picky, but it's worth just shotgunning whatever request since I tend to just do whatever suits my fancy.

Will get started on this in a few minutes.


a Tyrogue or a Machoke getting sucked off by a female Weavile


can you do Meloetta?, dildos in both holes and maybe something in her nipples or breasts


Okay, I'll throw these out there for you to try.

>Clair being pressed against a wall and fucked from behind by a Druddigon.

>Tate sucking Gallade's dick or vice versa
>Candice getting spit-roasted/gang banged by two Weavile


Erh..forgot to say that you don't have to all of them, just pick one that interest you the most (if any)


I got my lewd blog up specifically for that
in loodovono.tumblr.com. I'll see if I can post that one later

I can do this


sorry anon, I've got my hands full with like, 2-3 more requests ahead of you, plus I work like a turd rolling uphill.

Worry not though, vono is on the job! I know he can do a mean meloetta, so to speak.


File: 1411110103448.png (453.69 KB, 966x1224, hypno.png)


Oh shit, this looks great!
Thanks a lot anon!


inb4 panties over dildos



your messy lines are way clean man. also extremely fond of that sounding thing going on there <3 are you just slowly kinking it up from request to request or is this just coincidence?


File: 1411115351663.png (3 MB, 2307x1983, itsaboy.png)

Finished after a million years

gonna do >>1304 or >>1322 next, but expect it to take a day at least, I have places to be tonight.


just coincidence, but I did feel a litte creative with one…


you're pushing these out like a freaking champ, at considerable quality too. you more than deserve the night off


File: 1411123683417.png (421.24 KB, 1251x960, rough skin.png)

a lot of tricky stuff in this one that i'm still not sure i got right, but it was fun.


That looks great man, I think a bit of a bulge on her stomach and more juices dripping down would help the picture, but still very nice, not OR
by the way, would >>246 interest you?


File: 1411131067773.jpg (975.76 KB, 1232x1341, goobieswaifu.jpg)

guess I gotta learn how to draw latex again. I'll come back and finish this later with colours, digital I guess.
now, now. we don't want this strap of latex go to waste, don't we?


between all the scribbled quick works, im sometimes surprised by the things you are capable of


Looks good to me, great job


can i get some penetrated beedrill, beautifly, butterfree or vivilion?


Or here, just woke up and I got to say that's what you drawn is pretty impressive. I do agree with >>1397 that adding a stomach bulge to the pic would be a nice improvement, but the picture still look good as is. I give you my thanks for such a great picture.


wow vono, I'm really impressed with this, I really like the heels and she being blindfolded and with a ball gag, you guys got me into this fetish lol


Requesting an Absol blowjob. Bonus points for emo hair or Mega form.



>>Candice getting spit-roasted/gang banged by two Weavile

I might try this if that's alright.


That's okay with me. Would love to see your attempt at the request.

Hot damn does that looks great. Thanks a lot man


Not a fan of bondage…


Requesting Spinda of whatever gender giving buttjob to recipent of your choice (pokemon or human, whatever). Bonus points if said recipent gets dizzy from it and looks amusing.


Can you do M-Swampert and Gardevoir then


File: 1411172597452.png (581.72 KB, 1251x960, rough skin colored.png)

It was really hard fixing up on all the mistakes I'd made at 3am at night since I'd only saved it as a .png in my drowsy daze. Coloring it in was also a huge job because of that, but here's the end result. Rudimentary background included.


jesus christ, this is fucking fantastic, I'm not the OR but I love this, there's almost no art of Clair getting fucked by a dragon bigger than her


File: 1411178732760.png (131.74 KB, 750x390, lol banned.png)

>one single spoilered lewd request gets me banned for /b/ shit
>get banned on ALL boards, including /b/


sadly 4chan is no longer a good place, all mods are now SJW and most of /v/ and /pol/ migrated to 8chan, that explains the sudden harsh bannings


damn that sucks. Seems harsh for just that. You wanted a back view of a sylveon right? Lifting it's leg? I'll draw it.

>the mods are doing their jobs, it must be because of those "other" people!
lets not do this here, all those pointless shitstorms is why I left /v/.



That an I wanted it clothed in like a swimsuit or pajamas or something. Whatever looks cuter on him.


true, also I got banned in the past for like 6 days, one for posting a gardevoir with boobs, and another for asking for lewd, now I'm more careful with the posts



What I don't get is why they ban you on ALL boards. You can't even break global rule 3 on /b/.


File: 1411182337104.jpg (170.55 KB, 526x721, Sylveon.jpg)

did my best



I suppose it's the closest I'm gonna get to a piss request.

Thanks, it looks cute. :3


>open in image editor
>darken butt area a little

I bet even you could do it

Now I'm reminded of this bizarre imageboard I found once where they were editing glowy eyes onto fursuit photos and writing roboticization fanfiction for them.


dawww, nice job man, looks cute and sexy at the same time



I'm sure it'd be alot more complicated than that. His leg would need to be hiked up more and there would be a stream of piss likely going through it and down his right leg.

Unfortunately I'm not really that skilled in artistry and shopping to do that.


That's very cute. Could we get more Pokemon in tight fitting clothing?

Even better if there's outlines of their naughty bits, wet spots, or they're pulling it aside to show off what's underneath.



Although if someone else could deliver something like it, that would be sweet~


File: 1411184357941.jpg (164.52 KB, 526x721, sylveon2.jpg)

When you mentioned the leg being lifted I didn't even consider the peeing position.

Here, don't make me regret being nice, bucko



Thanks again, I love it.


By the way, >>1428 is unrelated to your current request or pee in general just so you know. Just thought the current one you did was cute, and I was hoping to see more. Is there anywhere you post your art like this?


Maybe in a little while, taking a break. And, I am only posting pokemon art here. If you find it somewhere else it was not me.



Reason for said request is because piss is my life blood, it's what keeps me living, especially seeing new content of it.

Plus there's not much of it involving Sylveon currently, plenty for other -eons though.


can you do something with absol?, with a swimsuit similar to those that anime girls use (black ones)



Not tring to hijack your request or anything, but I'd like to see him doing what Sylveon's doing (in the 2nd pic), but the opposite leg being lifted (towards the viewer).


as long he's not peeing, I'm okay with it



I'll just imagine it instead.



He even admitted it himself, he's an insanely greedy and demanding piece of human trash who will never be happy with what he's got no matter how much he's got.

That's why he's hated, not because of the piss but because he won't EVER shut up about wanting more. EVER. Hopefully you'll learn your lesson about feeding him from this.


shrug. I decided I fulfilled the request incorrectly and fixed it.

Not really feeling like doing a pokemon with a similar body type. I'll post when I think of one or two first.


When you're done with your break either a Raichu or a Suicune would be great. I'd prefer white tights on the Raichu if you decide to do that one.



Do you just follow me everywhere I go?

And I thought I was the one who needed a life.



I'm not following you anywhere. You're well known for being a greedy cunt and it's my duty as a decent human being to let people know that when our paths cross, nothing more.



>well known

lol no, it's only you that follows me around trying to spew bullshit.



>follows me around

I'm not following anyone around. Someone linked me here, I made a request and a few days later I saw you posting over and over about your piss fetish and I warned the poor, innocent artist that satisfied another of your requests that you're an insatiable asshole who will never be happy with what he has.

Hell, you admitted it yourself! Right here: >>1434



Well idjits need to stop linking this place to /b/ then.


New thread needed?


Have you ever considered buying commissions? I know not everyone can afford it but wetting is one of the easier fetishes to draw and there's plenty of artists out there who would be thrilled for a rather continuous source of pocket money.



If there's an artist here that doesn't mind drawing bondage stuff for free, who's to say there'll never be an artist that'll draw wetting stuff for free.


free is nice, but putting payment into the mix cuts out begging, adds insurance that it'll get drawn, doesn't annoy anyone, the artist will try harder, and good feelings all around. Plus it's simply a big respect to the artist. I assume most of us come here to have fun and to practice. But when it comes to creating made-to-order products just for one person, commissions are a much better option.



And all it takes is a drawfriend that's into that kind of stuff to think alike with their requesters, and will be able to do their stuff flawlessly.

Unfortunately, that time hasn't come yet.



Again, bondage drawfriend is a good example of that.


well all right, if you're willing to wait :\
jus' sayin that all thirsts can be quenched for the right price!



I'm pretty patient, and this place is still growing. So I'll keep waiting if I have to.



>expecting a freeloader to ever pay for anything

As you can see, he'll just keep screaming until someone satisfies him, and then he'll shut up for the five seconds it takes for him to cum before he starts the whole thing again.

It's like dealing with a terrorist. Giving in is NEVER an option because it just makes things worse in both the long and short run.



Tell that to the dozens of other requesters as well.

Seriously get your ass back to /b/ and draw more shitty avatars.


At first I thought we were still short of 300, but I just noticed there were 60 new posts just today.

Jesus christ you guys caused way too much drama. I'm totally down to just starting a brand new thread and dropping all the current bullshit.



Everything was fine until that fucking /b/tard showed up and started shitting up the thread with his drama bullshit.


I don't care, everyone involved in the giant argue-fest above is at equal fault. Someone start a new thread and let's drop all the drama.


keep the drama in the non drawing thread please, at least next time move the posts there



Don't say I didn't warn you.



I think I'll start a new one, but with drawing should I use?





>OP image's name
Dear god that's like the one picture you shouldn't have considered. Thank god you didn't.



I thought of doing it as a joke, but I knew it'd just stir even more drama if I did.


I got a 3 day Ban before for saying that the mod was getting a little out of hand. I was banned for not having a post relevant to the board.



its funny that you dont get that piss is disgusting to many. bondage on the other hand is just poses and some clothes.
it is not icky. every artist can tie together hands without feeling like they need to wash both their hands and eyes for doing so.


just fucking learn how do draw pee yourself


There's one furfag on tumblr who wants to fuck Chespin that keeps linking us.


keeps linking? I mentioned this place a few times, but I only linked here once really. and don't make it sound like all i wanna do is bone chespin. I'm also very open to wally abuse and other stuff.


you're delusional if you think mods banning furshit has been a recent thing because of the SJW bogeymen


File: 1411420556355.jpg (143.77 KB, 1046x666, 08139f1a8a6709d3ebfb992b55….jpg)

May I request some poketentancle-on-girl action?


You may want to check the newer thread

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